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Kawhi Leonard not worried heading into Game 2, "minor adjustments" needed

Kawhi Leonard spoke to the media on Sunday afternoon and was quizzed about potential adjustments heading into Game 2 on Tuesday night. The transcript is below along with the video:

Leonard on whether the team needs a lot of adjustments heading into Game 2:

I think we did a good job with the game plan for most of the players on their team. We did let DJ get away from us a little bit. We just got to make some minor adjustments, play a little bit harder, and just lock in on the key situations and knowing what we’re going to do.

On whether the Magic fighting at the end of the season and the Raptors in cruise control had them playing at a higher intensity:

No, I wouldn’t say that. We were trying to win those last games as well, and if they’re playing at a high level, you have to play at a high level to win in the NBA. You can’t go into a game just being lazy and not focus. I wouldn’t say that was it. It’s just one game, it’s a long series. This is what the playoffs are for.

On whether the Magic’s length and athleticism bothered the Raptors:

They do have some length on their side that obviously helps them. That’s just how they play defense at the end of the day. Whoever’s driving to the paint they’re gonna send two or three guys and we just got to be able to make the willing pass and try to get the best shot possible.

On whether there was a communication breakdown at the end of the game as Nick Nurse suggested:

I felt like we were communicating pretty well throughout the game. We’re a bit too far back and he was able to come off the screen and known down a three, so I wouldn’t say was a communication breakdown. I think we all know what we needed to do.

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