All highlights, pictures and speeches from Raptors Championship Parade

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Enjoy it.

Aerial pic:

Aerial video:

Kawhi laughing to end it off:

Kawhi receives plant from “Plant Guy” (not confirmed if actual plant guy):

Lowry asking fans to chant “5 more years”:

Lowry’s moment:

Kawhi special message to fans:

Kawhi’s moment:

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Lowry busting out the Damon jersey:

Kawhi thanks tomorrow:

Kawhi gets the keys to the city:

Marc Gasol chugging:

Marc Gasol is pumped:

Nick Nurse in his ride:

Board Man Gets Paid from Drake’s Insta:

Blue Jays vs Raptors parade:

Kawhi Leonard full speech:

Drake full speech:

Kyle Lowry full speech:

Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet full speech:

Golden State Warriors take out full page ad on day of parade:

Norm gets payback on Cabbie:

These two guys ate jalapenos for Spicy P:


Babies crowdsurfing:

This was at 7am:


Raptors fans booing Doug Ford:

Uncle Dennis loves Masai:


Me and Masai:


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