The Interview: Prof. Marie-Jolie Rwigema

Host Zarar Siddiqi is joined by Prof. Marie-Jolie Rwigema to provide historical context to the current social climate and discuss the NBA's path forward.

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Marie-Jolie Rwigema, Ph.D, MSW, is currently a post-doctoral researcher. She has taught social work at York University and the University of Toronto. She has twenty years of community/social work practice experience that includes mental health counselling/therapy, arts-based education, community-based research, group facilitation and documentary filmmaking working primarily with Black, racialized, immigrant and LGBTQ communities.

Her research interests include: 1. Anti-Black racism, colonialism and mental health for Black communities; 2. Black LGBTQ communities; 3. Histories of anti-racist activism in Canada.

  • What was the impact of the three-day strike?
  • John Tory’s stance and words, and why they can be harmful.
  • Defining systemic racism and looking at its roots.
  • Parallels to NFL and college sports.
  • Personal histories of players and why they need to be heard.
  • What are the keys to maintaining momentum, both for players and the general public?
  • Response to the argument, “This is not a race issue, this is a class issue?”
  • Are NBA players and their labour being exploited ?
  • The economics of an industry driving social justice decisions.
  • Is capitalism at odds with social justice?
  • The American Dream was a lie.
  • The denial of history being a fundamental issue with progress being made.
  • The tendency to contain and control these uprisings rather than face them head-on.
  • Subjugating a people and then portraying them as a as threat.
  • How would you advise Adam Silver?
  • Long-form discussion on the race topic by NBA players
  • Players being able to speak without penalty
  • Reading recommendations

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