The Interview: Prof. Doug Hyatt

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Host Zarar Siddiqi and Prof. Doug Hyatt discuss insolvency bubbles, Canada’s productivity issues, immigration, student debt, MMT and The Invisible Hand.

Doug Hyatt is a Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, where he teaches Microeconomics and Macroeconomics in the MBA programs. Today we discuss the potential solvency bubble, Canada’s productivity issues, immigration challenges, student-debt forgiveness, balancing the dependency on oil with climate change, the misunderstood Invisible Hand and a lot more. Enjoy.

  • Is there an insolvency bubble that will pop when Covid government help is withrawn?
  • Contrast between the province and federal government’s relationship to that of states and US federal government
  • What can Covid teach us about bumping Canada’s very low productivity?
  • Was it Canada’s regulation that blunted the impact of the 2008 financial crisis or the country’s slow pace of financial innovation?
  • The stock market as a proxy for how well the economy is doing
  • Investment in oil, e.g., Keystone Pipeline, and how it contrasts with climate change initiatives
  • Supply chain disruptions and Canada’s road to become less dependent on US for trade
  • The Current Account Deficit
  • Do progressive ideas like student-debt forgiveness have a place in Canada?
  • The competition for immigrants
  • Immigration is planned to be increased but current high-skilled immigrants can’t get employment in their field
  • The irony of Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand and its socialist roots
  • The failure to provide financial, moral and social incentives for people to act on climate change
  • Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) – What is it and what are its applications
  • This generation has not seen the catastrophic effects of inflation
  • “What happens in the universities happens on the street in five years”

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