Reviewing the Scottie Barnes Pick with DeanOnDraft.com – The Rapcast

Did the Raptors just address their PG spot with Scottie Barnes? Dean Demakis from DeanOnDraft.com analyzes the Raptors excellent selection of Scottie Barnes.

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Host Zarar Siddiqi (@CornerSniper) is joined by Dean Demakis (@DeanOnDraft) from DeanOnDraft.com. We talk:

  • Why Dean ranked Cade Cunningham #6 on his Big Board
  • Debunking the notion of Jalen Suggs being a “win now” versus Barnes being a “win later” pick
  • When controlling for age, height, length, assist rate, and steal rate, how Scottie Barnes tops the list of Luka Doncic, Ben Simmons, Khris Middleton and others
  • The idea that the Raptors have addressed the point guard position by drafting Scottie Barnes
  • A comparison to Scottie Pippen who had a very similar profile
  • Barnes’ unique ability to create his own shot despite not being a great shooter
  • Translatability of Barnes’ game to the NBA as compared to Cade Cunningham’s
  • Dean’s article on the Scottie Barnes pick.

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The video interview is below:

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