The Lineup – Raptors @ Kings, November 19

Sacramento hasn't made the playoffs since 2006 and once again, things aren't looking great for the Kings, internally. But, they've managed to stay somewhat competent in the sense that they compete every game. I find this to be a really intriguing game.

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Before every game, we’ll be going through what the oddsmakers think and what I think about where you should put your money for the night. I’ll also lay out a couple of factors that I think will determine the game. Join me on the Lineup!

Weird game last night. Toronto played some tough ball throughout the first half and even took a 63-61 lead going into halftime. But, the Raps fell apart, scoring just 17 points in the third resulting in their third loss in a row. I was right on the moneyline, point spread, and over/under so W for me and hopefully Toronto can get one tonight when they face Sacramento.

Last game:

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The Lineup today:

My picks for tonight:

Via: insta/@tansley24

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