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Duane and Kelsea begin the new year and the regular G League season with special guest, Raptors 905 and Team Canada guard, Aaron Best. Best reminisces on the journey that lead him back to the 905 4 years after his first stint with the team, and the pride he feels playing at home in Canada. Duane and Aaron recall their first memories of each other, as well as the level of competition between Toronto hoopers. The podcast ends with the creation of The Official Aaron Best Playlist.

  • Aaron Best discusses his choice to return to the G League.
  • How he ended up back with the 905.
  • Joining the team as a tryout player the first time.
  • Aaron’s basketball influences.
  • Playing overseas.
  • The difference in play styles between FIBA and NBA.
  • Eastern Commerce Collegiate
  • Duane and Aaron’s first memories of each other.
  • Aaron’s leadership.
  • The Official Aaron Best Playlist.



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Produced by Don Yang / Raptors Republic.

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