Heartfelt Homecomings – Buckets & Tea NBA Show

Comedians Leonard Chan and Yaw Attuah join Cathryn Naiker to discuss league issues, playoff matchups, and more.

This week on Buckets & Tea, host Cathryn Naiker chats with comedians Leonard Chan and Yaw Attuah about:

  • Winning your fantasy basketball league – how much is too much emotional investment in your players?
  • Adam Silver’s recent comments about star players skipping games – what changes will we see down the line, if any?
  • The NBA not moving next year’s All-Star Weekend out of Utah despite anti LGBTQ+ legislation, the opposite of their response in 2017 when the All-Star Game was moved out of Charlotte.
  • The current playoff picture, featuring a rant by Yaw against a certain MVP candidate.

Once Cathryn wrangles everyone back together, we reminisce on Kyle Lowry and Danny Green both returning to Toronto, discuss the Raptors’ playoff ceiling. Finally, in the Nick Nurse Hottie Moment of the Week, Cathryn provides an update on the Dr. Nurse nickname.

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