An hour and a week of Jeff Dowtin Jr.

Jeff Dowtin Jr. is making a compelling case for a rotation spot.

A few months ago, Fred VanVleet called back to Chris Boucher's time in the G-League and produced a tremendous quote: "Did you see him in the G League? He was like, box office." And Boucher was box office. Absurd numbers, a DPOY, an MVP, Boucher was that dude in the G-League. Lorenzo Brown won MVP the year before him (with the 905), and Frank Mason III won it the year after him. Neither are in the NBA now, and neither will come close to the nearly 50 million in salary that Boucher will have made by the time his contract is up.

G-League dominance doesn't guarantee NBA success. That's why it's so important that Jeff Dowtin Jr. is making good on his time up with the Raptors. Dowtin Jr. is very good at the G-League level, but Nick Nurse giving him the defensive vote of confidence at the NBA level is where that staying power is going to come from.

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