O.G. & Scottie Force the Future

The Raptors young, wing tandem was spectacular.

The ticking of the clock. We all see it in sports. Be it counting up until prime years are entered, prime years are exited, contracts beginning or ending - we see it. It's implicit, because it's a lot easier to say "Scottie is the future" than it is to say "The NBA is a salary cap sport and stars on rookie contracts are by far the most valuable thing in the league. We have to maximize his timeline and build according to when we think his prime is coming. We need affordable and team-controlled talent next to him, and the current stars of the team won't be that. Let's make moves that prioritize Scottie."

Doesn't really have the same ring to it, right?

Now, there's a bunch of push back to that little explanation that can be given, but we're not doing that. Mostly because we can talk about actual basketball, but also because it's really foggy to project the future. Let's focus on O.G. Anunoby & Scottie Barnes dominating a game in a loss, because they were absolutely fantastic.

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