2023 NBA Draft Prospect – Kobe Bufkin – G, Michigan

The combo guard phenom from Michigan has been near the top of many Raptor fans' wishlists during this year's pre-draft process. Is he worth the hype? (Spoiler: Yes. Yes he is).

Credit: Tankathon.com

Welcome to draft season, Raptors Republic! Over the next couple weeks, I'll be posting my analysis of the hottest names expected to be available when the Raptors pick 13th overall in the 2023 NBA Draft. I've previously posted two articles introducing this draft class, and you can find those here and here. Samson and scout Josh Codinera also talked about the subject of today's article in this video here.

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Tell you what, we're just going to jump right into it. If you've been following the draft up to this point, you've likely seen Kobe Bufkin's name thrown around by Raptors fans who would like to see the electric combo guard wind up on their team on June 22nd. For those of you who have lives, let this serve as your introduction to one of my personal favourite prospects in the 2023 draft class.