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Front Office Messages and Other Media Day Narratives – Confederacy of Dunks

With both our guests in attendance for Media Day, we have plenty of insights and narratives to talk about this week.

Off-season Funhouse: Episode 297

This is our final off-season episode! Season 11 will premiere in two weeks! Joining us this week: She’s the editor-in-chief of Raptors HQ, it’s Chelsea Leite! He’s a Raptors Republic alum who now appears on and Sportsnet and more, it’s Vivek Jacob!

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(00:00) – Intro time, final off-season episode! Goodbye Weird Al?

(06:37) – RAPTORS: Media Day is usually about counting how many times Masai says “win,” but yesterday the word of the day was “selfish.” Both of our guests were there! What message is the front office sending?

(24:50) – RAPTORS: Selfishness was the leading narrative of Media Day. What’s the important story that isn’t being talked about enough?

(35:30) – NBA: Jimmy Butler’s Media Day emo look! What’s a wildcard look that you could pull off that would shock the world?

(47:44) – NBA: The Celtics, Bucks, Suns and Blazers have all made huge moves this off-season. How should these four teams be ranked based on their summer progress?

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