Preseason Observations and the Gary Trent Jr. Conundrum – Confederacy of Dunks

It's our season 11 premiere! We've got some scary new stings, a revamped YouTube intro and lots of preseason and Gary Trent Jr talk.

Season 11, Episode 298

Welcome to our season 11 premiere! Joining us this week: He’s an actor and comedian and co-host of the Book It Vince! Podcast, it’s Antony Hall! He’s a Raptors Republic writer and podcaster, all the way from Victoria, B.C., it’s Adon Moss!

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(00:00) – New season intro and a return from A.I. Media Day

(07:20) – Raptors: Preseason takeaways so far

(21:58) – Raptors: Gary is clearly frustrated about the possibility of not being a starter. Is bringing him off the bench a bad idea?

(33:30) – NBA: James Harden has insinuated that he’s gonna make some kind of scene to help move his trade along. What would be a great way to force a trade?

(48:18) – NBA: Defense is this nebulous thing in basketball. It’s half the game, but very hard to pinpoint. Who is under/overrated on the NBA.com top 100 Defenders list?

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