The Interview: Eric Khoury, Raptors 905 Head Coach

"I'm sure the teachers did not like me."

Raptors 905 Head Coach Eric Khoury joins host Andrew Damelin to take us through his incomparable journey from engineer whiz-kid to the NBA. A lifelong Raptors fan who was born in Toronto, Khoury profiles some of his favourite Raptors as a kid (WARNING: lots of Antonio Davis love). We dive into Khoury’s thirst for “knowing how things work,” which may have led to teachers not being so fond of him. Then we re-live Khoury’s unlikely entry into the Raptors’ analytics department, and how he grew to gain not only a wealth of basketball knowledge, but an ability to impart it onto players and coaches alike.

Important aside: after we finished recording, Coach told me “you’re a pretty smooth podcast host.” So you’re going to have to listen.

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