Trade Rumour: O’Neal for Marion???!?!

Hopefully HO can help the Raptors as trade bait. With the Raptors on-court so miserable, I’m turning to the world of ‘what-if’ for my fix. Word out of Miami is that Riley is interested in trading for Jermaine O’Neal. O’Neal will have to show him some good stuff to make it happen, which shouldn’t be ... Read more

TJ Ford vs Jose Calderon Will Solomon

Grab the Opening-Tip which tells you about rappers honouring TJ Ford and how George Stroumboulopoulos and Danny Granger are linked. I didn’t see the game, but the loss to Chicago cheapened the effort the Raps gave against the Celtics. All-in-all, three losses in a row doesn’t sit nicely with me, regardless of who they come ... Read more

Hopefully There Wont be a Swirsky Tribute

Grab the Opening-Tip: The ‘Please Don’t Trade for Hughes’ Edition. And you learn what Luol Deng and Arsenalist have in common. With the specter of Swirky’s return looming over this one, I have been dreading this match-up for fear of the Raptors having some sort of cheesy tribute to the guy. I wasn’t a fan…he ... Read more

Roll Call – Jan 9 vs Grizzlies

The “big shoes to fill” edition. Adams – Honorary roll-call inclusion. Although he wasn’t present in body, he had the same impact on the outcome of the game. Bargnani – The VL tag wont be dropped until he hits the 20 ‘solid-game’ in a row mark, but thanks for the hope during a shit season ... Read more

Raptors Hope to Make it 4 of 5

Grab the Tip-Off: Young Buck Edition. Home sweet home. After splitting a pair of games on the road, the Raptors host the Grizzlies at the ACC. I have a vested interest in this game as my countrymen Hamed Haddadi, the first Iranian born player, is sitting on Memphis’ bench. The kid had a serious Olympics, ... Read more

Raptors Get Bucked by Milwaukee

Bucks 107 – Raptors 97 These Raptor losses almost write themselves: 1st Quarter – Raptors get out to an early lead by sharing the ball, moving it around, nice defense rotations and quality shooting from the floor. 2nd Quarter – The fire that drove the 1st quarter starts to fade. It’s a slow creeping fade, ... Read more

Alice Fine

Yeah, the economy’s crap. Jobs are being cut across the board. 50,000 students are being screwed. We’re smack in the belly of another snowy, frostbitten winter. Our girlfriends are looking less tanned, less toned, and are growing less patient with our TV monopolization. We keep sprouting hairs where no hair should grow. And sure, we’ve won ... Read more

Free Ukic and good things “Will” happen!

Howard’s second foul was key in the Raptors’ great first quarter. Magic 102, Raptors 108 Sorry for the lateness of this post-game, but after the Raptors notched their second quality win of the season (second of 2009, both without JO…), Realizar, Arsenalist, Dinosty and me went to Philthy’s to celebrate, a drink led to a ... Read more

The Raptors New Years Resolutions

Adams – get a sleeve for the other arm. Bargnani – start shooting left handed. Bosh – get the hell out. Calderon – pass out Red Bull’s at half-time. Colangelo – hire Messina. Gheradini – get monogrammed cuff-links. Graham – tie my shoelaces with a double knot. Humphries – tea bag Voshkul. Jawai – start ... Read more

Raptors Stink…errr…Sink Themselves in the Third

I’m not mad/upset/disgusted/disappointed/etc at the loss tonight. Sure Vegas had the Raptors as 8 point underdogs, but anyone with any sense wouldn’t bet on the Raptors unless they are playing the bottom of the barrel teams in the league. The fact of the matter is that the Blazers are a top echelon team, and the ... Read more