Gameday: Raptors vs 76ers – Mar. 7/10

The Raptors are 1-0 during this must win stretch, which goes till the last game of the season against the Knicks. When I said that every game is a must win from here on in, I meant that each game must be approached as if they are. With Toronto and Milwaukee currently tied for 5th, and the Raptors ahead of of Charlotte (9th place) by 2.5 games, there is no “you just have to let this game go and concentrate on the next.”

They did just that against the Knicks on Friday, sans Bosh, who was out with a stomach flu or something (he did practice yesterday and is expected to play today, which is crucial.). Triano went with Amir in the starting lineup, and Sonny Weems had a career game. Bosh did practice yesterday and is expected to play today, which is crucial.

Sonny is our new Jamario Moon, except that he’s good. He is averaging 13.3pts over the last four games. It’s great to see a young/hungry player get an opportunity to contribute, and actually sieze the moment. The best part is that his $850k option for next season will be picked up.

The Raptors are 2-0 against the Sixers this season, and even if Turkoglu doesn’t play (since he is a game-time decision) they should take this with Bosh in the lineup, injured and all. The Sixers are just not very good, and when Eddie Jordan is saying things like “Iguadala is not the kind of player who can carry a team,” how good can things be?

A positive note for the Sixers is that Iverson is done for the season, who has done nothing but shatter my love for him. His absence means more burn for Jrue Holiday, which is also positive news for the Raptors, who can take it to the rookie. Calderon had a solid game Friday against the Knicks, with 16pts 3rebs 6ast; there is no reason to expect otherwise today.

Amir will be playing another big role today, regardless of Bosh’s status. The kid played 31minutes of inspired/controlled ball on Friday, in a starting role. Johnson matches up well with Dalembert, Speights and Young who may be a bit too quick for Evans.

After today, the schedule get’s very difficult for the Raptors. 8 of their next 12 are on the road: the next 4 is a Western swing; 6 are against teams with 35 or more wins…can you say another must win?

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