…and still not over it. The Sonics? THE SONICS?!? Man, glad I only got to watch snippets of that one. Stupid sexy Sonics. They’re officially off my ‘feel bad for them because they’re doomed’ list (is it lonely being alone Minnesota?). Fortunately, they’re still on my ‘feel bad for them because they employ Chris Wilcox ... Read more

Toronto vs. Oklahoma City (in Seattle), 10:30

Clippers, Blazers, Sonics. Reads like a 3-0 swing. But unless I can get my time machine to work (should’ve sprung for the Home Depot installation), we’ll have to settle for 2-1 in a best case scenario. The worst case, however, is much worse than 1-2. It’s a message to Phoenix, San Antonio, and Houston: “We’re ... Read more

Toronto vs. Houston, 12:30

No significant pre-game post today because of yesterday’s (read it) mid-season (read it) analysis (reading it cures impotence! Get on it!), but I couldn’t resist prospect of posting a… Girl Talk: Rafer Alston As of this very moment…I vow to myself to never view this site again…yall can have Rafer’s lying ass…he will NEVER change….and ... Read more

Toronto vs. Boston, 7:30pm

Boston Celtics by the numbers: 2008 Record: 15-2 2007 Record: 24-58 2008 home record: 9-0 Average Margin of Victory, 2008: 12 points Number of times giving up 100+ points: 4 (3 in regulation) Kevin Garnett 2008 stats: 19.5ppg, 11.3rpg, 3.8apg Ray Allen 2008 stats: 19.6ppg, 4.5rpg, 3.4apg Paul Pierce: 20.9ppg, 5.4rpg, 5.2apg Big Three Combined ... Read more

Toronto vs. Charlotte, 7pm

In my regular seats for tonight’s game. After making the Bobcat Bet, I got tickets to both games this year. That being said – there’s no conflict. Toronto needs to win this game.  Charlotte’s dropped five in a row (much to my chagrin), so adding one more to help my hometown squad is fine by me. ... Read more


If RaptorsTalk can say it, I can say it: Lame Post Alert! After a game like that, you’d think the Grizzlies might have been better off just showing up, collecting their bobbleheads, and heading back to their hotel. Mike Miller: 0-5 Rudy Gay: 2-9 Pau “I used to enjoy this” Gasol”: 4-12 To recap: Three ... Read more

Being Boshous

When it was announced Chris Bosh would be sitting out the last pre-season game in Europe with a sore left knee, the collective Raptorfan spidey-sense began tingling. Then Chris missed a couple of practices, and the tingling became an itch. Now, with today’s announcement that he’ll likely be in a very expensive suit for (at ... Read more