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TJ Ford ball hogs in the fourth to kill any chance the Raptors might’ve had


Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

Toronto Raptors 87, Orlando Magic 102 Rarely are there instances where you can definitively blame a loss on one player but last night the horrid stretch of play by TJ Ford in the fourth quarter undoubtedly killed any shot that the Raptors might have had. Missing Chris Bosh is a lot to overcome against Dwight   …Continue Reading

Toronto vs. Orlando, 7pm (aka, the ‘What To Do?’ Bowl)


  SITUATION A The Raptors win, everyone calms down for a day, we get a false sense of superiority over the Magic, and we move closer to a first round meeting with Lebron the Wonder Boy. SITUATION B Raptors lose their third in a row, Hedo and Rashard set an NBA record for 3′s made,   …Continue Reading

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