NBA Lottery results no good for Raptors

The sun even shines on a dogs ass some days. The Bulls won the NBA lottery which sets the stage for John Paxson to do something really funky with the #1 pick – like draft a Euro and ignoring the plethora of NCAA talent. Lightning doesn’t strike twice and he’ll end up bringing Derrick Rose back to Chicago which would signal the end of the Kirk Hinrich era (chuckle). The only Raptors angle here is if the Bulls pick Michael Beasley and look to Toronto to upgrade their PG situation through TJ Ford. Looking at the Bulls roster, aside from Loul Deng there’s nobody worth liking, let alone trading for.

The lottery results also mean that the two best players in the draft will be playing in the Eastern conference thus making the competition that much tougher for the Raptors. The East is getting stronger and winning 3 out of 4 against Chicago and sweeping Miami next season looks more and more unlikely. ‘Sit and wait’ is definitely not the way to go this off-season and the lottery should give Bryan Colangelo even more motivation to improve. The Raptors are picking 17 and Raptors Talk has all the mock drafts linked up.

Andrea Bargnani’s name gets mentioned in a harmless report and everybody gets their hopes all high that he’ll get shipped. He’s not going anywhere, there’s a better chance of the Raptors trading Chris Bosh than Andrea Bargnani. Colangelo has a summer regiment lined up for him and he’ll be a fool to part with him with this trade value being this low and still not knowing what exactly he has in him. The Nets are dangling Richard Jefferson (who happens to be their best player) and Rod Thorn won’t be settling for anything less than proven talent or surefire potential (read Carmelo Anthony). For better or for worse Andrea’s here long term. Dime did a 2006 draft do-over; there’s no point dwelling on this but we had a chance to fix this franchise that night and blew it.

Mike Miller’s on sale but Memphis is asking a higher price than Pau Gasol for him, go figure. Miller does fit the Colangelo brand of player and would be vastly more valuable than say Jason Kapono or Joey Graham. The Rockets are interested but unwilling to part with Luis Scola which makes total sense. Those Argentinians make for some tough NBA players and after Ginobili, Scola is the best from that land. Last time I checked the Rockets are another team that don’t have a true point guard and could use some outside shooting. Dangling Kapono and/or Ford for a package with Scola might make sense for both teams.

A player I’d love to see on the Raptors is resident psychopath Ron Artest whose free agency plans has the Kings on edge. I feel like a prostitute dangling my only two assets once again but would they be interested in TJ Ford or Jason Kapono? Doesn’t matter, Ron Artest is to a Colangelo-type player what Darius Miles is to a Harvard graduate. Thinking out loud now but if our problem is defense and we require a slasher on offense, is there a better fit?

David Stern wants to rip Tim Donaghy a new one right before he gets ripped a new one in prison. For the most part NBA officials are pompous little pricks and it brings me great joy to see one of them quivering. Next on the hit list is Jack Nies, I’m thinking some sort of a sex scandal involving Joey Crawford’s bald head.

Those cunty Celtics won again at home, no to worry though, the Pistons will win this in 6. Two matchups to watch in tonight’s Western conference finals: Kobe/Bowen and Jackson/Popovich. Phil’s finally got the weapons he needs in LA to take down San Antonio, should be fun.

Till tomorrow.

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