Win tickets to the home opener in a random “contest”

The contest is now closed and the winner has been announced here.

We got two tickets to giveaway for the home-opener against the Warriors on October 31st. We thought of having a contest where you answer some questions and then we select from the people who answered correctly but that’s too much work on everybody’s part. Besides, having a contest like that stinks too much of taking a test and I hate tests.

So simply comment on this post with a valid email (so we can get a hold of you if you win) and for fun just say in a one line sentence why the Raptors will or will not win a first-round series this year. Maybe I’m getting too far ahead of myself and assuming we’re actually going to make the post-season but for argument’s sake, let’s just assume it to be true. Please comment only once, duplicates will be filtered out based on IP address.

You should only post if you’re actually going to use them because I’d hate to see these babies go to waste. The contest ends on Tuesday October 28th at 1PM which is when a PHP script will randomly pick the winner and hand you your tickets right at the ACC – how’s that for service? We’ll even throw in a pat on the ass (unless you don’t want it). The tickets are for Section 321, Row 11, Seats 1-2, check out exactly where they are – its a center court view. Not too shabby.

And remember if you want to ever donate your tickets to real passionate Raptors fans in ways similar to these, simply email us at info at and we’ll arrange for it….

Fire away…

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