Roll Call – Nov 5 vs Pistons

The “what’s that? You are down 3 players? Well we will take it easy on you” edition. Adams – stumpy kept his rightful place nice and warm. You think he even puts his jersey on or do you think he keeps his street clothes on underneath so he can beat the line at Timmy’s? Bargnani… Read more »


3 In a Row To Start The Season…

Grab the Opening Tip PDF here. …it is more then possible. They dispatched two better teams to start the season, and after a hard fought game (that I missed because of last minute quality time with the girlfriend…she doesn’t understand I need to watch these games. I’m open to suggestions on how to communicate this… Read more »


Spots of great defense win games

Golden State Warriors 108, Toronto Raptors 112 (OT) The Raptors were a hair’s breadth from losing this game in regulation and if they had the theme of this post would’ve been completely different. Instead of focusing on Anthony Parker’s great defense on Maggette in overtime we would’ve focused on the -10 rebounding, missed FTs, bad… Read more »


Roll Call – Oct 31 vs Warriors

That was one of the best season opening team introductions I have ever seen. Reinforcing the team concept by introducing all players and coaches and then having the starters come out like they were members of the N.W.O.  Kudos to the game ops folks. “Tree Stump” Adams – I swear, if this rugrat sees the… Read more »