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Roll Call – Nov 16 vs Heat


Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

The “sorry it’s late, but at least I have Bell, a PVR, and didn’t have to watch a pixel fragmented feed you Rogers saps” edition. Adams – A is for An immense waste of money. Who the hell needs to get hurt in order for this stump to see the floor? Hell, the mascot is   …Continue Reading

Raptors vs Heat Live Game and Chat



Thanks to everyone for showing up for the game and the chat. Great times. Best part: Raps Win! Roll Call will be posted around 11PM and the post-game post will follow around the same time.

Heat preview, podcast and RR is your TV today



Miami in town today and what’s so special about them? Instead of the boring mugshots every NBA team uses they’re dressed up like the Reservoir Dogs. Classy to say the least, except for Chris Quinn who looks a lot like…well…Chris Quinn. I previewed the game by talking to Mike Wallace of the Miami Herald. Some   …Continue Reading

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