Kyrie Irving

Raptors Look to Make it 3 Wins in 4 Games

90 points-in-the-paint. That’s what the Raptors gave up to the Suns on Friday. Fortunately for them, the Mavs are far more perimeter oriented. Dampier isn’t the threat that Shaq is in the paint, and the rest of the guys work outside in. Not that it matters, because ultimately the Mavs are playing for a playoff… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Raptors are BBQ Chicken

1 of 3968 dunks put down by The Big Aristotle Suns 133, Raptors 113 Q: What do you call the Suns when they are missing both Nash and Stoudemire? A: Good enough to beat the Raptors. This marks another occasion (last time being against the Bucks) that the Raptors couldn’t take advantage of a team… Read more »


Roll Call – Feb 27 vs Shaq…err…Suns

The “ooohh….paint. I thought you said we should try to defend the saint more” edition Banks – if he goes to bed tonight thinking about that kid in public school that teased him saying he wouldn’t amount to anything, Marcus should be rest assured that the bully wasn’t talking about him as a person…just his… Read more »