Roll Call – Mar 25 vs Bucks


The “twitaholics anonymous” edition Banks – how proud your family must be. “My son just suffered a season ending injury.” “Oh my…what happened” “Bone spur in his toe”. What the hell? Is that even possible? Why not just say he suffered a blister while rolling up the rim?  Bargnani – feed the hungry man, indeed…. Read more »


The Sweet Sixteen and Drafting a Shooting Guard


Steve finds DeRozan attractive The first weekend of the tournament is over and with it some 2/3’s have returned back to their respective campuses with nothing to show (including my beloved Bruins).  However, 16 teams remain and will meet again starting this Thursday. Last week I speculated on the Raps drafting a PG and previewed… Read more »


The Bucks are Back


Who do we have on the schedule tonight? Ah, we’ve got the good ol’ Milwaukee Bucks back in town ready to throw down in another showdown. Does anyone remember the last time the Bucks came to town? I do. It was a Friday night back in January. I was at Philthy’s with a group of… Read more »