Raps Fan’s 3 Point Shot

1) Will the Raptors extend this winning streak to 6, or will we all just end up being upset over what could have been if  BryCo had fired Smitch 6 months earlier and went after D’Antoni?

2) What will the Raptors record be over the next 8 games? (I got them 5-3 – splitting with New York, Hawks will lay down a pounding and the Bulls will want revenge at home)

3) Why the love-fest for Triano? In your heart-of-hearts, do you really think this is the right guy to take this team to the next level? Considering there are lots of available cats out there, wouldn’t you rather see someone with real NBA credentials coaching this team next season? Aren’t you sick of having rookie head coaches leading us to mediocrity?

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