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Morning Coffee – July 1


Globe and Mail

The Raptors are no different. Their plan has been to re-sign Marion, and likely offer a deal starting about $7-million a season. That’s an $11-million pay cut, but it will likely be the best offer the 31-year-old small forward sees, according to league sources, who suggest that Marion’s image as a high-maintenance locker-room presence in his Phoenix Suns days would hurt his league-wide marketability as well.

The reality of such a massive pay cut may take some time to sink in. "It could take a little while here and Shawn will likely want to see how things go," Colangelo said.

But if Marion signs, the Raptors would still be interested in signing other players using the same mid-level exception that lured Kapono. Just don’t look for them to spend all of it.

"The players we’re targeting and the way the budget lines up, I’m not looking at doing a full [mid-level deal]," Colangelo said. "I’m looking at a partial."

T.O. Sports

Let me burst your bubble Toronto: DeMar DeRozan is not the answer, he’ll give you minimal contributions this year, and I am at best skeptical to him reaching his potential, especially in Toronto.

After watching the NBA draft, last week I came away with this conclusion on DeRozan, patience will be key, and that he has tons of potential.  Frankly as a Raptor fan I am running out of the former and sick and tired about hearing the latter.

NBA Roundtable

I think it will take a longer contract from Toronto than three years in order to get Marion to stay. Say a five year $37-40 million contract (maybe more!).

Or, a larger contract at three years, say $26-28 million over three years.

Pro Basketball News

8. Shawn Marion – He’s coming off a maximum deal that he landed in Phoenix in his prime, so it’s clear he’s not going to be making what he’s used to. At the same time, he’s just 31 years old, and although he didn’t put up massive numbers in Miami or Toronto, he did somewhat dispel the system player tag by performing well in both stops, helping his new teams achieve results. The Raptors have some leverage due to Hedo Turkoglu being out there on the market, but it may turn out that Marion is their best bet to field a more competitive team, since signing the Turkish star would really strap them financially, compromising their ability to acquire any depth.

Lake County News-Sun

Marion, a 6-foot-7 small-forward who needs to be on a team that plays fast, has reportedly said he’d like to finish his career playing for a team that has a chance to win an NBA title.

That would seem to preclude him re-signing with the Raptors even though they have a shortage of small-forwards on their roster. Toronto is a non-contender and is probably going to lose star center Chris Bosh after next season as he will be a free agent then.


The Raptors find themselves in a similar position. They have a franchise centerpiece in Chris Bosh, but he’s one of the many high profile players eligible for free agency next year. In order to retain him, Toronto is going to have to give him a reason to re-sign. In other words, the Raptors are going to have to make the playoffs – something they weren’t close to doing with a 33-49 record in 2008-09.

And that starts with re-signing Shawn Marion this offseason. At 31, Marion’s not quite the player he used to be, but he’s still a solid rebounder and No. 2 scoring option. Along with Bosh, Jose Calderon and recent draft pick DeMar DeRozan, the Raptors would have a formidable core with which to compete in the shallow Eastern Conference.

And the move would make sense for Marion, too. He benefits from a fast-paced offense and the presence of a true point guard — something the Raptors have in Calderon, who was fourth in the NBA with 8.9 assists per game last season. And with $21 million dollars between the Raptors’ current payroll and the luxury tax threshold, there’s more than enough leeway for Marion and Toronto to strike a deal that both sides would find fair.

League Of Our Own

9.  Toronto Raptors – DeMar DeRozan

Toronto will be getting an extremely athletic high-flying wing player, as the unpolished DeRozan will be bringing his game north to Toronto.  After losing Jamario Moon, Toronto had very little athleticism at the wing position.  He will fill this void and in time has the ability to be a special player in the NBA if he begins to show some consistency, unlike his lone season at USC.

Best Case Scenario – High Scoring Wing (JR Smith)

Worst Case Scenario – Journeyman Who Cannot Put It All Together (Gerald Green)

Grade – B

Panthers Fanatic

10. Shawn Marion – Shawn Marion had a futile stay with the Raptors. He produced, but the team went no where. The Raps drafted USC freshman DeMar DeRozan to take over Marion’s spot in the starting five. At this stage in his career, Marion will not find a starting job for a contender. But as a 6th man for a championship contender, Marion would excel. The Celtics need some firepower off the bench…ding ding ding!! Our Guess : Celtics

Dino Nation Blog

Safe to say Demar likes us. The more I learn about him the more I can say the feeling is mutual. I also enjoy talking with Justin. So much so that I give myself a lot of work editing the conversation down. He is a very knowledgeable guy far beyond his years. I think that this was mentioned in his first appearance but worth repeating he has been covering basketball since the age of 17. So with all that said here is Justin Walsh and myself talking ball.

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