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Morning Coffee Sept 11

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So what did the scouts see in Marcus Banks, a quick, strong, athletic guard who has a good handle and the ability to be a lock down defender.  But he also tends to gamble too much, over-dribble, and seems to have trouble reading defenses and offenses at times.

In 2 ½ seasons in Boston, Banks managed 5.5 points shooting 40% from the field, with 1.5 boards, 2 assists, and 1.3 turnovers in 15 minutes and was shipped off to Minnesota mid-season.  Banks just could never find his college scoring touch in Boston and with a 1.5:1 assist to turnover ratio; he wasn’t going to make it as a passer.



Colangelo added that last summer’s trade with Indiana, which was centered around Jermaine O’Neal and T.J. Ford, didn’t go exactly as planned, but ultimately gave the Raptors flexibility this offseason.

"I thought at the time the trade was good for both teams and in the end it was clearly the right thing for us," he said in retrospect.

"While our season did not turn out the way anyone had hoped or expected, the subsequent trade of JO to Miami put us in a position to radically change our team this summer."

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