RR Ratings – Oct 28 vs CLE

They started it… Bosh: 7 Sometimes you don’t need to dominate, just don’t get dominated. Was overpowered early and started 0-3 but regained his confidence when Shaq went to the bench and grabbed some rebounds, 16 in total. Add a couple J’s against the slower bigs and you got a pretty good game from Bargnani’s… Read more »


Gameday: Raptors vs Cavaliers

Bosh hosts the Cavs tonight at the ACC. Let’s NBA! My life just got 30% better with the season starting today. The Raptors host the Cavs, who just came off a 95-89 loss at the hands of the C**tics last night. Seeing Anthony Parker in a Cavs uniform was unsettling for me. For those of… Read more »


Morning Linkage – Oct 28

Pressure on for Bosh, Colangelo to deliver – The Globe and Mail Are the Raptors bound for the NBA's upper class, ready to flex their uber-rich ownership's considerable financial muscle to add talent in search of playoff success with Bosh as the focal point on the floor and Colangelo the architect? Or is yet more… Read more »