At least November’s over


That’s the kind of inspired defense the Raptors should be playing. Suns 113, Raptors 94 – Box We can’t play defense because we don’t know how to play defense. There’s little anybody can do to teach us defense because defense doesn’t work that way. There’s no prosthetic for laziness and indifference which is what we’re… Read more »


Raptors Roll Call Nov 29 vs Suns


The “frustrated yet?” edition. Banks – he had a tough decision to make during the game today:  seat #3 or seat #5. He made the best choice. Bargnani – came out of the gates just the way we needed him to: focused. He kept us in the game early as Bosh struggled and spent the… Read more »


Gameday: Raptors vs Suns – Nov. 29/09


After two humiliating losses in a row to Charlotte and Boston, the Raptors host Phoenix in a game that is sure to be an exciting one. The Suns are an upgraded version of the Raptors: a high volume scoring team that wins games by out-scoring their opponent. Something of interest, the Suns have the fourth… Read more »