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Raptors Roll Call Jan 3 vs Spurs



The “we have a new king” edition. Banks – solid game. Shot well from the floor, defended well, took a nice charge. Maybe Jose is coming back too early? Bargnani –  his shooting percentage doesn’t show it, but he had a solid game from pillar to post. He logged a lot of minutes, demanded attention   …Continue Reading

Piss Poor Effort



Raptors 96, Celtics 103 – Boxscore No Pierce/Garnett/Rondo, no problem…for the Celtics that is. What a waste of a Saturday night, and so much for that winning streak. I really thought the Raptors wouldn’t have much of a problem last night with the caveat that they come out focused and determined. I had a bad   …Continue Reading

Morning Coffee – Jan 3


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