This week on The Doctor Is In, Chris Denker, basketball scout and Managing Partner of NetScouts Basketball drops by to talk about the updated big board (also seen below) and who the Raps may have their eye on. We go over the big 5 from last week and then talk about some of the new names rising up the draft board. Patrick Patterson makes an appearance at #4 as Eric Bledsoe’s stock drops, Gordon Hayward’s rises, and Xavier Henry falls out of the big board.


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Rank Name Position Essentials From
#1 Ekpe Udoh PF 6-10, 240lbs, Age: 22 Baylor (Junior)
Site Rank #11 #10 #18 #22
If this team’s serious about improving their image while bringing in talent AND hustle, this is the way to go. He could crack the rotation right away, might not have the greatest upside but has what the Raptors need right now – ability to crash the boards and play defense. A safe pick.
#2 Gordon Hayward SF 6-8, 200lbs, Age: 20 Butler (Sophomore)
Site Rank #17 #19 #14 #23
Efficient NCAA player and good shooter, both should translate to the NBA level. Unless the real Turk shows up, SF is the Raptors greatest need. Hayward is the mini-Turk. He could be the guy that we hoped Turkoglu would be when we signed him. A crafty offensive player with improving vision.
#3 Hassan Whiteside C 6-11, 225lbs, Age: 20 Marshall (Freshman)
Site Rank #12 #14 #15 #8
Great upside and the reason he could be gone by #13, especially since big men rise. One of the best defenders, shot-blockers and lock-down defenders in the NCAA. Chad Ford compares him to Marcus Camby. If he went back for another year, he could be a top 5 pick in 2010. Not the greatest offensive player right now, but is a better offensive prospect than Thabeet. Very young, if the plan is to rebuild, take him. If he’s off the board at #13, it means someone like Greg Monroe is available.
#4 Patrick Patterson PF 6-8, 223lbs, Age: 21 Kentucky (Junior)
Site Rank #14 #11 #8 #18
Patterson improved his draft stock by coming back to Kentucky to be the third option instead of declaring last year. His shooting is much improved and he has showed scouts that in addtion to hard work, hustle, and grit, he can also hit an outside jumper with consistency. the only real issue is that where do you play him? At 6’8″ he is probably too small to play the PF, but too slow to play the 3. However, knowing Patterson’s personality, he won’t be afraid to work hard to find an answer to this dilemma.
#5 Eric Bledsoe PG 6-1, 190lbs, Age: 20 Kentucky (Freshman)
Site Rank #16 #24 #30 #16
The other PG from Kentucky; got sparse minutes backing up Wall but there is definitely talent here. Could come in as our #3 guard and if we trade one of Jose or Jack, could easily backup and grow as our #2. This is what we should’ve done last year by drafting Ty Lawson.

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