This week on the Doctor Is In, I unpack how the outcome of the draft lottery order will affect the Raptors picking at #13. We also look at how the idea of Avery Bradley going #13 to the Raps is gaining popularity, especially in the eyes of loyal RR reader, Chad Ford. And finally, if Bosh is traded and the Raptors have to move forward with Bargnani, Turkoglu, and Triano, I put forward 3 quick steps to make this team a contender again. Without Chris Bosh.


Download here. 19:31, 7.8MB

Some key points:

  • The impact of not having John Wall on the Nets and how it affects their run at LeBron James.
  • Philly moves up, but does it matter given their current lineup and need for PG. I foresee a trade here, perhaps even with the Raptors since they need a PG. Something like we give up Calderon and take back the Brand contract (!!!).
  • It’s time to gloat, RR picks Avery Bradley before anyone else, namely Chad Ford 2.0.
  • Combo-guards aren’t very popular in the league because of size/quickness and this applies to Bradley too – Jack of all trades, King of none. But, let’s look at what he can do because it is significant.
  • Chris Bosh owes nothing to the city of Toronto and his departure is understandable.
  • We would’ve gotten more for Bosh if we had dealt him earlier this season, or in the summer. Whatever we get from the Bosh trade is not going to provide momentum for rebuilding, we must build around who we have, not who might come back.
  • Whether you like it or not, Andrea Bargnani and Hedo Turkoglu should be looked at as the core of this team, and that’s not exactly a terrible thing.

The Big Board doesn’t change.

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