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Beyond the Raptors: Houston Rockets

With the playoffs starting to wind down, and free agency & the draft coming up quickly; we decided to talk to other bloggers about their team, and how they might figure into the plans of the Raptors come this offseason.


Rapcast #76: The lottery changes things

We unpack how the outcome of the draft lottery order will affect the Raptors picking at #13. We also look at how the idea of Avery Bradley going #13 to the Raps is gaining popularity, especially in the eyes of loyal RR reader, Chad Ford. We suggest 3 quick steps to make this team a contender again. Without Chris Bosh.


Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee May 19

In what can only been seen as a loss for Toronto in the grand scheme of things, three Eastern Conference rivals came away with the top selections.


Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee May 18

“If you trade a great player, you’d better get a whole lot in return because there are so few of those guys,” Phoenix Suns GM Steve Kerr said. “It’s a lot easier to add to the base that you’ve already got and reshuffle the exterior people than break up the whole thing and trade a dominant player.”


Lottery odds, S&Ts, trading the #1 pick and aliens

Chris Bosh is apparently not even talking to the Raptors which means Bryan Colangelo needs to get his sign-and-trade game-face on. The good news is that he’s pulled off one pretty decent sign-and-trade deal in the past.


Monday Morning Mohito Meltdown Madness

As the playoffs trudge along, there will be a Raptors moment in it. Not in the actual playoffs of course, but at 7:30PM on Tuesday when the NBA holds its draft lottery and DeMar DeRozan represents.


Big Board: Raptors leaning towards Avery Bradley

Assuming that the ping pong balls on Tuesday night keep everything the same, and that the Raptors pick at #13, look for the Raptors to draft 19 year old Avery Bradley, the 6’3″ Texas guard.


Bosh situation lacking enthusiasm

Big name free-agents are always wooed the most by their own teams. This year the Miami Heat started a website dedicated to keeping Dwayne Wade in town; in Cleveland students have launched a campaign to keep LeBron James; in contrast, there’s little going on in Toronto to keep Chris Bosh.

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Raptors Republic Ultra Fit Hats

The second product offering from Raptors Republic. RR Classic Hats are to be worn by every warm-blooded soldier in the Republic. They come in black and red.


Rapcast #75: ESPN TrueHoop Editor, Kevin Arnovitz

This week on The Doctor is In, ESPN TrueHoop Editor, Kevin Arnovitz, drops by to talk about the NBA playoffs, free agency, the Raptors need for improved defense, Chris Bosh’s impact (if any) and all things NBA.