This week on The Doctor Is In, we check in with the folks who know our newest Raptors best. Rather than dealing with the (un)known of free agency, the podcast today, on the eve of free agency, is all about the payers who are on the roster. Legendary North Carolina Broadcaster Woody Durham brings more than three decades of experience as the voice of Tar Heel Basketball to our discussion about who Ed Davis really is. In the second half of the podcast we go back to our discussion last month when Coach David Thorpe of ESPN, NBA analyst for’s Scouts Inc. and the executive director of the Pro Training Center in Clearwater, Fla., gave us a breakdown of Solomon Alabi, a recent participant in Coach Thorpe’s gym.

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Woody Durham on Ed Davis:

  • Colangelo drafted based on need and took the best player available.
  • Point guard is still our deepest position, even though it could be better.
  • Ed Davis is arguably in the category of best big in the draft.
  • Davis’ game is said to be suited more for the NBA than college basketball.
  • Davis was an excellent reserve on UNC’s national championship team.
  • UNC’s problems last year were mainly on the perimeter and defense, and of course injury, a total of 9 players missed 49 games.
  • Davis missed the last 13 games of the season and was almost averaging 13/10 and playing very well.
  • He’s got great potential, especially on the defensive end and it’s only a matter of time before his offense game comes along to the NBA level.
  • The difference between Favors and Davis is that Favors is a “pound it in” type of guy, but Davis is a better fundamental player and a better defender. He’s learned well under Roy Williams.
  • Davis needs to gain more weight to fill out his frame, and he needs a lot more work on his offensive game if they plan on playing him face-up.
  • A very stoic player who doesn’t get too high or too low, a serious player who doesn’t joke around much.
  • Don’t underestimate the effect of his father, who played in the NBA for over 10 years and knows what is expected of a professional.
  • Davis is a “fine” player, Mr. Durham won’t call him “outstanding” just yet but there is potential to get there.
  • The Raptors are lucky to get him.
  • More…

David Thorpe on Solomon Alabi:

  • Only playing basketball since he was 15, so the instinctive part of the game could be missing.
  • Right now is not playing as athletically as other shot-blocking centers, because of minor knee surgery which kept him out a month.
  • In coach’s 20 years and over 3000 players, he could be the most charismatic player that he’s ever coached.
  • A guy who could change what practice is like everyday.
  • Might not have Noah’s upside, but is in the same mold of player.
  • He is a very, very good jump shooter within 18 feet and received great coaching in the mid-range game at Florida St.
  • Will not be a big presence down low because he doesn’t have the weight needed for that.
  • A very fun guy to coach and “unbelievably tough”.
  • His background suggest that injuries and pain don’t amount to much, very durable.
  • Can bring life out of Bargnani and DeRozan.
  • His previous coaches have credited him for changing the tone of the team.
  • More…

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