A quick addendum to Arsenalist’s great breakdown.

We obviously have three players that have different skill sets, but its still an interesting comparison. Yes, it’s still a rumour at this stage and yes, I realize it’s not really a 2-for-1 transaction (and I left out James). This analysis is about what assets we are obtaining versus the asset we are “losing” (the quotes are intentional).

Per 36 Minutes and Advanced Metrics

All three are quite similar on several metrics. What jumps out is: 1) Diaw has the highest TS% and eFG%. 2) Barbosa’s assists per 36 are quite low – especially versus his high Usage %. Looks on the surface like a bit of a ball stopper. 3) Diaw’s solid Win Shares. He’s neck and neck with Turkoglu for offensive Win Shares, but multiple times better for Defensive Win Shares. We like that around these parts.

Adjusted +/- and Per 36 Minutes and Advanced Metrics

On an adjusted basis, both Turkoglu and Barbosa appeared to have a negative impact on their teams, although we note with Barbosa’s injuries and lack of minutes its difficult to read too much into this number.

Source: basketballvalue.com

The key numbers that stand out above are: 1) Diaw’s impact on the offensive end while on the court (this number is likely skewed a bit given CHA’s players are generally defensive system) and 2) Turkoglu’s negative impact on Toronto’s defense

Age and Salaries

By far the best part about the “first deal” (Turkoglu for Barbosa) is the salary albatross is lifted. We all know paying Turkoglu $10M at 30 is bad enough – can you imagine at 34?! Barbosa should have a few good years left (yes, its a question mark since he’s coming off injury) at age 27, but better yet his deal is for only 2 more years (the second year is a player option, but we can assume he’ll exercise it).

As for the “second deal” – again, it’s only for 2 years. To bring in another vet may be worth it. Yes, its becoming a long jam at forward spot, but perhaps Evans is moved to a team in search of an expiring deal. The numbers suggest Diaw is a good defensive player as does ESPN’s Hollinger scouting report “Diaw doesn’t rebound or block many shots but is an excellent frontcourt defender. Because he moves so well, he’s money in pick-and-roll coverage, plus he has enough size and toughness to defend most 4s on the block. ”

Overall, I think @neverlecture summed it up well: “@Liston Dumping Hedo is just good organizational Karma. I feel better about next season already haha. Getting serviceable players is a bonus”

More to come – as speculation that Calderon may be on the move as well.

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