Live Blogging: Raptors vs Kings (Colangelo interview)

Obviously, there is something wrong with me for doing this while on vacation.

Obviously, there is something wrong with me for doing this while on vacation.

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Kings are: Casspi, Cousins, Whiteside, Landesberg, Sloan
Raps are: B. Brown, DeRozan, Weems, DeRozan, Evans

1st 7:29, 6-4 Raps: Ed Davis can run the floor just fine, he’s twice jammed it on the break, I suppose when you have Weems and DeRozan looking to push you get motivated to run. He’s also shown defense recoverablility (not really a word), what I’m trying to say is he can get initially beat but still recover to contest or block the shot. He’s got four early points and DeRozan and Weems are pushing it. DeMarcus Cousins is looking very soft, for those who told me he was physical, I’m yet to see it. So far he’s playing like Greg Ostertag.

Ed Davis showing a face-up game, executed a typical Bosh move, only he didn’t take 15 seconds to do it. Catch it in the post, face-up, head-fake, and launch a short, soft jumper. We know he wants to play near the rim, if he can just get a short jumper it’ll open up his game. With Bosh it was the opposite, he wanted the jumper and we never could get him to play inside as much as we needed him to.

1st 3:53, 18-7 Raps: Alabi is in the game and he’s barely running the floor on his way back to defense. This guy’s letting me down too often, show us something that makes us believe Triano when he says that he was ecstatic to get you at #50. In the ‘who cares’ department, Dee Brown came up with a backcourt steal and scored. Cousins is 0-5, Kings not getting back on D. Raps with 10 break points.

1st 2:23, 20-11 Raps: When DeRozan comes at people on the break here, they just retreat and let him score. Or foul him, wonder how many of those in an NBA game would be charges or blocks. Still though, he’s doing well and showing a aggressiveness. Weems is misfiring on his J’s today.

End 1st 23-15 Raps: Weems finally gets one to go. Dee Brown overdribbles too often for a team to pick him up. DeRozan leads all scorers with 9. Cousins has pulled down 7 boards, more than a few off of his own misses.

Bryan Colangelo Interview

  • impressed by Davis and his interior passing.
  • Davis is out of shape right now but will come along.
  • – looks at Davis’ D right now more than anything
  • Bosh leaving gives him an opportunity to “re-engineer” the team and he’s looking to play up-tempo and that’s the way he traded for Barbosa, a very fast player – one-man fastbreak.
  • Says Johnson’s a good finisher and he likes to see high screen ‘n roll with Johnson.
  • Thinks Bargnani and Johnson are a “great combination”, especially his shot-blocking. Thinks AJ has a lot of upside and will have a 16-17 year career.
  • Kamla asks him about Bargnani saying he doesn’t want to be #1. Colangelo responds that Bargnani’s averaging 17-18 and Bosh was around 20, so he can “easily” step up to be that level. Says Bargnani can be a dominant scorer but needs to work on the instinctive part of rebounding. Says his rebounding is poor “because of the way we play”.
  • Bargnani gets along with people well and says Bargnani as “ice water in his veins” and doesn’t care what people think of him and has been on a “nice progression upwards”.
  • Colangelo loved seeing Ed Davis get a weak-side block there.
  • Says Andrea’s “very skilled” and the criticism comes from his lack of rebounding but his ability to spread the floor is crucial and that every time he’s talking trade, Bargnani’s name always comes up because teams want him.
  • Says Kleiza will be the starting three as of right now and he sees his post-up game as being valuable. BC’s talking about Kleiza’s “mental and physical toughness” as something the Raptors have been lacking.
  • Raps are holding Kings to 7-25 shooting which BC is loving.
  • Kamla asks him about Calderon and BC says that Jack and Calderon didn’t mesh and he tried to trade him, but said even if he doesn’t trade him it’s a manageable situation because “Jose is a pro”. Says if he comes back they’ll work with him on his defense. Says that if there’s an “opportunity”, “we’ll do something”.

While that interview was going on, Kings took the lead 27-26 with 5:16 left in the second. I guess when players like Dupreee,Mays and Alabi and Brown start sharing the floor, that’s what happens. Raps are 1-8FG in the second quarter.

2nd 2:48, 32-32: Alabi with a post-move! Finishes with a soft jumper after turning into the paint. Ed Davis has three blocks in the game, two of them on the weak-side, one of them of the massive variety. Alabi and Davis’ defense is bothering Cousins a lot inside.

YGIE: Young Gunz In Effect! DeRozan runs the lane and Weems hooks him up from near half-court for an alley-oop.

Sonny Weems with a deep two, he’s improved his range this summer. No doubt about it. Just as I type this, he hits an effortless three, man, this guy is playing above and beyond any other SG this summer – except DeRozan.

Dennis Scott is the color-man with Rick Kamla. He was a great shooter for the Orlando Magic.

Halftime, 39-34 Raps: Whiteside goes up for a dunk and Alabi with the massive weak-side foul. Good on him. DeRozan with 12, Weems with 8.

It’s Mojito time for me, see you in a bit.

Unrelated, but a great article about LeBron and his Cleveland exit.

They’re interviewing Brandon Jennings who I don’t care for, so I’ll focus on Bobby Brown’s alley which Weems finished after a baseline cut. Raps seem to execute at least two of those a game. Weems has been pretty careless with the ball today, throwing some passes on the break that have no chance of being caught, 5TOs but hey, it’s summer league and this is where experimenting happens. Cousins finally knocks a jumper – he’s 1-12 FG. He’s got six fouls though, if this was a real game he’d be out.

3rd 6:53, 47-40 Raps: Ed Davis with yet another block, the guy is deceptive in his ups, twice today he’s gotten a block when you thought he was out of position. That’s four for him and they didn’t even count one. Dorsey drew the last foul on Cousins, showing a blow-by game which nobody wants to see. The quality in the second half of these games seriously drops.

Anybody want to go to Sonny Weems’ basketball camp in Toronto? Click here.

3rd 5:49, 51-44 Raps: No update, this game is fast becoming unwatchable. Brandon Jennings is wearing a Shrek watch from McDonalds.

Wow! Dorsey with a professional post-up move against DeMarcus Cousins – caught it on the block, dribbled a couple times, went inside, head-fake, got Cousins up and finished with soft jump-hook.

DeRozan picks up his dribble too early and pivots twice to launch a shot that barely hits front-rim. C’mon now, nobody wants to see anything like that from an NBA starter. I’ll pretend that possession never happened.

Dorsey Reality Check: With the bigger cousins guarding him today, he’s only managed three rebounds. Sometimes carving up space alone isn’t enough to compensate for lack of size. You can’t teach height! By comparison, cousins has 12 rebounds.

3rd 1:22, 59-53 Raps: This game is getting out of hand. Lots of jumpers, little teamwork, and everybody’s looking out of their own. This has the feel of a mid-March Clippers-Warriors game. Raps have this James Mays out of Clemson on the floor and he doesn’t do himself any favors by blowing a wide-open two-foot floater.

DeMarcus Cousins just picked up his 8th foul in his 24th minute. And you guys complain about Amir Johnson not being able to stay on the floor.

End 3rd, 64-58 Raps: Nice play for the Raptors to end the quarter. Weems drives right on his man, draws the help, and dishes to Alabi for the open jam. Help room was nowhere to be found. Dennis Scott thinks Hassan Whiteside needs to hit the weight room.

Dorsey is trying to go at Cousins for some reason here, he’s got his inner Reggie Evans going tonight. Cousins actually picked up his 9th foul but they gave it to some dude named Chisholm (not Tim). Donte Green with a score to make it a three-point game. Raps got to pick it up, they go to Davis who drives from the top of the key and picks up another foul on Cousins – he’s got 9 fouls!.

Raps not playing any D, Eric Hughes need to call a timeout, if you can believe it. 68-65 Raps with 7:32 left. He doesn’t and Weems with another turnover trying to make plays, Sacramento within one. Still no timeout. Bobby Brown jacks up an ill-advised three which will surely sour any interest any team might have had in him.

3rd 5:52, 70-67 Raps: Kings almost take the lead but Raps interior D bails them out – Dorsey with a block. For a guy who’s 6’8″, he contests a lot of shots, even getting blocks. Donte Green has given the Kings a lift but it’s our turnovers and dip in scoring from DeRozan/Weems that’s keeping them in the game.

Double Technical: Dorsey and Chisholm. Rasheed Wallace is proud of both of you.

They’re interviewing Robert Horry who feels the NBA should add more teams because there’s “so much talent” as seen in the summer league.

DeMar DeRozan attacks the rim for the first time in the second half and….take a guess…gets to the line. 72-68 Raps with 5 left. Cousins is 4-17 in the game. For the second game in a row, Bobby Brown does a behind-the-back for a layup, he’s described as an “exciting little point guard” by Rick Kamla, I say he’s not much of a PG, maybe a decent scorer in a bad league, but not an NBA PG.

4th 3:35, 76-70 Raps: Dee Brown with a perfect bounce-pass to Ed Davis after the high screen, but David doesn’t bend and the ball goes out of bounds. On second thoughts, the pass was a bit too low for a guy 6’10”. DeRozan’s insertion into the game has created some scoring opportunities for the Raptors. The Kings are going to Cousins a lot and he’s usually faded, but this time he goes in strong and gets fouled.

Remember me praising Weems’ jumper? He airballs a wide-open wing three and on the other end Cousins picks up another foul on Alabi, who has no business fouling on a weak Cousins move. Hold your ground man, 76-74 Raps but DeRozan rises and hits a deep contested two. 6-11 shooting for DeRozan and 8-11 from the line.

4th 2:03, 80-77 Raps: Cousins converts on a three-point play after schooling Alabi on the perimeter, coming inside and picking up a foul on Davis for the And1. Alabi blows a dunk on the other end, but gets bailed out by a foul – Cousins is out with his 10th personal foul. Raps, more specifically Alabi, have to be relieved that he’s out of the game. Alabi is really not showing anything of substance here. Hep-B?

4th 1:18, 83-77 Raps: A couple Sacramento turnovers coupled with fouls which have sent Davis and DeRozan to the line sees the Raps in a comfortable position.

4th 00:13, 87-82 Raps: After a Chisholm jumper, Weems decides he’s got to take over. Drives right down the middle to his right, gets into trouble and gets his shot blocked. Luckily for him, he gets bailed out and hits two FTs. Weems has that feel about him that he wants to be the guy with the game on the line. Another Sac score but the Raptors’ dagger comes from…….Ed Davis – open elbow jumper after the high pick ‘n pop.

Final 88-82 Raps: Raps with a good game, not as tight as the ones before because I do feel that if Cousins hadn’t fouled out, this would’ve come down to the wire. Our bigs really didn’t have an answer for him, to be fair to Davis, he never guarded him directly. The second-half abuse was mainly absorbed by Dorsey and Alabi. DeRozan with 22/7/3, Weems with 19/5/3, Davis with 17/7 and 5 blocks.

DeRozan interview highlights: Says he’s doing more thinking on offense more than anything and is ready to step-up and pick up the scoring now that Bosh is gone.

Thanks for tuning in. See you Wednesday.

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