Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Warriors Nov 8

The “kid is alright” edition.

The “kid is alright” edition:

Alabi: face it, this space will never be filled with floor time related content for 98% of the season.

Andersen: hanging with my mom tonight, she says “who the hell is that?!? What does he do?” I said, matter of factly, he’s our new Chris Bosh. Her response: “looking like THAT??” I love my mom.

Banks: Tiffany at the House of Lancaster is happy the Raptors road trip is over….she misses her little Mushroom.

Barbosa: left the game early with a shoulder irritation (Muggsy Bogues?) and while the statline seemed insignificant, his court time wasn’t. Pesky and disruptive, something that this team needs.

Bargnani: Wally and Liston will tell you that his –17 is really kinda good because you need to look at his stats in a mirror, while spinning around 8 times and drinking a 2L Red Bull through a straw…making the stats come out as adjusted +/-. No matter what they say, I say he shot 50% grabbed a single rebound and fouled like he was playing pattycakes with Leo. Not his finest 21 minutes.

Calderon: I saw 2 things that sucked hard today: I was passing a construction site where the Port-o-lets were being “emptied” and Jose Calderon playing basketball against the Golden State Warriors.

Davis: 3 things that are fine: Rosario Dawson, peach cobbler, and Ed Davis’ fashion sense.

DeRozan: debated with someone on if that was a cheapshot against Ellis in the 4th. I kind of thought it was a punk move, but not cheap. Otherwise DeMar had a decent game. Can’t throw him to the sharks, but you can’t make a case for him being the second coming of Morris Peterson either.

Dorsey: look Ma, no skill!!!

Evans: evidently Reggie heard it was my birthday and decided to join Jose in taking the night off, hoping to influence Parliament Hill in making it November’s national holiday.

Jack: you put a feisty kid in front of him and he decides to ball for the first time in a while. He challenged Curry, he facilitated some nice plays, he was actively talking and he appeared to make reservations at Jack Astors in the third quarter. Impressive use of skill.

Johnson: the fouls returned, but his game didn’t completely disappear. Showed some passion (which I still say was missing in the first 4 games) and had his nose looking for the ball on both ends of the floor all night.

Kleiza: costly foul late, but he was a workhorse tonight both in minutes (38) and effort. On a night where 2 starters just weren’t up to snuff, Linas carried some of their weight as well.

Weems: 12 and 6 in 23 minutes and playing with a chip on his shoulder. Me like. Pringles are on sale at Shoppers if you need some more motivation, Sonny.

Wright: on again off again in Jay’s rotation. Tonight was an off night.

Driving The Bus: Jarrett Jack

Under The Bus: Jose Calderon

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