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Do You Think BC Regrets Not Taking Back Beasley This Summer?



Albeit the Wolves are still losing, Beasley seems to have found a home in Minnesota. Averaging 20+ points per game so far this season, does anyone seem to think Colangelo is regretting not taking back Beasley in the trade with Miami?

Statophile, Volume 2



Has DeRozan’s shooting improved? Who should start? Jack or Calderon? Has Johnson broken out of his slump? Guess who’s ranked two and three in the league for rebounding?

Rage Against The Machine and Raptors Relevancy


Kyrie Irving

It’s no new insight that in professional sports, winning attracts attention. Cereal boxes, tickertape parades, bedroom posters, playground impersonators, hours of televised fawning – all in honour of the big W. Losers can be relevant, but they’re relevant for losing. You may get noticed for setting futility records, but being a spectacular failure won’t make you matter… or make you money.

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