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Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Wizards Nov 16

The “no motivation to play” edition.

The “no motivation to play” edition:

Andersen: getting kind of bored with his once-a-game Bargnani impression by heaving up a three just since he isn’t covered. Still convinced he possesses some basketball smarts, but rarely see them on display.

Banks: Message to Jose by Jay bringing him in? Can’t believe it was a matchup move since Arenas is twice his size and has, you know, talent.

Barbosa: still have a feeling that he is worse off than they are having us believe. Anytime you miss a 4 game road trip, questions have to be asked.

Bargnani: poor effort, poor execution, no passion, zero reason to believe he can be your go-to guy for leadership game in and game out. The odd night off? Sure. However, nights like these seem to multiply for Andrea and that is not good for this team.

Calderon: the guy at Queen and Bathurst that panhandles, gets spit on, can’t get a “hello” from the average person, gets kicked by a squeegee kid and then sleeps in his own urine had a better day than Jose.

Davis: is BBM’ing Solomon to find out how cold it really is in Erie.

DeRozan: the serial cheater who is caught in a strip club, getting a lapdance from a woman who has her hand down his pants while holding an empty condom wrapper in her mouth has a better defence than DeMar could provide tonight. Young, Arenas, the PA announcer, the kid in row 8 with the bag of peanuts….anybody was scoring on DeMar. Gone was the aggressiveness and making a re-appearance was frustration.

Dorsey: meaningless minutes for a meaningless basketball player.

Evans: Reggie comes back and allows me the opportunity to get back to my high-fibre crow diet. Damn his hustle and the desire to pump up his teammates. Again, I applaud him and would allow him to marry my daughter.

Jack: you know what would totally suck? If you supported an NBA team who, when facing the likes of Hinrich and Arenas, have 2 above average point guards who both decide that together they can bring down the desire to win as a collective. Disappointing night for Jack considering where he was playing and who he was facing.  He needs to remember this for the return visit.

Johnson: you know when you are letting the air out of your tires and you can hear that air escaping noise and you can see the tire slowly wilt? Even the strongest Amir supporters have to admit that Amir looked like he’d rather be picking up trash wearing an orange jumpsuit than actually, you know, play basketball for a living.

Kleiza: the return of the mack. Coming off the bench in his return, he used his laser like gaze to guide the ball to its rightful place. We missed his touch. (no homo)

Weems: you have to think he has earned the starting role until proven otherwise. He had another fine shooting night coupled with suspect defence…but considering what little we got from most everybody on the roster, Sonny was Jordan-esque tonight.

Wright: if I was driving a truck on a back road in northern Ontario and I saw a squirrel on my left and Julian on my right, I’m sorry to say I might jackknife in an attempt at getting the spare.

Driving The Bus: Sonny Weems

Under The Bus: Jose Calderon

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