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Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Nets Dec 17

The “return of the Hump” edition.

The “return of the Hump” edition:


Barbosa: quiet night for our horse, but a big three to seal the deal tonight. It’s a rare sight for our boys to play well with Leandro taking a back seat.

Bargnani: quite the second half, huh? He may have been a bit rusty after taking a game off to start tonight, but he came out of the break on fire. That confident swagger was back and he was hitting shots as well as defending as tough as we’ve seen all season.

Bayless: back to the bench for you, my friend. Like Leandro, an off night for someone we’ve expected game from lately. Wasn’t outplayed but sure was outworked.

Calderon: rest does a body good. Jose of old made a re-appearance for Sam Mitchell and we liked it. Hell, even the handclap defense was dusted off. Wicked game tonight and a key cog in our victory.

Davis: banging bodies and taking names. Not sure that outside jumpshot is something I want to see too much of, but he played smart ball tonight. He knows his role and it’s starting to pay off.

DeRozan: a pretty dunk, but 5/16? All good if you offset that with something that pays dividends for your team, but DeMar was his usual non-committal self on both ends of the floor.

Dorsey: Surprised he didn’t see more time, given Amir’s suckage. 4 boards and a block in 10 minutes peppered with some swagger and some jawing with Lopez made for a memorable night.

Evans: this was the type of game he was probably licking his chops like he was at Ruth Chris.

Johnson: what a phoney. Fouled out, looked like he couldn’t care less and is the epitome of how to eek out an insane contract from a jackass GM.

Kleiza: Welcome back. A double double in a game where he looked as focussed as he has been in over a month. Heck, he even looked excited (for an owl). Great movement without the ball, seemed to be shooting like a laser at times and he effort on the boards (12) seemed to come out of nowhere.

Stojakovic: chew chew chew chew

Weems: out with back spasms. Probably comes from bending over in Young Onez huddles on a nightly basis.

Wright: back on the short leash. Hope to see him Sunday in a game where we will need some defensive power.

Driving The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus: Amir Johnson

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