The “return of the Hump” edition:


Barbosa: quiet night for our horse, but a big three to seal the deal tonight. It’s a rare sight for our boys to play well with Leandro taking a back seat.

Bargnani: quite the second half, huh? He may have been a bit rusty after taking a game off to start tonight, but he came out of the break on fire. That confident swagger was back and he was hitting shots as well as defending as tough as we’ve seen all season.

Bayless: back to the bench for you, my friend. Like Leandro, an off night for someone we’ve expected game from lately. Wasn’t outplayed but sure was outworked.

Calderon: rest does a body good. Jose of old made a re-appearance for Sam Mitchell and we liked it. Hell, even the handclap defense was dusted off. Wicked game tonight and a key cog in our victory.

Davis: banging bodies and taking names. Not sure that outside jumpshot is something I want to see too much of, but he played smart ball tonight. He knows his role and it’s starting to pay off.

DeRozan: a pretty dunk, but 5/16? All good if you offset that with something that pays dividends for your team, but DeMar was his usual non-committal self on both ends of the floor.

Dorsey: Surprised he didn’t see more time, given Amir’s suckage. 4 boards and a block in 10 minutes peppered with some swagger and some jawing with Lopez made for a memorable night.

Evans: this was the type of game he was probably licking his chops like he was at Ruth Chris.

Johnson: what a phoney. Fouled out, looked like he couldn’t care less and is the epitome of how to eek out an insane contract from a jackass GM.

Kleiza: Welcome back. A double double in a game where he looked as focussed as he has been in over a month. Heck, he even looked excited (for an owl). Great movement without the ball, seemed to be shooting like a laser at times and he effort on the boards (12) seemed to come out of nowhere.

Stojakovic: chew chew chew chew

Weems: out with back spasms. Probably comes from bending over in Young Onez huddles on a nightly basis.

Wright: back on the short leash. Hope to see him Sunday in a game where we will need some defensive power.

Driving The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus: Amir Johnson

Game Theme:

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  • Joey

    we know what bargs can bring
    we also have our expectation for calderon
    but as if kleiza brings something like this on a consistent basis, watch out.

    • OzRapFan

      I agree, but like all of them he is too inconsistent.

      • Joey

        consider the adjustment he has had to make.
        moving to a starter’s role on a young team that just lost its franchise player.
        he also got injured and finding his way back into the team’s chemistry.
        he’s one of the most experienced raps we have beside calderon and barbosa.
        give him time…

        • Theswirsky

          “consider the adjustment he has had to make”

          -moving to a starter’s role on a young team that just lost its franchise player

          well considering he was a starter for the past 2 I’m not sure he ‘moved’ into that position. Anyways if thats the case, no one should be upset about anyones inconsistency because this now applies to all starters on the team.

          -he also got injured and finding his way back into the team’s chemistry

          he missed 1 game….

          -he’s one of the most experienced raps we have beside calderon and barbosa

          so why is he still so inconsistent? why does his ‘experience’ rarely show out there… you know like having a pg cover you, trying to post him up at the top of the ft line, then kick it out?

          -give him time…

          So like what 5 more years?

          • maman

            He was talking about Kleiza.
            Sorry to ruin your antiBargs-venting moment, but you are free to post it somewhere else, maybe it sounds less stupid…maybe

            • Pizzaman

              maman nice shot at another idiot who chooses another game Bargnani dominated and carried the team to find a way to slam him anyway. Some of these guys cannot appreciate what they have right in front of them.

              • sangaman

                Pizzaman..Im bargs fan but I also was a hardnosed basketball player in my day and realize that although I like the Italians style, and his touch-he needs Reggie – as do the Raps. Sure they beat the nets but got beat up along the way. Reggie is the physical presence-intimidator-and motivator that all teams in every sport require..think Ray Lewis with the Ravens.

                • Pizzaman

                  sangaman I agree Bargs played well with Reggie but I do not believe Reggie is the answer next to Bargs. B.C. has tried and I believe will continue to try to get a Chandler like center to play next to Bargs. Look what Chandler has done for Dirk and the Mavs.

            • Theswirksy

              well considering he mentioned

              1) injury – Kleiza missed a few games a month ago now, Bargs was recent
              2)experience – he has less than Bargs
              3)starters role w/out franchise player – Kleiza has been the 7th/8th man for a month now… while Bargs has taken the ‘unofficial’ role as franchis player..

              you can see how i would think he was talking about Bargs. If he was talking about Kleiza it makes no sense…. not that it makes much sense with Bargs either

  • Bbj

    i’ve heard you get on amir over and over again.. the guy may foul lots and take himself out of games, but when he plays, he has the most consistent “finishing hands” on our team and out hustles most players on our team on a nightly basis…he’s even developing a consistent j from the top of the key..
    he has a big contract, yes. he has been making mistakes ie: fouls, yes.
    but com’on…. i think you’re being a bit dramatic

    • Pesterm1

      I dunno, did you see Amir shoot that 3 wtf was he thinking lol.

    • Brasky

      Truth. The only reason he got that second early foul (a good foul) was because Bargnani showed no desire to provide any sort of help on the drive whatsoever.

      • Dookielover

        so now amirs shit because of bargs?…32/9/2/2 took a charge hit the deck for an attempted steal,pretty much singlehandedly willed the team to victory on both ends of the floor playing the most balanced game of his entire career and hes the reason amir sucks? young onez fanboys are desperate.

        • Hardcore Raps

          so with Bargs it can always be someone (everyone) else’s fault but not the other way around?

          Bargs played a real good 4th quarter… saw him box out, play some help D, dive for a ball… excellent. The previous 3 he pulled his usual sit around watch everyone else do stuff.

          • John_P

            are you serious? When they ignored him in the first half this team looked poised to lose to the nets, at home, against a team on a back to back. When they involved him and ran the offence through Bargnani, he single-handedly won them the game. Amir was awful, like he’s been for the majority of games, because he insists on fouling instead of recognizing when the appropriate time to foul is. Get your head out of your ass and appreciate that we have someone who can lead this team.

          • Pizzaman

            Wow you must have been watching it on your tiny blackberry screen because you obviously did not see the same game all the press in Toronto and New Jersey saw, all the coaches saw, Brook Lopez saw, and all the real basketball fans saw!! Considering you make up shit about Bargnani to say how much you dislike him, you should likely change your nickname since the real Swirsk commented at the start of this year that Bargnani would elevate to all – star this year- book it.
            So obviously your nickname should be Timmy W 2nd, or Sirchillywillydick 2nd, or Pran 2nd ( if you’re thirteen like him)

      • Pizzaman

        Brasky nice catch for you to find something to blame on Bargnani even though he carried the team and dominated the Nets on both ends of the floor.You must have been up all night trying to figure out a way to blame Bargnani for something.

      • AJ

        Amir never averaged more than 20 min per game in last 6 years in the league. Does that mean no one in Pistons team helped him with D?! Everyone knows he gives up silly fouls, so stop blaming AB for Amir’s fouls.

  • Aho25

    Hey, this AntiLeech plugin is blocking Google Reader. This is more likely to have me unsubscribe than follow the link…. just FYI.

    • Halfpint Jones

      i second this comment. I normally read RR via an RSS feed.

      • bt

        Same here; I can’t use my RSS reader to read posts any more. It was my primary way of reading too.

  • Joey

    let’s just settle this right now.
    at best derozan will not be a carter or on par with any ultra wing like kobe, pierce or allen.
    but to make it for the long term is to be consistent in particular areas of the game;
    one must either play consistent d, hit the j, create for self and other for buckets.
    he’s still young to find what type of player he is going to become. and the raps this year (and next) will be a fine place to do that.

    same case with weems, give him some more time.
    aside from kleiza no person has the combination surmountable set of skills or potential (kleiza on a good day can’t do what weems can do on a great day). they’re different players, but i’ll take weems over kleiza any day esp. knowing i pay him less

  • Autiztik

    is there a link for a REPLAY of the game?

  • Bearvon

    Watched this game on the “yes network” (the jersey feed). And not only was it a great game to watch because of the eventual outcome and the manner in which they ended up winning. But it was also great to watch it with the far superior television production.

    The nets announcers were talking about Bargs like he was Kevin Durant. And tonite he was! Loved his 4th Q defense. But also frustrates me knowing that he is capable of doing that.

    The raps were playing good zone d too.

    On a side note…I’m not feeling the new comment system and mobile layout. I can’t switch to classic on my iPhone.

    • John_P

      I’ve noticed that whenever I’ve watched a Raps game on a US network, the announcers have an appreciation for how special Bargs is, much more at least then most fans do.

  • James

    Demar should join the rest of Young Buns on the bench. Our starting line up should have Barbosa in it and I dare to say, add Wright to the starting unit for his defence. Have all 3 young bunz on the bench till they stop all this youtune, twitter and nightlife ….

    • Jacob S

      Totally agree with you. Barbosa would give us way more pts if he started and played more minutes than DD. I think 20-25 minutes per games would be more than enough to get DD to develop… and work harder if he really wants to be a starter. I feel sorry for Barbosa…

  • kaine

    I guess Bargs wanted to thank his old coach…

    • snake_eyes318

      LOL rotd! At least the funniest comment yet from tonight’s game…it’s extra special that Bargs tore the Nets to shreds with Sam Mitchell watching in person isn’t it, with all the quick hooks he pulled on Bargs?

      • kaine

        there’s reason if the former coach of the year doesn’t get a good job: the fact that he almost fucked up the career of a good number 1 pick.
        nba gm doesn’t like that kind of work

  • I like seeing Kleiza in the starting lineup – I think he plays better with a defined role – I’d start him over Sonny. I like Sonny, but I think DeMar is the better prospect for the other starting spot.

    Bargnani is fun to watch now. I don’t miss Bosh at all. Some great rebounding tonight, and a very nice block in crunch time.

    Barbosa was a defensive demon in the crunch. I’m just glad he’s not chucking 3s in crunch time, and is instead relying on the vet savy he provides on the defensive end.

    Good to see Calderon back and dishing the ball. Getting Bayless was a great move, but Jose is still the best PG for the team.

    I agree with @Bbj – Amir was a great signing who is only going to get better – great nose for finishing misses near the rim. It’s unfortunate he gets called for as many fouls as he does – I don’t get it some times. I’m glad the Raps signed him.

    Davis – not much tonight – but he really has a knack for positioning. More than anyone on the Raps, he seems to know where to set up around the basket to be in position for a rebound.

  • draftedraptor

    Agreed. Amir fouls out often and doesnt deserve a large contract. But I think you are being harsh. He often takes a foul in an attempt to stop easy baskets and contests everything. He is easily our most underrated player because he doesn’t take shots often but if you look at his statistics (not the simple ones) he is the most efficient in team.

    Bargnani (who is on a massive contract) offers little resistance to anything coming his way. Even if his primary job in raptors team is to score he takes too many shots and turns over the ball way too much. His rebounds are often uncontested defensive rebounds and even that is poor for a center. Dwight Howard or Tim D can score 30 points a game if they want to but they play defense for the team and they come out with wins. He has definitely improved off late but it is simply not enough.

    Colangelo will be forced to trade at least 3-4 players including some good ones to get a top forward/guard which the team misses right now. If he can pull it off with Weems, Stoijokovic and Evans it would be perfect.

    • Brain Colangelo

      Bargs grabbed a number of big, contested boards. Watch the games, you’ll love them.

    • Dookielover

      “Every game I have played against him he has gotten better,” Nets centre Brook Lopez said. “He is a fantastic player and is always a great challenge for me. Obviously he is a knock-down shooter and he plays very well off of that. You have to respect his shot, he pump fakes, puts it on the floor and gets to the basket. He is playing more in the post, too. He is doing a fantastic job.”

    • cesco

      Re : Bargnani ‘massive’ contract

      Tim D. salary 18.7 millions , plays 29 min , efficiency 20.9
      Dwight 16.5 35 min 23.9
      Andrea 8.0 34 min 17.5
      Amir 5.0 22 min 13.5

      As you can see it is Tim and Dwight who have the massive contract , Andrea is UNDERPAID , Amir is slightly overpaid (not enough minutes , top of the ranks in fouling)

      • Hardcore Raps

        using stats now Cesco? Should we apply some other ones to Bargs salary vs #s?

        Bargs contract isn’t bad for a 7 fter… pretty average. However, I would say whether he is over or under paid is highly debateable.

        • John_P

          Not really debatable, he is obviously underpaid.

          • “Obviously” underpaid? According to whom? I’ve never taken issue with Bargnani’s salary, but I would never say he’s underpaid. That’s ridiculous. He’s a 7 footer who is a below average rebounder and bad defender. Just because he’s a very good scorer doesn’t mean it negates those other things. You HAVE to take into consideration a player’s COMPLETE game. And you’re not.

            • John_P

              It’s not even worth debating this. Every coach, player and commentator says the same thing about Bargs and how special a player he is. Pardon me if I value their opinion more then yours. A 10 million dollar star center is great value and that can’t be debated. 30 NBA teams were willing to give Bosh a max deal this summer, and Bosh has many of the same deficiencies, along with less offensive talent. That would lead me to believe that Bargnani is certainly worth more then 10 million.

              • Pizzaman

                John_P trying to debate with Timmy is pretty much a waste of time as no matter what Bargs does and experts say, he alone is a real expert and knows everything. He sits here and over and over will defend Amir, and Jose and the Young Gunz, but something about him hates Bargnani so bad that he cannot get any of the love Timmy uses to defend far less talented players, with far less potential. That’s the part that is so difficult to understand.
                I have no problem with Amir, and have always liked Jose but to see a guy over and over bash Bargnani for not being perfect, yet continually defend less perfect players makes no sense at all.

                • John_P

                  Pizzaman I couldnt agree more. Its ridiculous the amount of criticism Bargs receives, despite what all he does for this team.

        • maman

          yeah why not! like could you tell me how many players not on a rookie scale contract earning the same or less than Bargs score more than him?

          • Theswirsky

            yep because all that matters in basketball is scoring.

            • maman

              no you could try to win games 2-0. Scoring is useless. Agreed

              • Theswirsky

                who said scoring is uselss. I sure as hell didn’t.

                But its not all that matters.

                With my car I don’t just check the tires while completely ignoring an oil change. You need all parts for the vehicle to be succesful. Tires are meaningless if your car won’t start.

                • John_P

                  Actually what does matter in basketball is having a star who can consistently score, no matter what the defense sends his way. That’s what we have in Toronto and you should appreciate that.

        • Pizzaman

          actually not debateable at all…his contract is great value and he is and will be underpaid.

    • Michelgervais9

      “Bargnani (who is on a massive contract)…”

      I stopped reading your post at that point. Bargnani’s contract is a bargain. Do some research.

      • draftedraptor

        We have to remember Bargnani signed as a rookie. And that kind of numbers arent offered to rookies usually. He didnt deserve that contract to begin with and he still doesnt.

        • Huh? Bargnani isn’t on his rookie contract. He’s in the first year of his 5 year extension. I certainly don’t want him on the team, but he’s not overpaid.

          • Tinman

            Tim – what did you think of the game? The team? Lately only here you defend the honour of Bill Russell.
            Compared to some contracts out there Bargnani is a bargain. By the time his contract is up, a steal.
            Whats Bosh making? Amare is prtty one dimensional and he’s rolling in dough?
            The comment that brought out your latest rant was a fair comment. A lot of GM’s would take Andrea in a hearbeat at his salary.

            Usually respect yur thoughts, but this Bargnani thing is becoming obsessive.

  • Richdoria

    Always like what Johnson brings. most of Hos fouls are from covering for his mates. He also has the rep and gets fouls that others do not get called on them.

    • Mauro

      I have to disagree. Yesterday Amir made two stupid fouls, including one to cover a 3′
      I noticed he start to pay attention thus is foul rate is decreasing.He is not that far from avoiding them. Its a matter of balance between being aggressive and make silly fouls.
      I think he is learning.

      • Amir is fouling at a lower rate from previous years. He still needs to cut down, but he’s getting better. And at least two of the fouls last night seemed completely bogus, to me, including the one where he tried to close out on the 3 point shooter. From the replays I saw, he didn’t even touch him. He seems to have a reputation among refs which may hurt him.

        • Dookielover

          hey tim. how it feel to be an idiot.

  • sangaman

    Team still needs Reggie!…Periods in the game when the frontline was manhandled. I think with reggie back and amir off the bench we have at least a 500 team.

  • Buschfire

    Great game for Bargs last night, I’m not a fan but i have to say he is coming along offensivley still I would like to see him get some more boards! on a side note anyone watch the Miami NYC game last night??!? lol the whole MSG was chirping bosh when he was at the line chanting “OVERRATED!” over and over and over lol love it.

    • mountio

      “coming along offesnively” …. id hate to see what you would call a “good offensive player”, let alone an all star. He just went for 32 last night – what exactly are you looking for? And some more boards! Just went for 9 boards – for a guy who spends half his time on the perimeter and rebounding clearly not his specialty, i think ill take 9 boards.
      Clearly, as you state, you arent a fan …. but give credit where credit is due …

      • Hardcore Raps

        “Great game for Bargs last night” …. “but give credit where credit is due ”

        really? thats not giving him credit? What do you fan boys want when he plays his one good quarter in 3 games…? The dude is not a good rebounder we all know that, when he TRIES he can be a fine rebounder (like in the 4th last night), but he doesn’t often do it. (apply the same rule to Defense…)

        When are you guys going to give him ‘credit’ when he throws down his classic Bargs, 18 points on 7-17, 4 boards, 3 turnover, no defense games?

        • maman

          yeah for a guy averaging 21+ points and almost 6 rebounds the stat line you described can definitely be defined as classic.
          And the fact that the (2) decent quarters he played yesterday were the last two and led us to victory probably means nothing, right?

        • John_P

          Yeah you’re right, the team did so much better without him in the lineup. Lets build around the young onez, they will lead us to the lottery the next five seasons and make our franchise more laughable then the nets or clippers.

        • Pizzaman

          Hey theswirsky maybe we should trade Bargnani even up for Chris Humphries because he’s got better rebound numbers!
          Where do you guys learn basketball anyway?

          • Theswirsky

            well Pizza I know you like acting the way you do, and not even relate a post to what was talked about in the thread….

            but I said nothing about Kris Humphries…. and this was about giving ‘him credit’ which the original poster did. My question is why does he not get equal ‘credit’ from you guys when he takes a dump on the floor?

            I gave the guy credit a few times for a fantastic 4th quarter… yet his first half was horrible.. yet you guys gloss over that like it didn’t even happen. “Credit where credit is due” should be a 2 way street.

            • Abelvedere

              hey the swirsk Bargs first half was not horrible, just good * points on 4 of 11, 4 boards and some solid play both ends. It’s just that you don’t see that.
              Also I know you did not bring up Humphries, I did because some of you guys only harp on negatives like his rebounding etc, yet there are better rebounders not worth half of Bargnani. The kind of player some of you demand is top five NBA and they are rare and few. LeBron has many nights where he does not bring it as do other so called stars, and they also have many a night where their stats are shit…that does not mean they are shit. Look at D. Wade’s stats this year if you want to see inconsistancy from a top five player.
              You guys expect way too much from a 25 year old guy with an $8 million contract.

              • Theswirsky

                how do you figure Bargs played well at all in the first half? (those box score stats you post say otherwise) Some ‘solid’ play on both ends?

                This is what I mean. He was useless out there in the first half… yet a complete unwillingness to accept it.

                How many points he scores is all that seems to matter.. somehow that means he played well the entire game, and on D. Its absolutely ridiculous. And it was the frickin Nets..

                • John_P

                  He did play well because the offence wasnt being run through him. Triano said so himself, that they didnt want to strain his injured knee and ran plays for Amir. Then in the second half, when they did run the offence through him, he torched the nets and lead the team to victory. Also he didnt just play a good 4th quarter, the whole second half was entirely his contribution.

            • mountio

              Sure, he started the sentence with he had a great game, but I was commenting on the backhanded complement about his offense “coming along” and the fact that people are still harping on his rebounds, when at 9 boards, he is totally fine (i would argue better than one can realistically expect) for a guy who plays like he does.
              My only point, which Ive made many times here – lets be realistic and realize what we have. Swirsk, youve said several tiimes, that you would like a better first half. But – do you realize the implication of that? If he played in the first half like he did in the 2nd, thats a 40+ point and 10+ rebound game. Would I like that? Sure! Of course. People want consistency. Would I like that every night, for both halfs? Sure! But, that makes Bargs a run away MVP candidate and means the raps are a top team in the league.
              Not realistic and not happening so why harp on it?
              My point is – I look at our roster. He is the best player (by a long shot) both current and in terms of potential. Hes the only legit piece we can build around, and hes the only guy with a legit NBA skill (scoring). Is he perfect? Not even close. Tonnes of warts (but so does every player).
              So to hack on him and say we should trade him for a 10 and 8 guy who focuses on defense makes no sense what so ever.

      • Buschfire

        I would like him to improve on his consistany Mountio, some nights he looks like he’s sleeping through the game and doesn’t care some nights its the opposite, to be an elite player in this league you need to have consistancy. look at Amare what was it 9 games in a row with more than 30 points? Also on nights when his offensive game isn’t working, he is a liability on the floor because when he is playing well offensivley normally his defense and rebounding becomes better but when he is not he has no inspiration and plays defense like a turnstyle.

        • mountio

          Fair points Busch. Hes not consistent – and I would like him to improve on that. Would obviously like him to improve his D – although I would not he D’d up Lopez decently last night.
          All Im saying (see post above) is lets be realistic with what that improvement can and should be (and lets ackowledge that even as hes playing right now, hes a pretty good player – and WAY better than anything else we have on the raps)

  • 511

    Hard to figure how anyone can put ANY kind of knock on Bargnani last night. Every time I watched him off the ball, he seemed to be battling hard with Lopez or whoever else was near him. Of all the players on the court, he’s got to be the one last night who ends up the most bruised and battered, by a long way. And some of the scoring he did was just goddam beautiful! There ARE games when he looks a bit sasquatchy, arms and legs all over the place, but when he’s in his rhythm, he can be unbelievably graceful for a seven footer. I mean, c’mon. That’s not stuff you see every day from ANYone. Dirk would be closest to it, but Bargnani has some very special and unique talents, there can be little doubt as far as I’m concerned. As to the ‘ya but why not every …’, I’d say he’s getting more and more adjusted and comfortable with his role as THE best player and go-to guy and if he keeps improving the way he has, it won’t surprise me when he gets all the way there, given a bit more time. Because really, it hasn’t been all that long that he’s been in THIS position (as Number One guy) and from what I’m seeing, his growth, while still sometimes ‘two-forward-one-back’ IS on a greater incline overall than we’ve seen anything close to from him, up to now. If you’re still unsure, just imagine how you’d feel if he’d been sent packing and he was now doing what he’s doing for somebody ELSE. A bit of perspective can help see what it is we DO have here. He’s a very very good player and he’s getting to where it will be difficult for anyone to not admit that he’s great. He’s not far from it right now, imo.

    • Andrewjarvis76

      Amen Brother. Last night was a great opportunity to gauge Bargs worth, as he was up against Lopez who is a skilled, highly-ish drafted 7 Footer who many people were projecting as a future all-star. Can anyone say after watching last night’s game they would rather have Lopez over Bargs? certainly not me. For all his warts, I’d take Bargs every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

      • 511

        Watching Lopez last year, I wondered how nice it’d be to see him playing alongside Bargnani, but while Bargnani has moved up into the next level of play — and he may have another level even yet (which would probably just be greater consistency, ‘cause how much better could he be than he was last night in the second half?) — Lopez seems to have plateaued or regressed even. While some feel differently, never did I wish we could TRADE Bargs for Lopez. And it be hard to understand anyone today wishing that we could.

        • mountio

          Finally some sanity – and very well said. Its not that hes perfect, its not that he doesnt frustrate us all at times. But thats what young NBA players do. If he was consistent, was a good rebounder and a good defender hed be an MVP candidate. In the interm, lets be happy with our best player blossoming into a very good NBA player. More importantly, lets wake up and kill the insanity about building around others or trading him for a 10 and 8 defensive specialist who would somehow improve our team.
          Hes the best Raptor by a LONG shot. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not thinking clearly.

          • Pizzaman

            511 and mountio the problem here is having to defend that Bargnani is far and away the best Raptor is tiresome and unessesary to all but fools.
            Some of these guys as yo say mountio do not think clearly at all, and then there’s the few that would trade Bargnani for Gortat and others like him. Why they even watch the Raptors is beyond me.

  • Dookielover


    • 511

      now that made me laugh …

  • dribbles

    I could be wrong, but I think that’s the first game I’ve ever seen where Bargs was the unquestioned go-to player for almost the entire 4th Q. How many games have we seen where he starts to get hot and then he disappears either because his teammates forget about him or because he doesn’t demand the ball?

    Loved that he took a charge (would like to see more of that) and I think he even dove to the floor when he tried stealing the ball from Lopez late in the 4th. Not sure I’ve ever seen that. Good signs.

    Calderon was great for the most part but when a big switches on to him in a pick and roll, I’d like to see him drive rather than settle for a jumper or give the ball to Bargs at the top of the key.

  • Zow

    It is all a learning curve , we are young and full of….PING PONG BALLS!!!

  • Buschfire

    all i ask is for consistancy from this team especially Bargnani, last night was great but it seems somenights the switch is off… last night thankfully it turned on in the third with enough time to spare to come back and win!

    • Pesterm1

      Thats why games are played in 4 quaters and not just 1. Anyone saying Bargs played inconsistant yesterday is not getting how sports work or that stat factor to a game. Just cause he shot poorly in the first or second means the player will most likely play well in the second half( not a forsure but based on stats). Sports are also a game of statistics and players cannot be expected to play great all game every game. I think some people ask for way to much and think that every player can be a Kobe, Lebron, or Wade…… well they cant lol even those players have bad nights and shoot alot of shots to get their points.