The “playing up to your competition” edition:

Alabi: never let it be said that he has any hope of being an NBA player of impact.

Barbosa: gone until they can sew the rest of his armour together.

Bargnani: midseason funk in human form. Can’t disagree with PJ when he said at the half that if they had Andrea in the game, we would have had a great first half. The fact he brought as much help in the second half as a bag full of holes in a flood speaks to why we never really stood a chance.

Bayless: he goes through spurts that can only be described as vintage Jose. When he attacks the hoop, good things happen and when he really pushes the ball, his teammates reward him by getting open.

Calderon: a good night against a great team. His favourite dance partner was faking passion all night, so it’s tough to dance with someone else when you go up against top of the class professionals. I still think a major weakness is his lack of ability to spread the love.

Davis: he went into the land of a giant and didn’t back down at all. Impressive night on the boards accompanied by the great attitude and fire that he has shown since coming back from injury.

DeRozan: remember back to algebra class and feeling entirely lost and adrift, then at one point something just clicked? Everything fell into place and it was like a window opening. This is a great way of describing DeMar of late. 28 tonight and a fantastic job of getting to the line like Bosh used to. Better yet, he’s converting. No doubt this teams MIP this season.

Dorsey: Davis has basically shown up to Dorsey’s front door, taken his girl and posted pics of her on “”. No way does Dorsey see the floor if Ed keeps up this pace.

Evans: word is he is getting in daily workouts. He soon come.

Gaines: Jack Jr provided a good 1-2 punch early with Bayless, but Jay went away from it. While not blown away, you have to admit that Gaines has shown some quick gains. (get it?)

Johnson: close to a double double but a quiet one. If Liston had a stat for that, I’m sure Amir would be at the top of the league. Factor in the wage he is getting paid for it and he’d be in another hemisphere.

Kleiza: out again and, strangely enough, his stat line is pretty similar to when he plays.

Stojakovic: the next time there is a demonstration downtown protesting rat bastards, they will carry placards showing the mug of Mr. Stojakovic.

Weems: right, so here’s the thing: that guy who was stuck on a mountain and cut his arm off to save himself? Well, you could star in the NBA version of that story because you are hanging on by a thread.

Wright: he is the king of the little things. While he was far from a game changer, he made (and stopped) plays in th first half that gave us a glimmer of hope. Can’t ask for much more against the best team in the league.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

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43 Responses to “Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Spurs Jan 19”

  1. WhatWhat

    Bargnani’s looking like an embryo in a game full of men. Still a huge improvement over last game though…

      • JamesJ

        I read that Barg had to ice his knees a lot prior to games and practices for this road trip. But still, it’s really unexcusable for him to be chucking up shot after shot after shot. Given that yes he isn’t 100% healthy, but if he isn’t making jumpers than he should do something else. Like Rautins in the game, put the ball on the floor, drive, get to the free throw line, ANYTHING. But nope, even with his bum knees stubborn Barg continued to throw up shot after shot.

  2. Theswirsky

    New starting line up of


    Bargs, Barbossa, Bayless, (fill in the blank for anyone else) off the bench

    Will still lose games, but atleast the future looks a lot brighter that way.

    • Balls of Steel

      Wow, I can only fantasize about that line-up. Lots of losses but growing together can mean magic down the line.

    • JamesJ

      We can only wish for that to happen unfortuneately. It seems like Barg will get guaranteed starting minutes no matter how poor of an effort he puts forth defensively in games. He’s been starting for the past 3 seasons so taking him out of that starting lineup may just demotivate him completely.

      Not to mention the fact that that starting lineup would be pretty questionable on the offensive end :T Jose is a great playmaker but I’m not really what he can do with that lineup besides giving Demar the ball for an open jumper/drive or a P+R w/ Amir.

  3. Garmstro

    Wow could you imagine this team with a franchise SF how great that might be? Demar is blossoming, Davis will get there, especially next year when he actually has the chance to prepare for a new NBA season after all of the experience he is gaining. This could be a great trio if we could get the likes of Perry Jones or Terrence Jones. Things look exciting for next year, don’t put so much worry about what you see this year, just enjoy the development!

    • Mediumcore

      Off the top of my head, I can only think of 3 guys that can currently be called “Franchise SF” and those are LBJ, Melo and a now aging Paul Peirce…seems like it’s a difficult position to find a franchise type of player. Maybe it’s just the A.D.D., but I can’t really think of any other franchise SF’s from any recent era either…

  4. Buddahfan

    Duncan: Barely a double double and a quiet one. If Liston had a stat for that, I’m sure The HOF player would want to know what the name of the player was who was guarding him.

  5. Buddahfan

    I was watching NatGeo.TV last night and the show was about the building during the Roman empire and how incredibly strong the workers had to be to move the white marble from Carrara to Rome and then use it to build the magnificent buildings.

    I guess the descendants of the Romans are not nearly as strong as the their ancestors.

  6. Statement

    I’ve made my thoughts on Bargs known on this forum, but I’m not gonna slag the guy. I just feel bad for him now.

    I wish Triano would sit him more though.

  7. marquesjohnson

    What I really have trouble comprehending is how Bargs the last two games has got away with what was bringing him success, mixing up the down low with the pop outside and driving and drawing fouls. The last two games r like last year, hanging out around the 3 point line. What bugs me is not his poor shooting, all players go through slumps, it is his lack of understanding as to what has brought him offensive success and to fall into bad habbits and worse, how the hell does Triano let it happen, send him down low and tell the guards to get it to him low or leave his ass on the bench. BTW, Bayless is so out of control and useless how anyone sees potential in him is beyond me.

  8. Balls of Steel

    Okafor, 12 offensive rebounds. Blair, 8 offensive rebounds. The team was -11 in total rebounds against the Spurs.

  9. hateslosing

    Anyone Else starting to get the feeling that we need to make a choice between Demar and Bargs? I mean, you can only have so many players that are good offensively and don’t play defense. I think you move Bargs at the end of the year, after his BYC is up and give the keys to Demar and Ed. It’s easier to win with a 2-guard who’s bad defensively than a center who doesn’t help well.

    • JamesJ

      I totally agree with the last sentence you wrote. Since our backcourt isn’t exactly known for premium defence, it’s essential for the center (or just a big tbh) to be good at the defensive end, or at least put forth some effort in contesting shots.

      In hindsight, I do wish that BC had traded Barg during the period where he was absolutely on fire offensively (game that stands out – Knicks game) for a defensive veteran big to teach these defensive-deficient children how to play D. But of course, this is all in hindsight and I would’ve gotten alot of shit for it had I mentioned it then (even now I think I will :]).

      I am a Barg fan but it’s really, really, REALLY hard to look past the fact that practically all the rebounds he receives are literally just the ones that happened to fall in his hands.

      BTW: What do you mean by “BYC”? :T

  10. Valit

    5 things we learned tonight

    1. SA is a joy to watch and I truly hope we can see them in the NBA final. Very classy organization
    2. Bayless may be quick and gutsy but court vision he has not and that is very scary for a PG
    3. Calderon can spread the ball; problem is most of our guys are offensively challenged.
    4. For God’s sake please stop comparing Bargnani with Dirk. That train left the station years ago..
    5. I cant understand why Andreea is so afraid of contact..he can be soo much better…. They should pummel him in practice to get used to..

    All in all a good effort and lots of hope for next year. Kudos to Calderon who looks like the lost conductor on the Titanic but keeps fighting. He actually seems the only guy that is having smart conversations with Triano and PJ during the games

    • Jackie Moon

      #5 – My high school team had a drill for that. It was a regular lay-up line, but my coach stood under the hoop with a rugby rucking pad. You knew the contact was coming. That coach was a tough dude. If Triano is reading this, I will volunteer to stand under the basket – until it’s Dorsey’s turn. Someone can sub me out.

  11. draftedraptor

    Does Bargnani know anything besides that silly fake from 3point range and if contact fails one step inwards to attempt the same ole jump shot? Even the biased raptors commentator (Devlin?) shut himself up after a while. (Not the annoying Armstrong who has professed his man love for Bargnani several times on live television. Not Leo Rautins) Why did he keep taking shots like that? Can someone in the team (hint : Bayless) step up and tell him to stop attempting jump shots, pass more, get involved inside and help your guards better. There is a reason no top team has a weak center. Get Bargnani on the bench for the rest of the road games. Start with Dorsey, Johnson, Wright, Calderon with Davis, Bayless and Bargs coming off the bench. give him minutes based on his performance.

    I was impressed with Derozan’s performance on both ends of the floor. He matched Ginobili with his quickness, defense, steals, FTs. Still has to work on some areas but he has age on his side.

  12. Stu Jackson

    Short memories a week ago Bargs was the main man, give them a year or two for the team to get to know each other before any major youth trades.


      Give them a year or two? Get to know each other? What BC “team” (more accurately clusterbleep) has been together for more than 15 minutes, dude?

  13. sergio_valente

    I think Triano needs to shorten Bargnani’s leash big time. While he can definitely be a focal point offensively when he’s on, when his shot isn’t falling and he isn’t taking it inside, watching him play is almost sickening. He just gives up too much on the defensive end. He’d be a 6th man of the year candidate off bench, and I think a Davis/Johnson front court would be scary as both of them get better.

    Really liked what I saw from DeRozan for most of the game. He played a great two way game. When his jumper’s falling he can be really dangerous…

    • Sek99

      Totally agree. Start off strong with defense and bring Bargs off the bench. I’d switch Kleiza out too and bring in Barbosa. That way it’d be balanced, and Bargnani could be the focal point on offence off the bench. It seems that when we try and get him going/he starts heating up, everyone sort of disappears. The only problem is that Colangelo has no problems admitting and righting his mistakes, except when it comes to Bargs. He’ll fire Mitchell (one year removed form coach of the year remember) in a minute, even though Triano didn’t do much better with a more talented roster the next year, and trade just about anyone who isn’t Bargs whose had about a string of 3 poor games or so. The guy refuses to admit that Bargs is never gonna be the type of guy a team should be built around. Made the same mistake with Bosh, hope we don’t see that whole fiasco again.

  14. Sek99

    Since the Nets said they aren’t gonna trade for Melo anymore (could be just a media ploy though), does anyone else think we should go for Favours and picks for Bargnani and Barbosa or some other combination? That ruskys willing to get any sort of talent on the roster, and hearing what they were willing to give up for Melo, I don’t think they’d be that much against acquiring Bargnani. Favours could play as an undersized C and develop along with Davis, DD, Amir and our other young guys. Besides, with this move we would definetely fall out of playoff contention and go into full rebuilding mode, which I think would benefit the team in the long run opposed to the 8 or 9th pick we’re on our way to getting right now.

    Just to let everyone know, I thought about this well before the game, so this isn’t a knee jerk reaction to Bargs terrible play tonight. Just feel like people say Favours has the potential to be great, which I think its fair to say Bargs never will. Also, even if Favours becomes a bust, we’ll be on our way to some higher picks, which Bargs occasional 30 points a night keep us from getting.

  15. JamesJ

    What’s with the shitting on Amir Johnson no what he does in a game? What the hell’s a “quiet” double-double? Should Amir be growling when he’s grabbing rebounds and screaming when he’s scoring? Just because he got signed to that obscenely large contract (which probably wasn’t the best signing..) this off-season, doesn’t mean that you should be expecting a triple-double from Amir every game, or I guess to your expectations, have so-called “loud” games. BC probably signed him to be an asset for the future, Amir is still young and has potential and imo plays with the most heart in the Raptor squad.

  16. Aaron8007

    The raptors fans are so short sighted. The word to describe raptors fans is INSTANT GRATITUTE. Rome wasn’t built over night and the raptors are in the first year of a re-tooling. Andrea probably doesn’t play if the raptors had lots of quality bigs. His play has been bad the last two games but not suprising when he battling a knee injure. Good game by Derozan. Give these guys two more years add in a big draft pick and a good FA signing and the raptors should improve.

    • Theswirsky

      Its not like he just stopped trying the last two games.

      Its the exact thing people have been complaining about since day 1. All O, no D no rebounding no effort.

      No one is expecting the Raps to win… I don’t think people are upset by the loss. Its the play of their supposed star, the guy getting the most minutes, shots, and usage. The guy that gets playing time no matter what.

  17. John N

    Forget the names Spurs 35-6 and 15-2 at home, Rap’s 13-28 going in, can’t recall a bigger mismatch vs Rap’s this year.
    Result, Spurs 2 more FG’s, 1 more 3ptFG, 4 more FT’s and 9 more points. A great effort by the Rap’s with an expected result vs the best team in the NBA thru this point in ths season.

    With Andrea struggling with his offense, the 3rd, 4th, 5th scorers, and best rebounder all out with injurys, and playing 15 starting line-ups so far, vs the Spurs 42 games with the same starting line-up,a great effort to be in the game at all.

    Without Bargnani scoring an average of 25pts in 12 wins, the Rap’s have won 1 game, so far, and are not likely to win any more.

  18. Cito Knickz

    i’m wasn’t blaming andrea for the lost…just can”t stand how lazy this guy is anymore…bc seems to really only care that bargnani can score 20ppg judging from his interview with rod black last week…he seemed so proud that his son is scoring over 20 a game

  19. Mediumcore

    Regarding all the posts about how many offensive rebounds we’re giving up with Bargnani guarding opposing bigs….guess that answers everyone whom was questioning Triano’s decision to start Reggie over Amir at the beginning of the season. I’d say Reggie’s presence could have netted us atleast a couple of wins more than what we currently have.

    Does anyone know when he is scheduled to return? I hope there is enough time to show case his skills before the trade deadline.


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