Blazers 102, Raptors 96 – Box

If this was a soccer game it probably would’ve ended in a well-deserved tie with both sides netting a point. The Raptors were good throughout, great at times and looked to have the upper-hand in the fourth quarter, but as is the norm around these parts, when a stop was needed it was nowhere to be found. The tormentor once again came from the power forward spot, this time in the form of LaMarcus Aldridge, a much different player than DeJuan Blair but far more dangerous. Aldridge’s determination to carry the Blazers on his back in the face of Jerryd Bayless’ three-point assault proved too much for the Raptors, who fought valiantly and ended up just short.

This was a showcase for the class of 2006 with Bargnani (29pts, 6reb, 10-17FG) and Aldridge (37pts, 10reb, 14-25FG) going at each other, the latter undoubtedly powered by an All-Star snub. Dante Cunningham was the man guarding Bargnani for most of the game, and for a change Bargnani made the opponent consistently pay the price of having a shorter defender on him. He was money with his jumpshot for most of the game and had some very good defensive sequences against Aldridge, mostly in one-on-one situations. Ninety percent of the Blazers offense originates on the left wing with a pick ‘n roll between Miller and Aldridge, or with an Aldridge post-up. Bargnani played both adequately and his interior rotations were rarely tested, which is good.

No Amir Johnson meant Ed Davis got the start and you had to like what you saw again. Nothing flashy or brilliant, just a solid 13 rebounds in 28 minutes, on the down side he got outmuscled by Aldridge which was to be expected. The job Davis and Dorsey did was commendable, the two were a constant nuisance on the glass for the Blazers and did well to congest the paint enough for Miller and the other guards to kick-out, which is when the Raptors’ wings nicked their steals.

How crazy would it sound if I said the defense was actually decent relative to the pathetic standard. The Blazers shot 60% in the first quarter, were at 56% by halftime and finished the game at 54%. Nothing about that previous sentence speaks of good defense but such was the case for many parts of this game. The Raptors’ man-defense was excellent, I’ve already mentioned the bigs, there was also DeRozan who seems to be getting at least a couple deflections a game. The problems were Barbosa who could not stick with Rudy Fernandez in the first half and got lit up more than a doobie at Woodstock. Jose Calderon conceded a crucial late drive for an And1 against Miller, and Jerryd Bayless was nothing short of embarrassed by Patrick Mills in his first stint. On a side note, Bayless sure does seem like a petulant little f***er. I don’t mind.

So I guess what I’m saying is that if our point guard defense was even remotely decent, we’d have won this game. What also makes no sense is Sonny Weems playing 35 minute and Julian Wright playing only 5. Weems went 5-10 with 2 rebounds, didn’t get to the line, and was a non-factor in the game. Yet, Wright only managed to play 5 minutes in a game where the Blazers were shoot at a 54% clip. The only explanation I can muster up is that the Raptors want to get a final look at Weems and see if he’s worth hanging on to for next year. After all, we already know what Wright can bring to the team, Weems has been more or less of an unknown and the performances he’s putting up might seal his fate in Toronto.

The deficit was 8 at the half and it appeared the Blazers would slowly pull away because of their transition offense which appeared a bit too quick for the Raptors. Calderon (10 assists) was doing his thing in transition as well, hitting people in the perfect stride, seeing passes that even the TV viewer couldn’t see, it just felt that the Blazers, much like the Spurs, weren’t firing on all cylinders. Surprisingly, the third was the Raptors’ best defensive quarter as they held the Blazers to 41% shooting. The halftime speech had to have also addressed how the Blazers’ zone should be handled, something Bayless had immense trouble with in the first half. The Blazers rely a lot on interior passing in heavy traffic, and the Raptors anticipated and pressured well enough to force turnovers leading to points. They also turned the table on the Blazers by supplying their own backcourt pressure as well, something Portland had had success with earlier in the game.

Stuck two entering the fourth, this had become a game and the first sniff of a win was given by Jerryd Bayless, who decided he’d just start shooting. He hit three threes, practically from the same spot and all followed by a glare to the Blazer bench, none of whom remembered who he exactly was. The Raptors surged ahead by as many as 7 with 6:39 left. The patient Blazers didn’t budge from their offensive stance, they dumped it down to Aldridge and worked it from there. Either he delivered or the movement was good enough for them to get open shots. Nicolas Batum’s three was massive and as I already mentioned, so was a crucial Andre Miller drive against Jose Calderon right down the middle.

The Raptors offense didn’t exactly die, they kept scoring thanks to Bargnani’s stellar play, the problem was that they could not get a defensive stop. In the final quarter, they only managed to stop the Blazers from scoring on a total of five possessions! Of those five possessions, two were turnovers and two came in the final 52 seconds when the game was over. Either the Blazers got to the foul line, got an offensive rebound or simply scored. I don’t care how efficient an offense is or how good it’s got Bayless and Bargnani going in the fourth, it’s damn near impossible to overcome defensive futility of this kind.

Taking an evaluative approach, DeMar DeRozan stands out. He had a very nifty fade on the right baseline which was nowhere to be found two months ago. A fake inside followed by a spin towards the baseline, finished off by a silky jumper. There’s definitely progress and he’s also grown in confidence to the point where there’s no hesitation in launching the jumper. The release-point is more consistent, he’s much more vertical, and the follow-through happens every time. Eric Hughes needs a raise.

Raptors get closer to a top pick, play hard, we see good games from Bargnani, DeRozan and Davis, and even a pretty good shooting spell from Bayless. What more do you want?

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  • Boomer

    So much better a recap than AltRaps

    • AwesomeGuest

      Lol all AltRaps tries to do is be funny, Arsenalist is actually a good writer.

  • wienermobile89

    What more do I want? How about getting A-Dub back on the Roll Call – it’s my favourite thing on RR.

    • wienermobile89

      Oops, I meant AltRaps, or really whoever dishes the low blows after bad losses. It’s always good to see someone shares my disgust.

    • Borntobewild

      If they are getting rid of roll call, i dont really see a reason to keep visiting this site. Articles about the games can be found anywhere, the roll call is only unique thing on this site that makes it worth visiting.

      • pdjjw

        What happened to civility? I can think of a dozen reasons why there’s no Roll Call for the game that don’t involve getting rid of them entirely. Why not ask what’s up before slagging everything else in the site?

      • Guest

        So, all you guys want are short, sarcastic, toilet-humour articles instead of these in-depth ones? Something to help aid your little ADD minds from wandering I suppose. Nothing unique? How ’bout Statophile and Gameday?

        • wienermobile89

          There’s that, or the fact that it provides a brief and often humorous recap of the game, and goes up sooner allowing everyone who visits this site to discuss what happened with other fans before they go to bed (full recaps aren’t usually up until the next day – after I’ve already digested the game and have my mind on other things). It also leads to fun/stupid conversations about who should be driving the bus and who should be under it – the silly kind of thing you’d argue about with someone you’re watching the game with. I seriously don’t get why you wan’t to shit on people who like the Roll Call.

  • Webcrawler89

    I miss the Roll Calls…But this was a good write-up. Pretty much agree with all that you said.

  • CA

    Great write-up indeed. Refreshing, and no cynicism at all, I especially enjoyed the last paragraph. Well done.

  • jhp

    I think they were entertaining and from all acounts it was a good crowd. I’m glad nobody got hurt and the beat rolls on. Very good write up and I think the writer’s upbeat tempo should be commended. Now we just have to make the most of the draft!!

  • EuroPussy

    Hahahaha the last possesion was great!!!
    WHY DD HAD THE LAST THREE POINT SHOT??? DD is simply miserable for 3 pts shooting, why not Bargs or Calderon or Barbosa or Bayless or my granma or Trianos brother or….
    Triano you’r the brain!!!!

  • NZ Raptor

    Nice write up so much better than the roll calls.

  • RenaldoSugarbush

    I feel sorry for Triano, it looked like he was going to have a stroke in the last 90 seconds. Being a coach of a young team is going to make him old before his time.

    • smushmush

      but the Triano guy too can not draw plays out of timeouts – it is usually a turnover or some forced long 2 point shot from Barbosa, Bargs or Weems (notice they are the huge ball hogs of this team with inefficiency to boot lmao) lol. ugh. sigh.

  • Aaron

    Wright got lit up by fernandez in the first half. Look at the highlights rudy hit 4 straight threes on wright. If wright isn’t playing good defense then there’s no reason to have him on the floor.

  • Buschfire

    the 5 minutes that Julian Wright were on he actually played pretty bad, don’t get me wrong i’m a big fan of Mr. Wright, but last night was not his night and I think Triano saw that thats why he played so little in my opinion… he kept leaving Rudy Fernandez open to go on that 8 for 8 stretch…

    • Alex Taylor

      Agreed, he goes under a screen, Rudy hits… He flops doing the same thing the next time, trying to draw a foul… Rudy hits… He needs to just stay with him… amazingly they switch Weems onto him, I’m thinking ‘oh yeah, that’s going to help’ … but it actually did, he just went over that Aldridge screen and stayed with Rudy, no more threes

  • jimmie

    “The only explanation I can muster up is that the Raptors want to get a final look at Weems and see if he’s worth hanging on to for next year.”

    Yep, and this is why folks shouldn’t be hating so much on how players are being used for the rest of this season, or hating on Triano’s rotations, etc.. It’s all about evaluation. They’re not “tanking”, but they’re not going all out to win games, either, at the expense of figuring out who has long-term value to the team.

    My money is on Money Weems playing his way off this team by the end of the season. He’s been seriously peak-and-valley since he came back from injury. Ajinca is gone. Alabi is end-of-bench fodder who might get a longer look next season. Joey is history (or else he’d be getting a lot more burn right now).

    It seems to me that the locks to be back next year are Demar, Amir, Davis, and Andrea. Anyone else needs to show something this season or they’re expendable. That’s probably the closest you are going to get to players being ‘disciplined’ for poor play. Benching them isn’t the answer; letting them know they’re playing for a future job is much better motivation.

    • KJ-B

      I’ll stick to my guns and say #7 gets traded at the draft when hope springs eternal… Amir might get moved to a contender at the deadline for a package with Jose, don’t be surprised, this next couple of weeks should be historic in regards to movement with so much about to change with the CBA running out (i.e. league-wide Melo-Drama)…

      There will be bargain basement deals/contract-sheddin’ aplenty; which might be why Weems is playing, he’s probably a throw-in a few complicated cap-deal scenarios…only to be waved upon acquisition–which is would confirm my opinion across the L that Weems is not suited to be an NBA at this point in his career…hopefully, he can pull an Anthon Parker and come back over between 27-30 a better all around player whose outgrown those YMCA tendencies… Julian will always find some bench somewhere because of his stifling D and team 1st mentality…

  • PeaceDawg

    My problem with this Julian Wright love is it as misplaced as Sarah Palin’s patriotism. His free throw shooting is abysmal and his defence is just okay.


      Your “problem” is perspective…. if the Raps are the desert you’ve been in for 16 years, Julian is a glass of water. Big enough for me to take a swim? No. Tastes like the greatest glass of water ever? You better believe it.

      That’s the problem with stats as well. Say this Raps version plays their best game (you know, like they told us at start of the year -everyone av. double doubles), if Julian plays one play and gets the game winning block, how do you feel about him or his free throw shooting?

  • Junior Maurice

    The Roll Call has to come back i checked the website 3 times after the game i was disappointed i did not see any roll call for the past 2 games :(

  • Shee

    Best part of the game, besides Bargs and Bayless getting buckets late that put us close to a win, was Jack saying “Im about to pop a MGD” a minute into the game, cuz of the turnovers…

  • Ed

    Who the hell is the Blazer in the background of the pic with 2 teeth and a zombie face?

    • Joe

      Man, that’s of the funniest pictures I have seen. Bayless, Zombie face and Bargnani raising his hands to surrender in yet another defeat. Picture of the year so far.

    • smushmush

      that is dante cunningham. decent player at the forward spot.

  • Cito Knickz

    good game, just wished dd touched the ball more in the second half

  • CalgaryRapsFan

    The two-headed monster of the funny/sarcastic Roll Call and a solid all-around Game Recap like this article, is what I loved the most about RR! Not just one or the other, but both, because they compliment each other so well! BRING BACK ROLL CALL!!!

    • Guest

      Whenever I read the Roll Calls, they’re practically always negative. And when they aren’t, you guys don’t like it. It seems like you guys just want to read something negative and hateful to fufill your feelings of negativity and hatred.

      I dunno. But it just seems kind of pathetic.

  • Cal


  • Bendit

    I see flashes of Kobe inspired moves by DD. Wonder if their off season sessions are having an effect.

  • EuroPussy

    Cannot believe that someone write Kobe and DD together in the same phrase.

    • Nilanka15

      Actually, DeMar has been working on mimicking a lot of Kobe’s moves…

  • Balls of Steel

    Man, the photo at the top says it all. Bayless down low trying to score while the center is flailing his arms in the perimeter as a vain attempt to be recognized as an outside scoring option. They’re right, height isn’t everything in the NBA.

  • BC&JayHave2Go!!

    Another game showing that BC made the wrong selection back in 2006. Aldridge (whom Bosh wanted) & Bosh or Bargnani (whom BC wanted) & Bosh? How can any basketball mind pair Bosh, a skinny finesse 4, up with a lethargic 7ft shooting guard masquerading as a NBA center?

    A top pick in another projected weak draft ala 2006? The Lottery is a gamble just look at a perennial Lottery team like Minnesota- full of top 10 selected Lottery players and still losing big time. This high draft pick in exchange for losing (due to BC’s lack of foresight) propaganda just buys BC & crew more time to spin Raptor related particulars in the media to the fans. If BC is still the Rap’s GM come draft time & he selects another foreign player in the 2011 NBA draft (Enes Kanter, Donatas Motiejunas) I will stop watching them altogether.

    As well, player evaluations should have taken place in the pre season (sans Ed) not during the regular season. And if this is truely a rebuilding season why isn’t Ed playing more minutes? DeMar started last season even if he was just a token starter. The Rap’s were much more entertaining to watch win or lose in the Salami & Cheese-SMitchell era. BC has changed the whole culture of Raptor basketball apart from wins & losses into an expansion Franchise for Stern’s future European NBA division all the while deceiving the good Raptor fans who just want a real NBA team to support.

    The Canadian head coach coaching Canada’s team theme is marketing 101 and insulting to any real basketball purist who supports the Rap’s. Jay has been given more chances the Sam ever got under BC- I guess that’s why Jack called Jay a “company man”. Company man =’s a sellout to the fans as Jay just regurgitates whatever BC consensusizes whether it be player rotations or post game balderdash it all comes from BC- one mind. Under BC the Rpa’s are packaged to fans from BC svengali controlled game announcers, news media reporters to present an image not reality as any intelligent fan can see that the Rap’s have fell apart under BC back into Babcock era territory.

    Some people surprise me how easily they accept BC’s brainwashing via the media spins. If BC would have gotten something better in return for Bosh or used the Bosh TPE like Utah use their Boozer TPE to replace their departing star (Boozer) with another top line PF (Jefferson) as not to leave a hole in the roster. All the “we will go into the luxury tax to keep Bosh & acquire another quality player” talk BC did in the media when he knew Bosh was leaving is just a slice of his lying, deceiving nature.

    Jack promotes alcohol too much- kids are watching not to mention that alcohol, although legal, it is still a poison. Too much of anything makes you an addict.

    BC, Jay aka Company Man & Gheradi(sp) continue to piss on us and call it rainwater- wake up fans!

    • Toshmon

      Ed davis didn’t have the conditioning to play as many minutes as you suggest.

      be patient hes going to play a lot more soon.

    • TRX

      (2010) Chris Bosh: 6’11, 235lbs
      35.5%, 19.9%, 15.6%, 27.1% of FGA at the rim, <10ft, 10-15ft, 16-23ft
      9.9 ORR, 25.2 DRR, 17.7 TRR

      (2011) LaMarcus Aldridge: 6'11, 240lbs
      38.3%, 22.3%, 13.1%, 24.6% of FGA at the rim, <10ft, 10-15ft, 16-23ft
      10.7, ORR, 17.4 DRR, 13.8 TRR

      … Yeah, I can see why you think they'd compliment each other. It's not like they're basically the same player, right?

      • BC&JayHave2Go!!

        And that proves exactly what my friend?

        I believe that a Bosh/Aldridge pairing would have been far more superior to the Bosh/Bargnani paring that we’ve witnessed under BC.

        The simple fact that they (CB/LA) both rebound and play hard it is not that hard to imagine them on the court playing together- especially paired with a 6’10 sf in Charlie V at the time. Not to mention LA has filled out w/ muscles- moreso than Barg’s in comparison over 5 years.

        No, they are not the same player unless you mean NBA all star

        I just hope that MLSE has the balls to kick BC, Jay to the curb and rebuild this Raptor team anew ie trading Barg’s & Jose.

        • Pesterm1

          looks at bargs his rookie year, he has definetly put on ALOT of weight. its not easy to put on muscle man. Ill bet you Andrea Benches more the Aldrige…

    • ANS

      Just let it go, that draft was weak to begin with, Aldridge, like Bargnani, is not a franchise player. Had we selected Aldridge instead, we would still be at the same place we are today, maybe a 3 game improvement. Some Raptors fans overrate this guy..

      • Anon

        true. had david mofockin stern not raised the draft eligibility age that season, we would have drafted durant.

        i actually had joakim noah at # 1 that year. too bad he didnt enter the draft.

        • cesco

          NO , we would have got Oden and his arthritics knees .

      • pran

        I think it would be unfair to let BC go before seeing what he does this offseason,his biggest mistakes have been his free agent signings, where he has failed to sign talent that fits in with this team, 1 chance left….

      • BC&JayHave2Go!!

        I will not let it go until BC is gone.

        Gay just hit a game winner a few games ago against us & now LA comes into the TDot and just abuses the Rap’s. I never wanted Barg’s in Toronto in the 1st place because he was another jump shooting finesse player on the roster and we already had a finesse big man or 2 (Bosh, Charlie V- who was traded for TJ).

        **Newsflash** this 2011 NBA draft is being projected by experts as weak one as well. Barnes, PJones, TJones, Irving, Kanter, Montiejunas (sp), Sullinger & DWilliams all being mention as possible #1 picks and overall top 5 potential.

        Aldridge is a Franchise player in my mind as he has put PO on his back and is carrying them to a current playoff berth in the tough West w/o Oden & with Camby, Roy & Pryzbilla missing large portions of the season. Did you not watch him last night?lol He willed PO to a win over TO- a game that a well coached TO team could have very easily won.

        If we had selected Aldridge who knows what would have happened there is no telling how well him and Bosh would have grown together (**under Sam)- especially since they work out together in the summer- chemistry, something Bosh & Bargnani lacked. Plus LA has filled out his body very well he made Ed Davis look like an extra skinny big man and made Barg’s body look less than in comparison.

        • CJ

          Weak draft in that after Irving and Perry Jones, there’s a large falloff, with just some nice players, but not great ones. One of those two guys can make a big difference on any team.

          • smushmush

            I am scared of Perry Jones though – I just think he is another athletic freak that might never be a basketball player and could be a huge project a la Anthony Randolph or joe Alexander. Big red flag to me. We have enough projects on this team(DD, Bargs, Ajinca and Alabi), I don’t think we need one more project lol.

          • BC&JayHave2Go!!

            Irving has been hurt all season. Plus PJones isn’t any better than TJones (the guy I want to see in the TDot).

            Ohio St PF Sullinger is currently projected at #1 by

            There is no clear cut 1 or top 2 players. It’s a group of 8 that I listed above as of now (Kanter knee issues) that experts are touting but players could still rise or fall especially with March Madness coming up. Also, individual/group pre draft workouts may change everything.

            Not to mention that the NBA may strike/lock-out the players so there might not even be a next season or full season stunting said Raptor’s draftee growth even more as well Ed & DeMar’s ie no summer league/training camp.

            @ Pesterm1

            BC has been here for 5 years and you still want to wait on his potential future gambles to work out- hopefully soon?lol How’s the kool-aid, buddy? Don’t worry about me worry about the Rap’s under BC w/ Jay as the head coach. But Jay’s Canadian let’s give him a fair chance as he’s only been a head coach of the Rap’s going on 3 years (2 training camps preaching defense) save 17 games. Sam fired at 8-9. Rap’s are currently 14-40.

            • CJ

              So what if he’s been hurt all season, Irving has been #1 on ESPN’s power rankings all year, but just recently, P Jones passed him for top spot. Sullinger is 1st on maybe 1 mock draft site, and that’s because he’s the most NBA ready.

              By the way, we get it, you want BC and JT to go, just don’t let it affect your livelihood.

              • BC&JayHave2Go!!

                So what if he’s been injured all season?lol What if he can’t workout for you predraft? Do you take Brandon Knight (Kentucky) or the best player? Btw- ESPN is political like a mofo’er.

                I have seen JSullinger #1 on a few sites but BC doesn’t need another PF- does he?lol As well, Barnes was media hyped up going into NC- and? He may struggle to go top 10 if he declares.

                Depending on what pick the Rap’s get in the Lottery- most likely a top 3-5 pick, we can better guess on who may go where. That being said this is a weak draft- no Blake’s ie instant impact players.

                In my mind Terrence Jones is the perfect fit for Toronto as a SF.

                In 2012, Jordan Brand Classic selectee, Tony Wroten 6’4 (Seattle) will most likely declare if he goes off at the University of Washington next season and his pg skills (vision, passing ability, dribbling) are already NBA ready. His aunt is Joyce Walker (LSU) the 1st female Harlem Globetrotter & argubally the best women’s player ever works him out on the daily.

                Don’t worry about my livelihood, buddy- you need to to stop drinking BC’s kool aid.

                • CJ

                  Lol, I never defended either of them, hows your reading comprehension there bud?

                  BTW pre-draft workouts are a loooong way away, he’ll be fine by then lol….stop playing the what-if game.

                • cesco

                  hey idiot we’re drafting kyrie, end of story.

                • CJ

                  Love it, +10000000.

        • smushmush

          Thank you to the guy above. I have been saying it – BC, Jay Triano, MG and Bargs have to go if we ever wish to compete in the NBA and have decent defense. I will keep on saying it too but it will look as if I am appealing to deaf ears. If I could get thesame salary as an extension for 5 more years(a reward in my eyes) for a shoddy job done by BC(I can do what he did too – basically he just kicks the Raptors organization to the curb by trading for pieces that don’t fit and turning over the roster every year), that will be a perfect world but we live in reality. I am also tired of this Italian connection in the organization – guys it is not everything you have to run as a mafia gang ugh lol. sigh.

          • Pesterm1

            When one of BC’s gambles work out then im sure you will feel alot differently. Im confident one will eventually pay off. I like that BC swings for the fences, it makes things exciting and it hopefully will work out(hopefully soon) lol

            • Joe

              Sure, it may work, and it may not. Yup, let’s give him another 5 year extension, to see if it is gonna work. Well, if it does not – let’s extend him for another 5. As you said, one of his gambles may turn out, never know.

              Do past 5 years give you any reason to be an optimist as far as BryCo is concerned? Do we need a gambler or a GM with a plan/strategy?

        • Pesterm1

          Man relax, these feelings your having arnt normal…. you just seem way to mad over all this. Im worried for you, please dont do anything foolish.

          • pran

            its easy to feel ripped off after what bc’s done, but it would be unfair to not see if he can make the correct moves this summer w/o the whole bosh franchise tag, if he can’t then he has to go. I will argue that he has netted us back some interesting prospects for nothing(bayless ,johnson) so he’s not completely useless……

            • Joe

              I like when people say…”oh, wait let’s see if BryCo can fix this mess up”. He’s been doing that since day one — fixing self-created messes. Sort of like those psycho fire fighters from the Hollywood movies, setting fires and then putting heroic effort to extinguish them.

              I guess, that’s what is keeping him employed.

              • pran

                hindsights a beautiful thing isn’t it? Im not saying that you weren’t complaining when he made some of his mistakes….oh wait I am.

            • Bo

              Wait until the summer before giving him an extension? Doesn’t BC’s contract expire at the end of THIS season? If he’s re-signed, it’ll be before the summer offseason. I think the moves he makes at the trade deadline is a better litmus test of what we should do with him.

              • pran

                as long as he doesn’t do something crazy, like sign nash I think we have to give him the extension to see what he’s capable of.

    • KJ-B

      Apparently, in defense of the fact as I’m not a Colangelo apologist and want Rogers to send him packin’, I will say for the record that he offered Bosh, whose skillset Phil has openly adored, for Bynum but you can see the Lakers’ evaluation of him in that they won’t even trade him for Carmelo… Which I think will prove to be a mistake with his injury history–that’s quite a dice to roll on potential with Kobe24 sliding down faster than Charles Barkley can dunk a timbit!

    • Pesterm1

      Take a breath dude…

  • LeeZ

    I too am perplexed about Wright playing so few minutes (or in the case of the game agains the Spurs, so few seconds). But he didn’t help himself last night when he inexplicably sagged off Fernandez (yeah, the same Fernandez who had just hit 73 straight three pointers or something like that) to offer help to the low post defender. The ball, of course, got kicked back out to Rudy, who was wide open to shoot (and make) the three. When your man is red hot, you let someone ELSE help down low. You stick to your man. Full stop.

  • Rapthoseleafs

    [” He (Bayless) hit three threes, practically from the same spot and all followed by a glare to the Blazer bench, none of whom remembered who he exactly was.

    I loved this line.

  • Balls of Steel

    I would love for Blake Griffin to posterize Bargs the way he did it on Mozgov and Gallinari with a dash of Vince Carter on Fredric Weiss. I need a new wallpaper on my laptop please.

    • smushmush

      unfortunately, Bargs will move away once he sees Blake coming in with force like the red sea which means a posterization of Bargs by Blake will be really rare lol except if by some crazy chance, Blake posts Bargs up and turns around and dunk on him(a la Bosh dunk on Julian Wright last year lol) – now that will be a real poster and a Sportscenter Top 10 highlights lmao(a rookie dunking on a fairly veteran #1 pick, who would not want to see that? lol).