Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call April 3 vs Orlando Magic

We wanted it more, evidently.

The “SVG just lost his mind” edition:

Ajinca: the great underused. Some hate Jay’s timeouts, I hate his inability to see talent.

Alabi: wonder if he knows Apr 30 is tax deadline day for him now?

Barbosa: he had a better second half at his job than even a Hooters waitress working a SuperBowl party on her own. He created well, he had a silky smooth stroke and he was engaged. Fantastic game for him.

Bargnani: hey Mr. Bigstuff, here’s a thought: the next time someone says you are the anchor of this team, they may not mean you lead the squad, they just might mean you are dead weight.

Bayless: second nice game in a row. He “lucked out” by going up against 2 guards he is probably better suited to play, but he did what he rarely does and we point out ad nauseam: he played within himself and the game came to him. He mixed it up almost every time down the floor and kept the Magic honest.

Calderon: rocking the jean/jacket combo. Y’all know what that means: he’s a geek.

Davis: no denying that what looked like the rookie wall turned out to be just slippery when wet. He’s bounced back and brought this team along for the ride. Statistically not a great showing, but 3 or 4 plays were pivotal.

DeRozan: 42 minutes and it looked like he played 22. He was fresh, he had spring, he willed his guys on, shorthanded bedamned. Oh and that fist pump after getting the and-one while sitting on his ass was very Carter-esque. Just sayin.

Dorsey: mini-me couldn’t even commit his fouls right. His eyes were the size of saucers, probably remembering the first Magic game this season, but try as he might to muster up the same intensity, he was on fumes.

Evans: that screen on Nelson was epic and he knew it. That smile was bigger than an 8 year old winning a trip to Disneyland and having it all to himself. 17 rebounds and Dwight couldn’t get 10? Great night for Chiclets.

A. Johnson: too bad about Bargs, because Amir needs to coast the rest of the way. He always looks fine to start but seems to tail off as the game goes on. Time to log more minutes on the bench rather than the floor.

J. Johnson: dy-no-mite just plugs away every night. Sometimes it clicks, other times he just eats up minutes. He sort of fell in the middle tonight. He had Amir’s energy and mixed it with Sonny’s inability to really have an impact.

Kleiza: I’d love to follow this guy’s Plixi feed.

Weems: like finding something you need at Honest Ed’s, it was a rarity. Sonny played well, was talkative on the floor, and even huddled with the coaches, a much welcomed sight at a Raptors game.

Wright: yeah, well, then there’s this guy.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Joey Dorsey

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