The “SVG just lost his mind” edition:

Ajinca: the great underused. Some hate Jay’s timeouts, I hate his inability to see talent.

Alabi: wonder if he knows Apr 30 is tax deadline day for him now?

Barbosa: he had a better second half at his job than even a Hooters waitress working a SuperBowl party on her own. He created well, he had a silky smooth stroke and he was engaged. Fantastic game for him.

Bargnani: hey Mr. Bigstuff, here’s a thought: the next time someone says you are the anchor of this team, they may not mean you lead the squad, they just might mean you are dead weight.

Bayless: second nice game in a row. He “lucked out” by going up against 2 guards he is probably better suited to play, but he did what he rarely does and we point out ad nauseam: he played within himself and the game came to him. He mixed it up almost every time down the floor and kept the Magic honest.

Calderon: rocking the jean/jacket combo. Y’all know what that means: he’s a geek.

Davis: no denying that what looked like the rookie wall turned out to be just slippery when wet. He’s bounced back and brought this team along for the ride. Statistically not a great showing, but 3 or 4 plays were pivotal.

DeRozan: 42 minutes and it looked like he played 22. He was fresh, he had spring, he willed his guys on, shorthanded bedamned. Oh and that fist pump after getting the and-one while sitting on his ass was very Carter-esque. Just sayin.

Dorsey: mini-me couldn’t even commit his fouls right. His eyes were the size of saucers, probably remembering the first Magic game this season, but try as he might to muster up the same intensity, he was on fumes.

Evans: that screen on Nelson was epic and he knew it. That smile was bigger than an 8 year old winning a trip to Disneyland and having it all to himself. 17 rebounds and Dwight couldn’t get 10? Great night for Chiclets.

A. Johnson: too bad about Bargs, because Amir needs to coast the rest of the way. He always looks fine to start but seems to tail off as the game goes on. Time to log more minutes on the bench rather than the floor.

J. Johnson: dy-no-mite just plugs away every night. Sometimes it clicks, other times he just eats up minutes. He sort of fell in the middle tonight. He had Amir’s energy and mixed it with Sonny’s inability to really have an impact.

Kleiza: I’d love to follow this guy’s Plixi feed.

Weems: like finding something you need at Honest Ed’s, it was a rarity. Sonny played well, was talkative on the floor, and even huddled with the coaches, a much welcomed sight at a Raptors game.

Wright: yeah, well, then there’s this guy.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Joey Dorsey

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  • Maurice “Mo” Shats

    “Some hate Jay’s timeouts, I hate his inability to see talent.”
    I hate your persistence in thinking Ajinca should get minutes. What talent do you see? He didn’t get minutes on a terrible bobcats team when he was there, didn’t get time in Dallas when Nowitzki and Haywood were out, so why would he get minutes here? Is there something that you see that no one else sees? I’d much rather Dorsey get those minutes, at least he is a bruiser and rebounder, as opposed to a jumpshooter in Ajinca.

    • mountio

      Couldnt agree more. People harp on AB for playing 20 ft from the rim. At least he has skill and can shoot the ball – Ajinca has neither and roams at the three point line. Id much rather see Dorsey (or Alabi) play than Ajinca ..

      • Nilanka15

        I think it’s a given that Ajinca won’t be a Raptor next year. He’s probably one of the few “kids” we’ve acquired this year that has zero chance of being retained. Weems is next on the list.

    • Fire Colangelo Now!

      Amazing all the Jay lovers who defend his sitting Ajinca. Hello!!! After losing 55 games, isn’t this the period to evaluate and find whether there’s any talent in this roster. Instead of playing an offensive challenged Evans and a broken down Amir, Jay should be a good soldier and find whether Ajinca and Dorsey can play at all. But then again, what do we expect from someone fighting for his job.

      • barenakedman

        We have all seen what Ajinca brings and to say it’s been nothing special is being kind. He needs somebody to talk to him and make sure he understands that there is no place in the NBA for a poor mans Bargnani. He needs to get stronger and utilize his size under the basket at both ends of the court. Dorsey can rebound and rebound?

        • sucka

          “poor mans bargnani” ahaha

      • Maurice “Mo” Shats

        Ajinca has had plenty of opportunity, as has Dorsey. Dorsey, in my opinion, has done consistently more than Ajinca, but this is just a tallest midget debate. Neither will do much for you, but with Dorsey you know what you are getting (rebounding, hustle, defense) every time, and those three things are better than what Ajinca has been giving them (perimeter shots, terrible basketball IQ and awareness).

    • Borntobewild

      lol people on this blog do this all the time, Ajinca is the new Wright. For some reason, people try to make the scrubs look like heros…this is what happens in a 20-win season i guess

  • knickz

    i know my boy jose didn’t play but it’s pretty obvious that the raps must get rid of the italian model immeadiately!!!!!! look at the games we have played without him this year

  • WhatWhat

    We shut down the wrong players. We actually need to shut down Bayless (or bring him off the bench) and Barbosa. We need White Swan and Calderon back ASAP to finish this tank job right. We could have moved up a seed in the reverse standings with a loss.

    • Fire Colangelo Now!

      More the reason to play guys like Ajinca and Dorsey to “evaluate” whether they’ve any talent at all. If not then the tank job is nicely disguised.

  • The Rawth

    laaaaame you try too hard now to find ways of bagging bargnani. try making more interesting roll calls

  • knickz

    glad to see bayless playing good btw…been a huge fan of his for years now

  • Mediumcore

    Wasn’t able to catch the game, so thanks for the roll call.

    I’m a bit concerned though that two good games by Bayless might be all BC needs to see to sell this guy as the future PG of the team.

    • barenakedman

      Bayless is doing a pretty good job of selling himself as a legitimate starter in the league. If he keeps it up there is definitely going to be a lot of interest in him during the off season.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Which is why Bayless should have been starting about 20 games ago in order to get a better read on his overall game over a larger timeline- forget Jose feelings.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      Or sell him as a strong back-up / Shooting Guard to someone else. This last little bit of games will probably be more about shopping, or building up value.
      Bayless’ status will depend heavily on the draft. If Raps get Irving (or another top notch PG), Bayless may become the odd man out. Unless of course BC can move Jose out somewhere. With his hammy acting up again, and concern from any potential trading partner, the God of Injuries is once again dampening our future going forward.

      • Mediumcore

        I’m with you…play him all the minutes he can handle between now and the end of the season to build up any value he may have and then trade him in the off season. A couple of good games and everyone seems to forget he’s undersized, selfish, has a bad attitude, and doesn’t play within a team concept.

        • guest

          Derozen and Bayless are a much more serious backcourt threat than Derozen and Calderon. Barbosa coming in can backup either one and the three of them on the court together are a serious scoring threat. Maybe they have actually been showcasing Calderon. They already tried to trade him earlier in the season, only to have Michael Jordan decide he wasn’t worth it.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    Good win!

    Barg’s & Jose both need to go away in trades and let’s build a team full of athletic hustlers who play with heart!!!

    I must admit the Rap’s w/o Barg’s & Jose are much more enjoying to watch as they play together as a unit- no preferential treatment.

    Btw- Ed never hit the “rookie wall” that was more BC consensus talk regurgitated by the Rap’s talking heads (Matt, Jack, Jonesy, Sherm, David & Leo) in order to rationalize Reggie taking Ed’s minutes when Reggie 1st came back healthy in this so called rebuilding season (another pr spin on losing with a purpose).

  • Hoosay

    wow… wonder why it took Triano this long to get Bayless some significant minutes? Glad he got his head out of his a$$

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Jose injury is the only reason Bayless in getting major minutes in this so called by BC- rebuild year (actions speak louder than words here).

      They (BC/Jay) most likely don’t want to hurt Jose feelings as he sulks when his minutes are cut into and/or he’s not the starter.

      I remember seeing Jose go out to greet the fellas during a timeout near the end of today’s game and almost all the players except 1 walked right past him standing there trying to give them a high

      Btw- out of uniform both Calderon & Bargnani look very homely.

  • Otis Smith blew up this Orlando team for years to come. Too bad – Dwight was huge asset to build around and wow did he mess it up.
    Think of the salary commitments for a non-contending team.

    • Smushmush

      Imo, I think Orlando has peaked already with Dwight Howard and they are obviously not a championship team. Unfortunately, the knee jerk reaction when they underachieve in the playoffs this year again is to sack Stan Van Gundy – a good coach which imo is not a smart decision. Stan has been provided with a decrepit rebounding and defensive team after the trade GM Otis Smith made. Imo, the real problem here is Otis Smith – the gamble he made on that trade bringing a washed up Hedo Turkoglu (who played badly on the Toronto Raptors and “Steve Nash makes you better than you are actually are as a basketball player” Phoenix Suns were huge signs. Coincidence he played badly in both stops? Absolutely not) and another huge contract in washed up “I have lost interest in basketball and will have another underwhelming career like VC” Gilbert Arenas was a huge gamble imo and it blew up in his face.

      I see Dwight Howard leaving in 2012 and he could either be suiting up for the Los Angeles Lakers or Boston Celtics who have championship pedigrees with franchise centers (Remember Shaquille O’neal and Bill Russell?) as safe options or become a new villain by going the easy path and hitch-hiking to fierce in-state rivals in the Miami Heat. I won’t fault Dwight for leaving – he is a franchise center and deserves to bow out of the game with a ring (Some will say he is too young to be thinking about a ring but let us remember that Dwight’s game is based on athleticism which means 4-5 years shaved off his career as a typical center (Most centers’ average retiring age is 38, Dwight should be out of the league by 33-34). It is sad that Otis Smith is approaching the Danny Ferry (remember the non-trade for Amar’e Stoudemire for JJ Hickson and spare parts in LBJ’s last year with the Cleveland Cavaliers?) and BC (no elite wing in Bosh’s 7 years here – Salmons slipped for unknown reasons, could have gotten Brandon Roy or Rudy Gay in 2006 draft or gone the safe pick way (remember Bosh lobbying BC to draft Lamarcus Aldridge then? and let us not think Lamarcus Aldridge was not going to be as good as he is now, he came from a good program in Texas (Kevin Durant?) for god sakes! instead of drafting Bargs – an enigma) territory in being unable to surround their superstars with adequate help (By the way, the Dallas Mavericks GM needs to be sacked too, all those years with a superstar in Dirk and no legit help on the wings who shows up in the playoffs, and the Mavericks are one and done imo this year in the playoffs (I see an upset to the Portland Trailblazers in that series imo).

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    Also, why did Reggie (put some damn bass in your voice 6’8 240 talking like Michael Jackson lol) grab Barbosa’s hand in the tunnel and why did Barbosa, who didn’t try and remove his hand, act like a little girl holding Reggie’s hand as they walked to the lockerroom?

    That was a pretty weird moment to see on tv to me?

    • mountio

      Id have to see if again .. but it looked to me like Barbosa was f*ckin with Reggie and he grabbed his hand (thus the stupid smile) .. maybe Im wrong … but seemed like a prank by Barbosa and Reggie was all uncomfortable ..

      • i saw that too at the end of the game when they were walking through the tunnel reggie was holding his hand and barbosa kept smiling lmao what if both sleep together at night

        • Statement

          Shit, I’m sorry I missed that.

          They were going hand-in-hand into the locker room?

          That’s just good T.V.

    • Nate

      here’s the clip

    • Smushmush

      No Homo!

    • yertu damkule

      it was joke…barbosa initiated it (if you’re aware of his time in PHX, he’s got a really subtle/sly sense of humour…one of the reasons he was so popular there). he knew the cameras were rolling, and did it for shits & giggles…reggie, to his credit, played along, for the most part (he couldn’t keep a straight face), even though it caught him off guard. to me, it’s a subtle sign that they’re probably pretty close off the court (though, i’m guessing reggie’s prolly pretty close with everyone…just seems like a gregarious kinda guy).

  • Alex Lai

    Pretty sure they were just joking around. At least i hope they are…

    • Bearvon

      Hope they are? WTF does that mean?


      • Alex Lai

        First off I’m pretty sure you didn’t see the scene on TV leaving you clueless as to what I’m referring to. Second even if you didn’t see it, it’s not hard to understand what I “mean” if you read through the comments beforehand. Thirdly, how exactly does that make me classless? Clearly barbosa and Reggie knew they were on camera and decided to pull a joke in front of the viewers. So what is wrong with me laughing at what theyre doin?

        • I think he was referring to the “I hope the are”. Why do you hope they are joking around?

          • mountio

            He likely “hopes they are” because its weird to have teamates walking around holding hands like 5-year old school children. Lets not blow an innocent comment out of proportion here and start calling it “classless”, etc…

            • Theswirsky

              that was clearly not an “innocent” comment….

  • voy

    – nice to see DD’s jumper looking pretty locked in; hopefully he can continue to further develop his offensive game (shooting off the bounce, extending his range…)

    – imo, we gotta at least make reggie an offer, if for nothing else but for laying out jameer nelson, jabber-jawing with D12 and for the possibility of seeing him punch someone in the dick; dude is tough and mean; hopefully some of that can rub off on Amir and ED

    – Orlando looks horrible; pieces all around that wouldn’d be half as succesful without Howard (nelson and reddick starting backcourt on a playoff team?!?; the slowest 3 in the league?! etc etc

    – I wouldn’t mind seeing Bayless stick around a bit longer and seeing if he can play like he has the previous 2 games if given a few extra minutes; in year 2 of a rebuild, next year, we have time to see if he can develop his game.

  • Corey

    A few games ago, i said bench Bargs, let the guys who rebound and hustle play. ans somebody said, “where r you gonna get AB’s 22 ppg?” well… seems i was right. other guys get involved, score more. and shockingly, we actually get some stops.

    seeing this team compete even with a banged up amir, is really something to watch. its obvious we dont need jose or bargs. even with barbosa as b/u pg, this is a pretty solid lineup. if we could get a three pt shooter off the bench and a defencive centre, i think we have a playoff team, here.

    so exciting to watch this team. and in my mind, this streak makes a bargs trade more likely. he doesnt fit this team.

    • voy

      whoa, whoa, whoa, a playoff team?!?!? Easy there, Corey.

      Unless we pick up a vet pg, or are convinced bayless is the pg of the future you def need jose. Same goes for Bargs, unless you pick up another big body you def needs bargs in there so you dont have ED and Amir as the smallest starting frontcourt in the nba.

      Great win for the boys, though, tonight.

      • brasky

        Bargs may be the biggest man on the court but it makes no difference since he plays like he’s 4 feet tall. I’ll roll with Ed and Amir, thank you.

        Until we can land a real center, of course.

        • voy

          yeah, but bargs is a body on the other team’s big. I like ED and Amir but not as a starting 4 and 5 combo. You really wanna hinder their development, or worse, risk injury by forcing them to bang against guys who are 20, 30, 40 pounds heavier and 2 – 4 inches taller? In my opinion, you need to land another C before you contemplate trading Bargs.

          • Statement

            I agree with Voy and I’m by no means a Bargs fan.

            Leo was saying that Dwight Howard is listed at 255 or something like that. Bargs is listed at 250. Sure, Bargs plays like a scared little kitten, but his body is built such that he won’t get injured from the abuse.

            • sleepz

              Paging Dallas and Brendan Haywood. Come in Brendan Haywood.

            • Boomer

              ironically enough bargs has held his own battlewise against guys like howard, duncan, and shaq in games before.

        • Johnn19

          So you were happy with ED and AJ and their combined 8 rebounds and 10 points tonite, when the Magic starters outscored the Raps starters 89-68 and only lost due to having no bench contribution while the Raps bench dominated 34-9.

          This was a good win, but it was as much about the Magic lack of effort as it was the Rap’s team effort.

          • Brasky

            Why in the world would I judge them on a single game??

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      I agree- Mr Sometimes I get lazy (imagine CB saying that)/This is basketball not reboundbal l(or defenseball or hustleball) has got to go. BC’s talent evaluation of Barg’s the past 5 years is untenable.

      Reggie’s rebounding is more important to the Rap’s overall team scheme than Barg’s 21 ppg on 20 shots per game.

      As well, we should get some decent talent/picks back for both Jose & Andrea to fill in the gaps their departures would create in the rotation. Plus a high 2011 Lottery pick- DWill, KIrving, PJones, TJones, Barnes- one of the 5 will most likely be a Raptor come draft day if the Rap’s draft particulars stay as is and the underclassmen (Sullinger reportedly staying) come out.

      *DWill is the perfect fit then TJones, Barnes in my mind. I don’t like rookie pg’s (Rap’s should go after either Lawson or Felton this off season imo).

      • hound

        I will never get how people slag Jose and Bargs and then say we should be able to trade them for something good. If they are terrible, why would anyone trade something good for them? If they aren’t terrible, why wouldn’t we keep them? You can’t suck and blow at the same time.

        • sleepz

          I thouht Turks for Barbosa was a swap in which something terrible was given up and something servicable returned. BC almost (woould have been his best trade to date) almost got Chandler for Jose and Reggie.

          I’m sure some GM would like to give a new start to the former #1 pick of the 2006 draft who is a 20ppg scorer (but clearly a volume shooter).

        • Nilanka15

          It comes from the understanding that both players have desirable skills, which could fetch interest from other teams. But it’s also understood that their shortcomings aren’t wanted here in Toronto.

      • Smushmush

        Actually it should be Harrison Barnes (who could have a Paul Pierce kind of mode as he is a shooter plus he is a good, smart defender and rebounder), Derrick Williams in that order. Imo, we have a Terrence Jones on this team in James Johnson though he can shoot no 3s lmao :D.

    • Smushmush

      The funny thing about Bargs supporters and Bargs has 22 ppg (on 18 shots – that is YMCA numbers lmao :D) is that you would think the Toronto Raptors get blown out without Bargs more often than not but reverse seems to be the case, they are in games until the 4th quarter. Here is the reality with Bargs on this team – you can get a win here and there when he has a good game (which is one in every 3-5 games lol) or you could lose embarassingly with him when his offence goes South since we all know he plays no defense or is he even interested in playing defense? (see Golden State and Washington Wizards games (scratch games – how about carnage, can those carnage really be called games? lol)). However, without Bargs, the defense looks a tad bit better (notice the emphasis on the “tad bit”, a defensive scheme falls on the coach to implement which Triano has not done with 2 training camps lol. By the way, does Triano even have a defensive system? lmao).

  • Balls of Steel

    Andrea looks good… in a suit!

  • madmax

    We have to disagree! Bayless is beating out Jose right now. He is not the offensive assist man Calderon is, but his defense is far superior. Have you not seen much less penetration the last two games? Ed Davis should have started over bargs since Jan-bring bargs off the bench to be a light it up sixth man. How could anyone enjoy playing with such a ball hog as Barg?

    • barenakedman

      Looked to me like Rose penetrating past Bayless was the main reason for the Bulls win but even so I agree I would be starting Bayless over Calderone.

      • WhatWhat

        Rose went into full Unicorn Mode though. (Sparked by Bayless going off ironically, Rose took that personally.) Once that happens, there’s nothing you can really do.

    • Theswirsky

      Bayless has played quite well when given a opportunity to start. I would still take Jose over him any day of the week.

      Rose was a perfect example of PGs not being able to stay infront of other PGs. Both what he did to Bayless, and what Bayless did to him.

    • yertu damkule

      some on here have debated the merits of jose’s assist #’s in the past. to me, i see him as a facilitator, not a creator…he’ll get his assists, and he’ll certainly have a few ‘creator-type’ passes in the run of any game, but many of his assists are of the ‘passes to guy on the wing, who hit’s a contested jumper’ variety. IMO, jose’s ability to orchestrate an offense is somewhat overrated, predicated on having capable scorers perimeter scorers hitting jumpers at a reasonable clip. since jose is quite often the only reliable ball-handler on the floor, it stands to reason that he’d be the guy feeding the jump-shooters…but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s ‘creating’ that opportunity.

      on the flip-side…i simply don’t see bayless as being a substantially better defender than jose. he’s more CAPABLE of being a better defender, but that hasn’t necessarily translated to on-court results. that being said, his overall game seems far better when he’s starting vs. coming off the bench, and i’d say that the same is true for his D.

      agree with what you’re saying re. bargs (that he should be coming off the bench), though i don’t like the idea of ED starting ahead of him and taking that kind of abuse at such a young age & so soon after a considerable injury.

  • Bargani has to go we actually kept orlando under 100 points and scored over 100pts if Andrea Banana was playing this would have been a blown out howard will have got his 20/20 game

  • Bo

    Aww lol, did you really just put my man Joey Dorsey under the bus? Cmon now…

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Joey D shouldn’t be under the bus it should be- Bargnani!!!

  • raptorwin

    Time for the italian to go, he got injured at the right time.. I hope BC doesnt think bayless is the future we need to draft kyrie irving

    • SS

      Same. If Irving doesn’t work out, and we fall out of the top 3, we need to get Kemba Walker. He can work alongside Bayless much like Barbosa can, except with much more potential. Again, that’s IF we fall out of the top 3 (Irving, D Williams, Barnes).

    • Smushmush

      Will the Raptors be better positioned trading down in the 2011 draft?

      The question BC should be asking himself if the Toronto Raptors win the number one pick in the 2011 draft – do we draft Kyrie Irving and only plug one position out of 3 positions (PG,SF and C) of weakness on this Raptor team or we go the trade route for a Raymond Felton and one of Wilson Chandler, Afflalo or JR Smith (former two preferred imo) from a Bargs+Jose+spare parts or a Tyson Chandler or Marc Gasol offer sheet signing and plug the three positions all at once in the draft by trading down the #1 pick for say a 3-5 pick to get Harrison Barnes or Derrick Williams in that order and a later pick for Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight in that order or Enes Kanter or Valaciunas? That is the million dollar question . Imo, I think the second option is better, that way, BC does not have to continue adding players and messing up team chemistry. The depth chart should be like this:-

      PG Raymond Felton or Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight (starting)
      SF Wilson Chandler or Aaron Afflalo or Harrison Barnes or Derrick Williams (starting)
      C Tyson Chandler or Marc Gasol or Valaciunas or Enes Kanter (passed medical) (starting)

      • Theswirsky

        If a deal comes with Denver, why would you not want Lawson first?

        • yertu damkule

          is that even realistic?

      • yertu damkule

        probably, but you have to have someone to dance with that’s going to give you something in return. considering this is already a weak/thin draft, and that there are rumblings that a few of the guys slated to go early are considering going back to school, what incentive would a team have to trade for, say, the 5th pick in a draft, and what would they be willing to give up to do so?

  • RapthoseLeafs

    Interesting game. A win without Jose and Bargnani. Plus Amir with minimal input (2), and a moderate 8 point – 21 minutes from Davis …. moderate being that he only played that much, considering the Big situation.
    In reality, this game was won by a offensively challenged Big man (via 17 rebounds), a SF who’s making noise, and 3 true Shooting Guards … Demar, Bayless & Barbosa. This trio notched 61 points. In fact, all of the above (5) combined for 76 points, 20 assists, 35 rebounds, and 4 steals. Those are some serious numbers.

    Orlando – as a team – factored in 98 pts, 24 assists, 30 rebounds & 5 steals.
    I realized it’s only 2 games, but Bayless has me second guessing myself. It doesn’t help his cause that there’s only 7 games left.
    As I recall, we’ve had this scenario develop before – where we made decisions based on minimal stats, and it didn’t quite pan out.

    During the game, Leo pointed out how Jarryd needs to play full time to be comfortable, and to produce properly. Problem is, that in itself becomes a gamble. If Bayless hopes to catch on someday with full time status, he has to be able to get over that “roadblock” of lacking confidence when it’s only Bench minutes. Jay is no Mitch when it comes to the hook, so it can’t be brought down on the Coach to resolve the issue – Jarryd has to figure it out himself. Time is short though.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    “Other guys get a sprained ankle and they may be out two, three weeks. He was ready to come back after two or three days, even though he wasn’t 100 per cent,” – Alex English on Amir Johnson.

    Very interesting above quote from Alex. It looks like BC & Jay are riding a still hurt Amir while letting an allegedly hurt Bargnani rest his injury. let the coddling continue.

  • Fletchmer

    Watching this game it is clear that there is a division between the american and euros on this team. JJ mentioned it the other day and today you witnessed what the americans can do as a unit plus one south american. BC now needs to decide what to do. Obviously Bargs is the odd man out so logically he has to go.

  • vanlivin

    I was disconnected from from all this since december. I watched the bulls game and the game tonight.
    Ive been pleasantly suprised by the growth of some of these young guys. I don’t think much should change.
    I would look at options shipping out Bargnani and Calderon.
    Make sure you get the pg you want in the draft. Their are definite assets around to do this.
    I would like to have back derozan davis reggie the leader the johnsons bayless joey d. They all have the attitude necessary to build towards winning. Just need some water and sunshine.
    Barbosa can come back if he wants.
    Weems can come back if he grows up a bit.
    Triano can come back if derozan and davis still respect him. Very least he is good development coach.
    Colangelo, yes bargnani is a very talented player. However with significant minutes at 4 or 5 with the lakers, celtics, or whomever he would leak bad enough; no team he is on will win a championship. Whats the point. Time to admit this. Bring in more guys like you seem to have been looking for lately. Ability to be athletic, tough minded, scrappy, desire. If this is bcs post bosh vision. He can stay.

  • Buschfire

    good game tonight and yesterday. Biggest highlight would be Bayless, would be nice if he could play like this consistantly…or better (still not where I want him to be but hopefully he still has a lot of potential to grow, and become a better passer and offensive coordinator) …too much combo guard need more point guard. Good to see a PG that can actually stay with his offensive counterparts rather then JC the turnstyle. better perimeter defense but we gots a long way to go… TRIANO SIT AMIR ALREADY YOU IDIOT.

    • guest

      I don’t think you watch D Rose or Westbrook…both are scoring point guards. People have been watching Calderon for too long and think that a bunch of assists makes him a great pg. The assists don’t mean a thing if you can’t get a win with them. Bayless will be just fine as a point guard if he is given the chance.

      • I hope he will be once he gets the playing time but right now he still often gets all over the place on the court he needs to control the court more…

  • Kevin Oppella

    What I liked about this game is that The Raptors were able to win a game by scoring over 100 points and keeping the opposing team under 100 points. I’ll take that any night over moving higher up in the lottery draft.

  • Joey

    questions moving forward:

    can bayless be the point guard of the future?
    how much is it bad coaching or inadequate play concerning weems?
    the most necessary position to improve in time for next season?

  • Do you see the difference when you have guards that can get to the lane Raptor fans! I am so happy Calderon is injured, because sick and tired watching him play. He doesn’t push the ball, he doesn’t play defense, and he is not clutch. Look I am not hating on Bargs as yet, because I like to see him play with a real point guard that knows how to run the pick roll. I just want Calderon to go back to spain or to another team. I don’t care I just want him to go. I hope they can sign the Brazilian blur next year.

    • knickz

      we are number ome in fast break points lol

      • Theswirsky

        and apparently Jose doesn’t know how to run the pick and roll. Might be best to tell Amir that so he stops rolling to the net.

        (Oh and Jose also only gets assists because guys hit jumpshots, and he can’t throw an alley oop).

  • KFC

    Jerry D “lucked out?” Obviously you don’t know basketball. He played great against the Bulls and great against the Magic who happen to have the most dominating defensive Center in the league. If they let him start next year you can put 18/6/4 up on the board right now and he’s a much better on the ball defender than Calderon. I just think he’s always been a starter and the team that finally gives him the keys and builds around him is going to get the most out of his immense talent. I mean, in college he dominated and he has improved drastically as a player and a point guard. I hope Toronto realizes what they have.

    • Ol’ Dirty Raptor

      pretty much every player in the nba dominated in college.

      • barenakedman

        Look at the Raptors and tell me how many of them were dominant college players. Players who on a consistant basis would control the outcome of the game.

        • Theswirsky

          “tell me how many of them were dominant college players”

          atleast 5 didn’t even play college ball. Derozan only played one year.

          “Players who on a consistant basis would control the outcome of the game.”

          better question is how many players that do that in college fizzle out in the NBA? College ball is a much different beast.

  • Quik

    Not trying to be a buzzkill, I liked the win and all, but if we lost we would’ve been tied with the Wizards (who just beat the Bobcats) for the 3rd worst record, and also would’ve gained more ground on the Kings (who also won). Hopefully we can continue showing this kind of fight, but at the same time help and not hurt our draft ambitions.

  • hateslosing

    I think it’s about time to have a fire sale on Bargs. I like the guy and we would look great on a bunch of teams (like the on we beat tonight) but the chemistry we see from this squad without him is hard to deny.
    Monster game by Evans. I think that we have to bring him back next year, he seems to have excellent Chemistry with the young guys and any time someone grabs 17 boards against Superman you know they are special. Still loving Ed, guy is just a workhorse out there.
    Wings were great tonight, DD shoots 50% and grabs 5 rebounds and JJ has 11pts/5ass/7rbs. He needs to work on turning the ball over less but otherwise has been solid.
    A great game for us and I think that winning close games against good teams is more important for our team than moving up a draft spot.