Humpday Rapcast! Topics include:

  • The NBA finals this year are not a referendum on LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, but instead on players like…Andrea Bargnani and their future.
  • Every time the Heat win, Bargnani’s trade value increases.
  • Chris Bosh made the right decision to leave Toronto.
  • Why Dwayne Casey would be a good long-term hire.
  • Are the Raptors looking to speed up the rebuilding process, or is Colangelo sticking to his original rebuilding plan?
  • Why I would make that rumored deal to send DeMar DeRozan to Minny for the #2 pick.

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  • Won’t be able to listen until i get home.
    The last point is very worrying. I rather give away #5 pick for free than give up Derozan for #2

    • Camanda

      Agreed, Derozan’s progress should be viewed as a positive in this horrid stretch of growing pains. If Colangelo is viewing it as increasing his trade value then maybe BC just enjoys the perpetual ‘starting from square one’ part of rebuilding.

    • DeRozan is a decent player, just like Shawn Marion is a decent player on Dallas.  Don’t expect DeRozan to be an all-star anytime soon because he’s a below average defender and not a strong scorer(needs to improve creating shots for himself…reminds me of Ray Allen without the shooting ability).  DeRozan is a DECENT player on a bad team…stop thinking he’s going to be an all-star…he hasn’t done anything consistently to warrant that claim…I have never seen DeRozan take over a game…which is a sign of an all-star or all-star in the making.

      • yertu damkule

        well…let’s also keep in mind he’ll be 22 when the next season starts, and showed what i think is actually a fairly decent ability to put the ball in the hoop, especially when you consider that he doesn’t have 3-pt range and hasn’t, generally, gotten the benefit of the doubt on calls when going to the hoop.

        defensively…he’s got a short window to prove he can be at least a passable defender at the 2, or he then just becomes another offensive-only SG.  

      • YeDig

        derozan’s ceiling is just as high as any player in this draft at this point, dudes gonna be 22 in training camp..

      • hateslosing

        He scored 17 pts/game on 47% shooting. Bad team or not, that’s pretty good, especially for a sophomore. If he gets to the line a couple more times a game and adds the three he will be one of the better offensive players in the league. The D is still lacking and he needs to get better at rebounding and passing, but I can’t think of any sophomore I’d rather have going forward. He came into the league as a project and I’d say his progress has been excellent.

  • Theswirsky

    Dallas and Miami are at where they are because of defense.  Not because of scoring.  Yes each team has multiple scoring threats on the floor…. but its still their defense that keeps them in a position to win games.

    I just don’t see how that improves Andrea’s trade value.  (Don’t get me wrong I hope it does)

    • Charlz

       This caffeine driven fanboy rant is so flawed its nauseating.  Where do I begin:
      1) every Miami win ups Bargs value? how the best defensive team in the league who’s center is 6’9 workhorse up Bargs value is beyond me
      2) stockpile assets for 5-8 years because we can’t beat miami? Defeatist non-sense! same thing was said about Celts for last 4 years….

      Total garbage underwhelming expectation rubbish

      • steve___

        re: 1 – What he’s saying is, because interior defnese is becoming a necessity it will take someone like Bargnani to pull the other teams 5/4 out to the perimeter and thus open on the inside.

        • Charlz

          I think I get the gist of it.  I just dont agree.  That whole episode is depressing, lacking vision, poorly supported and defeatist.

      •  The Raps DON’T play defense…until this team learns team defense, they ain’t going nowhere…they will continue to be a bottom feeder like the Clippers…we need BUTCH CARTER…he was the best Raptors coach ever…oh yeah, they need to draft an all-star to build around also…none in this years draft.

        • points

          cardiac kemba raptors #5 pick to be ROY 7 or 8  playoff spot  out in the 1st round that fine with me then BC does his fine tuning make sure we have a bench that can give us 35-40 points per night . 

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Referendum? Wow, very Quebecer of you.  Just Joking (LOL). 

  • CalibreMC

    when I play this, it is only 6 min and 20 seconds long? When I download it, it is only 6 min and 20 seconds long?

    • Hoopsjunkie401

      not worth listening to

  • arsenalist

    If I had to argue the Bargnani point either way, I’d say for every game Dallas wins, Bargnani’s value goes up.  You’re seeing what a inscrutable problem Dirk poses and how far you can go with a guy like him (as I’m sure BC had dreamt), and some GM out there has to see Bargnani’s potential and take a chance.  

    In actuality and leaving fantasy of increasing trade value aside, I don’t think teams would be looking to counter Bosh/Haslem/Anthony with a center like Bargnani.  All three of those guys are decent defenders and nobody will be make it a strategy to outscore the Heat by scoring against their frontline).  You counter the Heat by getting the ball out of LBJ/Wade’s hands, making their frontline score, and through overall team defense.

    The error in your argument is that you’re assuming teams will try to outscore the Heat (using a tool like Bargnani), when I think teams will have to focus on changing up their defense, which is where Bargnani is no help.

    In three of the four games so far, the Heat have shot 42.7%, 43.6%, and 38.8%, that’s why this is a series, and it’s the same line of thinking that will, if possible, neutralize their advantage at the wings.

    • Ardefen

      ‘a tool like bargnani’

      • a tool that is 10 mil a year that can’t play defense or rebound, hmmmm very handy

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Not can’t- won’t play.

          Or only plays, rebounds, hustles when he feels like it as he is The Pope aka King Bargs-‘Hustling is for pheasants’ (Bargnani voice).

          Why did BC sign Barg’s to that 5 year 50 million dollar contract extension again?

        • Juicey

          Nobody said he was a Swiss Army Knife.  Just a tool that can pretty much do only one thing, like say a screwdriver.  Except he does it relatively inefficiently, so he’s more like the screwdriver you have, but not the one you need.

        • points

          but he does the complicated stuff for raptors though,just ask him

    • RapthoseLeafs

      Not sure of the Bargnani argument, but Bosh being a decent defender …. I just believe that’s delusional thinking – not that I think you’re delusional Arse. lol

      If Dallas prevails, I’m predicting Bosh will be moved (or at the very least – shopped). He does nothing for that team, that can’t be replaced with a quality Centre (for a lot cheaper), leaving more cash for some decent Bench material. The Heat have Dwayne Wade & Lebron James – who the f*@k else does that team need. CB just gets in the way.

      As for the AB argument, there is some merit to what Andrea does. But from my vantage point, certain players for the Mavs (Terry, Kidd, Barea, Stevenson, Peja) are missing open shots. So spacing is not necessarily the problem. By the same token, it’s certainly not an advantage with the current crop of offensive weapons (for Dallas). This final play-off series is, IMO, the Dirk series – whether Dallas wins or not.

      What is happening in the Dallas / Miami match-up, is that Dirk is proving that he’s a tough guard (as he can make a shot from any point on the court), and that AGE has only made him better. That’s a shot at those who think Dirk-lite has plateaued, and who dismiss how he can score from any point as well – albeit, nowhere near as good.

      Suffice to say, for those “comparable” conspirators …. Nowitzki is my MVP for this play-off.

      • “Not sure of the Bargnani argument, but Bosh being a decent defender …. I just believe that’s delusional thinking”
        Bosh has always been a decent defender, even last year when the team was horrible defensively.  He didn’t always give the best effort, but he was decent when needed.  One of the first things I looked for when he was a rookie were his instincts on defense and liked what I saw.  I think he could have become a much better defender, but one just has to look at the last Olympics to see the guy can be a good defender.

    • Raptor4Ever

      I actually agree with PHD Steve here. When Speaking of Scoring against Heats, we are not talking about out scoring them  and try to run and gun with them. We are talking about being able to get easy points, on regular basis and keeping up with Heat.

      For example. look at the finals and what has been said over and over by ALL NBA analysts in TNT, ESPN, ABC and … Drik can not do it alone and there should be a 2nd or third guy from Dallas who can score constantly , night in and night out, against this heat defense.

      For Dallas, this was Jason Terry in regular season but against Heat when they have two elite defender at 2 and 3 , Terry can not do it.

      There are maybe less than HAND FULL of guys who can score over 15 points against Lebron or Wade night in and night out.

      So you need to look at another position, be it a great scoring PG or a Big man. This is where AB comes in and answers the need for a 2nd or third player on offensive end to help Drik and what ALL NBA analysis have been asking for.

      You still need a Great defenders at 2 and 3 to contain Lebron and Wade and also need a great team defense to cover Heat in general but your needs in defense does not mean you can ignore the offence all together.

      I think PHDSteve is correct that as this series goes on and as more analysis see how alone is Drik on offensive end, the demand for a guy like AB will go up. But on the other side, what does teams like Dallas, Lakers, Bulls, Boston, San Antonio or OKC have to offer to Raptors in return for AB.

      You are not going to get a Gasol, Perkin, Parker, Harden,Bynum or even Jeff Green back because those players are the core for those teams.

      The best you might get is a players like Odom, Jefferson or …

  • feas

    With regards to Bargs, sure, lots of teams would like to have him as a guy that can give them some scoring punch. Few would actually give up the assets that would make it worthwhile for us to trade him. His contract is a big obstacle in making a trade for him… his historically poor rebounding and bad defense seal the deal in making him very hard to move without taking on other team’s garbage. His 20ppg are purely a result of increased usage, his efficiency has not gone up at all. 
    With regards to the potential Minny deal (which is actually DeRozan+#5 for Flynn+#2). Even if it is #2 for DD, I’d rather have DeMar, who has already proven he can be a capable longterm starter for us, than roll the dice on Williams, who has questions about whether he’s a 3 or 4, and is far from a sure thing. I’m not against trading DeMar in the right deal (like say, something like what Boston did a few years ago cashing in on young talent for real stars), but this proposed deal is a straight up rip-off. 

  • bingo.  every game of the finals (and, for the most part, the playoffs) shows just how valuable defense & rebounding truly are.  even a one-dimensional offensive team like dallas, whose one dimension is a guy we’d like to think bargs could become 75% of, is still built around the premise of defense & rebounding.  they didn’t win last night because the outscored the heat (well, just technically, but you know what i mean), but because they shut down the heat when it mattered.  how does bargs help ANY team in that regard?  dirk is, quite often, either the worst or 2nd worst defender on the floor, yet he’s still light-years ahead of bargs in defensive IQ, effort, rebounding, etc.

    for the heat…it isn’t that wade & lebron are all-world offensive players, physical freaks, etc. that makes them 2 of the best 5 players in the game…it’s because they commit to D & understand the value of individual & team defense that makes them so special.

    • this was in response to arse’s comment.  i hate disqus…

    • Beaverboi

      I have actually been really suprised at Disco’s defense. He’s rebounding and blocking some shots (what you should do if you are 7 ft)

  • DD for the #2?  i just don’t see the value in that.  #2 in this draft is the equivalent of what, the 8th pick in a ‘normal’ draft, and the 12th pick in a loaded one?  i get that williams COULD be a special player, but to be honest, of all the guys being mentioned as a top-5 pick, i have the most questions about him, simply because i’m not sure what he is on the NBA level.  i see him as a total tweener (3-4)…not big enough to guard post-oriented 4s, not quick enough to guard 3s or stretch 4s. 

    • i’m assuming that it is williams at the 2nd pick, and not irving.  if for some reason CLE passes on irving, and he’s available with the 2nd pick, then it becomes a bit more interesting.  not sure why CLE would do that, but stranger things have happened (CP3 was bypassed)…

  • dribbles

    As far back as I can remember, Dirk has been an ultra-competitive player who lives in the gym, yells at teammates and visibly hates losing. If people want to compare Bargs to Dirk, you start there, and it ends there.

  • I’ve been a Derozan fan boy since day 1? SMH I’ve been a Derozan Fan since high school. Don’t hype yourself up. My dream comes through for once and now teams are talking about trading for him and you got some fans actually wanting to trade him. Duh! a tonne of people are going to come calling for him. We shouldn’t make any trades unless its a proven player. We haven’t seen how Derrick Williams can play in the NBA, so why take a stupid chance. Mark my words with more touches for Deebo and less for Andrea next season he can be a top 10 player in the league. Demar should be the number 1 offensive option going forward. So we can asses what type of player he really is (ex. Clutchness). We need to stock pile all of our assets not throw them away. Our core is Demar Ed Davis Amir Johnson and maybe Andrea Bargnani. That is it those are the untouchables here in Raptorsland.

    • Sheptor

      I can’t believe you think Demar Derozan can be a top 10 player in the league…even though I know you meant scorer, and he won’t ever do that. he’s the next Josh Howard type player, will put up solid numbers of around 16-19 ppg, get his dunks, shoot awful from 3, and play average defense. If anyone thinks he’ll do more than that you’re over evaluating him big time based on the fact he’s our only other good player next to Bargs.

      • Nilanka15

        You’re essentially saying that DeRozan has already hit his ceiling by describing his game today, and not tomorrow.  Although “top 10” seems very lofty, considering the improvements DeRozan made from year 1 to year 2, there’s no reason to think he won’t continue to improve.

        • Sheptor

          He might exceed 20 ppg, probably right around there but as we’ve seen with Bargs nobody in raptors land gives a rats ass about that. I don’t think he has hit his ceiling..defensive numbers could go up with a new coach and different players around him. But all-star is out of the question IMO, especially since the NBA is not going to be keen on bringing 20ppg scorers from losing teams in Canada to the all-star game (if he ever does avg 20ppg)  I mean there’s only so many times you can do a spin move in the lane before teams catch on. I hope the kid improves, but I don’t want him to become the face of our franchise (I hate that term anyway) because I don’t think he’s that type of player. If he improves in every category ten fold this season and establishes himself as a top SG in the league, not just the second best option on a bad team, who is young and can jump…then I’ll take it all back.

      • Pat Obrien69

        We shouldn’t peg people on what we think their max potential should be. If Demar keeps working hard everyday with unrelenting tenacity on getting better as a player and keep improving his skills, given that he’s got the opportunity to play, then he’ll be able to reach for the stars. The only thing holding someone back is himself/herself.

    • points

      I love what you said but don’t worry ” sir clutchness” is coming,
      raptors don’t need to trade their 5th pick… raptors 5th pick is getting ROY and 7-8 playoff spot , raps are way better than the CAVS and our 5th pick isn’t afraid of the CAVS 1st pick ” yah you know who he is ” when he shoots he never miss.
        >>>>>>CARDIAC KEMBA<<<<<<   

  • Bendit

    That man-love for Bosh and Lebron was well…er…nauseating. The fantasizing of all those rings in their careers are just that and can well be summated  by the adage of “if my aunt had balls she….”. The fact is and always will be that the Heat is a “manufactured” team and much double crossing was performed in the process of producing the outcome. Nothing organic about the team building process here. Yes, they are good to great players but they decided to arrange for multiple crutches to eke out their championships. The easy way out as I see it. And as a fan of the NBA I dont like the construed imbalance.  Surely you dont think that teams like the Thunder or the Bulls are going to stand pat in the coming years? I am glad the Mavs with essentially one offensive player (against 3) are giving a good account of themselves. 

    • Nilanka15

      Great post.

    • 511

      Agree, agree and agree. ‘Manufactured’ and ‘easy way out’; just two of the good points you make here that have me cheering for the Mavs like a madman. (Just two more games … ) 

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        They also took ‘less than’ max contract money in order to come together.

        Grown men make moves- point blank, I like the Miami moves unlike those sitting on the sidelines with no guidelines. 

        Some fans need to really get over it as the Heat are about to become NBA champions within a week thanks in part to Riley schooling BC in both the JO & CB S&T deals.

        I wish BC could somehow manufacture a yearly playoff bound winning Raptors team the same fans slandering the Heat would be singing his praises.

        • 511

          If Colangelo as a GM was able to pull off the moves necessary to arrange such a collection of players, it’d be quite a different thing than seeing players themselves colluding and finagling together to stack themselves onto a particular team. 

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

            So NBA players aren’t allowed to think for themselves nor talk amongst themselves?

            As long as a GM made the moves it would be alright?

            Fyi- It was all done under & by the current NBA Free agency rules- don’t hate the players hate the game- buddy.

            Get over it- forreal.

            • 511

              Re what players are ‘allowed’ to do … interesting question, actually. And I don’t know the answer to it. I just know that on a gut level, it felt all wrong to me. And maybe more than just wrong; it felt … cheezy. With maybe even a touch of cowardice mixed in. But that’s just me. As it’s been said countless times by so many, one couldn’t even imagine Larry Bird sitting behind closed doors with say, Magic Johnson, secretly arranging to hook up together to be on the same team. Maybe those dynamics have forever-changed now, with what happened last summer … I dunno. But I still don’t have to like it. And I can still cheer for whoever their opponent happens to be. And I suspect I always will. So, over it? Ya. Long over it. But go Mavs. 

              • Beaverboi

                Agree completely. The thought of those two together, or say Ewing going to Chicago (not like they needed him) but that is what made the NBA exciting then. Unless the new cba addresses this, I feel there will be a few ‘super teams’ in the league, and the rest will be fodder for them. Elite players will feel the only way to win is to team up with each other. Maybe they need to create a new 3-on-3 professional league. 

    • dribbles

      I don’t like the way the Heat came together either and their offence has been painful to watch, but you can’t blame any of these guys for wanting to play with better help. Everybody who has ever won a championship had much better help than what these 3 guys were surrounded with. It’s not even close.

      Again, they may have schemed and LeBron may have been better off going to the Bulls or Knicks (or Clippers for that matter, although I think all free agents should boycott that team until Sterling leaves), but knocking them for needing help is ludicrous.

      What bothers me most is the prospect of big mouth Eddie House celebrating a championship as though he had anything to do with it.

      • sleepz


      • Bendit

        Ever since I have been following the league the process of building a team has always been a combination of drafting and trading with an augmentation of free agent signings. This seemed a fair basis for all teams discounting of course the individual reasonings (weather, city, money, team, coach etc) of free agents to sign somewhere specific.

        This has been the only time where arguably the best player in the game has conspired with a top 3-4 player (Wade) and another much sought after free agent (Bosh) to sign their last contracts to expire in the same year (using the same agent/company). We all know what happened after that. This to me is gaming the system to create a team that goes from the outhouse to a possible championship in one season. Re your point about the rest of their team…I’d take a Miller or Haslem on my team anyday…or Jones.

        Is there a comparable circumstance? On another level this seems to be in keeping with a current day phenomena…taking the shortcut to “greatness”. I wonder if MJ or Isiah after many failures thought about forcing a trade (I think f/a rules/cba were different then) to play with each other or to the Lakers. They seemed to be quite content beating each other’s brains out on the floor. I rather like that. The league is better for it. I dont think of players like Barkley and Durant and Dirk or Stockton any less.      

        It is what it is. My only point has been “lets not make such a big deal of it” like the podcast did. It’s like getting excited because the dream team won the gold at the olympics. Somehow I feel the Mavs would enjoy it so much more (because they have been trying so much longer)…as would I.

        • Juicey

          Barkley signed with Houston after they had already won 2 championships and they already had Hakeem and Clyde Drexler.  So I don’t think he gets a pass.  Neither would Karl Malone and Gary Payton when they went to the Lakers (I know you didn’t mention them, but they are examples as well).

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            The only difference is that CB, DWade & LBJ didn’t wait until they were past their prime to join forces- they joined forces while in their prime so for that the Heat’s Big 3 are a lot smarter to become SuperFriends in Miami.

            As well, Payton followed Shaq to Miami in order to win a NBA Title.

            As long as the players aren’t violating any NBA rules then they can do whatever they please within the rules.

            I mean GMs trade players without notification & on a whim all the time in the NBA.

        • O D

          I’m cheering for the mavs, and bron and wade have always been two of my favourite players to watch. In a Toronto uniform I have always been loyal to bosh. For me the parts are not the problem. The problem lies somewhere between the Miami Heat winning the championship at the beginning of the year… Where’s the fun in that? The ease that they are ACTUALY beating teams in the playoffs. The character of these players can now be question because of the implied lack of competiveness by not standing on their own mountains. Ie. Bron in NY or Cle, Bosh in T.O, and Wade in Chi or Mia. If they made their own mountains The league would seem like a bigger place, and maybe more competitive. Overall I do respect Miami but I want to enjoy watching them, and if they have to work for a few years in order to win I’ll feel alot better as a human, and my resentment orver their possible colusion and lack of loyalty will subside.., no ones perfect. Two Jordans! F@*k not fair.. Lol. AND! If they lose this year can you imagine the dog fight all the other teams are gonna put up knowing they have a
          Chance!! Enough for now.

        • Beaverboi

          Thats what I was trying to say only you did it much better. Btw,  my opinion of Malone and moreso Payton changed as they team-slutted around to chase a ring. 

      • Joey

        what’s up with Sterling?
        Why do you think all the free agents might boycott him?

  • Fouzk

    I don’t want Derrick Williams. He’s a tweener with no position in the NBA. Those guys don’t do well in the NBA.

    • Nilanka15

      To make the successful switch to small forward, Williams would only need to work on his handles (which isn’t terrible as is).  He’s already got the outside shooting ability.  And what’s not to like about a player who enjoys spending time in the post?  With all the jump shooting pansies we’ve been forced to watch over the years, Williams will be great change in pace.

      • Fouzk

        He doesn’t have the mobility. I don’t see him being able to start or run pick and rolls. He doesn’t have the size to play the 4 and he’s not mobile enou to play the 3. He’ll be a defensive liability.

        • Fouzk

          You can’t force players out of their natural positions. He’s a 4. There’s no sugarcoating it.

        • Nilanka15

          Not sure if we’re talking about the same Derrick Williams.  The Derrick Williams I saw has plenty of mobility to play SF.  He’s certainly more mobile than Paul Pierce, who is one of the league’s best SFs.  Williams isn’t a LeBron, but who is?

          • i think the issue is that while we’ve seen DW play SF, it was in college.  there’s really no way to accurately extrapolate that to the pros.  i don’t necessarily think he’s a 4, but he’s def. not a 3 (defensively).  jeff green-ish?

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

              DWill was mostly playing PF at Arizona last season due to their lack of overall team height.

              People, please step up your knowledge of college.

              • yertu damkule

                just because it was written that we’ve seen him PLAY SF in college doesn’t mean that is where he PRIMARILY played.  why, just last night, dallas PLAYED kidd at the 2 (in spurts).  does that mean he’s a SG?

                people, please step up your reading comprehension.

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                  DWill can play SF in the NBA- point blank!

                  Comprehend that?

          • Fouzk

            I can’t tell if you’re serious or not. Paul Pierce is 100 times more mobile than Derrick Williams. And in his prime was a much much better athlete. You can’t compare Derrick Wiliams to Paul Pierce,

            • Nilanka15

              I really think you’re underestimating Williams’ athletic ability.

            • Nilanka15

              And Paul Pierce in his prime isn’t really relevant in this discussion.  My point is that Pierce now plays in slow motion, and is still a very effective player (both offensively and defensively).

              • Fouzk

                Pierce is a 100 times more fluid and mobile than Derrick Wiliams. He’s laterally quick and he’s very deceptive. 

                You may think Paul Pierce plays in slow motion but he’s deceptively quick. 

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      DWill is a baller- point blank, plus he plays defense!!

      I watched all of his games this past season and he can play SF just like AJamison did.

      His game is similar to fellow Arizona grad AI.

      • Fouzk

        Well he’s nowhere close to touching the baller that is Paul Pierce. 

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Time will tell.

      • points

        I don’t want that guy on my team (DWill) our 5th pick will have us on TNT ESPN CBS ABC and even CBN praying for the ankles that he’ll be braking, BC we are fine with the 5th pick HUSKIES all the way. Raptors fans go watch some vid of the raptors 5th pick until draft night ” yah you know who he is” our leader

        >>>>>CARDIAC KEMBA<<<<<<
        BC is seeing EOY in his dreams .

        • Did that make sense in your mind when you typed it?  

      • Just like Jamison did?  Well, Jamison was a tweener who was unable to defend the 3 position very well, so he was really best when coming off the bench or playing the four. 

        I certainly hope Williams can play the 3 better than Jamison.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          Isn’t DWill described as a tweener by NBA scouts?

          If his career is anything like Jamison’s career then DWill have been a very successful NBA player when all is said and done.

          How soon we forget how dominating AJamison (career averages of 19.7 ppg & 8 rpg) once was in the NBA as a 2 time NBA All Star SF plus he was the 2005 NBA 6th Man of the Year.

          • Antawn Jamison had his All-Star seasons while playing PF in Washington.  The position he played most of his career. He also was never considered a good defensive player.  Probably a reason his teams have always underperformed.  If Williams struggles as much defensively as Jamison has over his career, I’d take a pass on him.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              AJ played both PF & SF in Washington.

              AJ’s GS teams were awful that wasn’t all his doing and by the way PJ Carlesimo was AJ’s coach his 1st 2 years in GS.

              In his 1 year in Dallas AJ won 6th man of the year and 52 games.

              In Washington AJ’s teams played above .500 ball for all but his 1 1/2 years his last in Washington as he was traded to Cleveland mid season 2009-10.

              If DWill has the same potential talent of AJ I’d take him as defense can be coached via the bench as long as the head coach has the authority and isn’t a puppet like Jay controlled by a hidden hand svengali like BC.

              Let’s just be glad that you’re not running things then because you would keep Jay on for another year on two as the Rap’s head coach.

            • mountio

              Tim – at least I have context for your AB bashings. If every player were without flaws we would be having a lot less discussions about Wade and Lebron teaming up in Miami.
              To claim that we should draft a guy in the weakest draft in years because he might become a two time all star (albeit one who was a tweener in terms of position) is completely insane.

  • Generator31

    You said the same thing about 5 times in the first 5 minutes.

    • free free Palestine

      i swear, i like phd steve BUT this was the STUPIDEST POD CAST IV EVER HEARD … !!!!!!!

  • I really have no idea how you drew the correlation between between the Finals and Bargnani’s value going up.  I’m actually perplexed.  I agree with what others have said and that it actually says the opposite.  

    First of all, the first thing we’ve learned (well, those who hadn’t noticed the previous, say, 50 years) is that you need good defensive players to win.  The poor defensive players become more and more of a liability as you get deeper because all it takes is one bad defensive play to let the other team get the upper hand.

    As for Bargnani’s scoring, your argument might make sense if Bargnani were an inside scorer, but he’s not.  One thing that has been proven this season it’s that Bargnani can be defended by smaller, more mobile defenders, so Miami’s front line is not a disadvantage at all.  

    I also don’t understand how you can say the NBA is moving in a new direction where one player can’t win it all.  Since when COULD one guy win it all?  Even Jordan needed another top 50 player on his team.  

    I really, really, really, hope they don’t start trying to hurry things up.  That would be a quick trip to mediocrity and that’s about it.

    Unless Kyrie Irving falls to #2, I really have no idea why Toronto would trade DeRozan for the #2 pick.  Is Williams really going to be much better than DeRozan?  Both players are excellent scorers that really don’t do all that much more, at this point.  It’s a rather bizarre suggestion, quite frankly.

    • *golf clap*

    • slaw

      I was going to post something along these lines earlier but I thought it would be piling on….

      I thought the most bizarre thing here was the suggestion that Toronto just give up for the next 7 or 8 years because Miami is unbeatable. This view is such utter nonsense it is tough to unpack all the ways it is wrong.

      Also, the Heat love was ridiculous. The series is 2-2. It isn’t over. The result is not inevitable. If Miami was the better team by as wide a margin as suggested it would be 4-0. Also, this idea that somehow teams like the Lakers, Celts, Mavs, Spurs, OKC, etc. are going to just throw in the towel for 5 years is ludicrous. Other teams will get better. Look at how good the Spurs and Lakers have been in the last 10 years and neither team has won 7 rings in a row. This is crazy.

      • yertu damkule

        i agree re. the series…i’ve seen the heat (well, mostly wade) make some absolutely ridiculous shots…shots that, as a defense, you are COMPLETELY content with him taking.  it just so happens that he’s been making a healthy % of them.  considering how little help dirk was getting prior to last night (and even last night’s ‘help’ wasn’t overly significant, they merely played phenomenal D for a key stretch of the 4th), how poorly they (the mavs) have shot, and how the heat bench has outplayed the mavs’ bench on a couple of occasions (something that is a total abberation), i’m a little surprised how quick most pundits are to generally state that the heat are the odds-on faves to win.  seems to me that the the heat have been pretty ‘lucky’ (in terms of shot-making & bench contributions) while the mavs have played below-expectations offensively (no-doubt attributable to the heat’s D)…but have still managed to split the 4 games.

    • mountio

      Dallas is a collection of mostly mediocre / bad individual defenders (with a couple of exceptions (Chandler, Marion)). This series has proved that a good defensive scheme can overcome the need for good individual defensive players at every position. Dirk, Terry, Kidd(especially at his age now, was better earlier), Peja all very very average defenders at best. Barea too, in the sense hes very small and while he can hassle the ball, is a mismatch at all times.
      Dallas does have a good defensive scheme and two guys (Stevenson also to some extent) playing great D. Thats all it takes folks .. the Raps arent that far away. To think we need to overhaul the team to get 10 new lebron-like defenders is very much wrong. We need a couple of solid defensive players. We need to have enough offense so that guys will put out an effort because they know they have a chance to win (people underesimate this), we need a coach that preeches D, and the rest will fall into place

  • Mediumcore

    The rumored trade proposal of Demar for Minnesota’s #2 pick is interesting because when it comes down to it, as with all trades, its about filling a need. You’re giving up your SG in order to fill your need for a SF (assuming the pick Williams). I think there are many more quality SG’s that can shoot the 3 ball out there than there are quality SF’s that can hit 3 pointers, so it’s not as awful ad trade proposal as some may think.

    • oh, well when you put it like that, of course it makes sense to ‘fill’ one hole (with a rookie, who may not actually be able to fill that hole) by creating another hole.  where have i seen this movie before?

      • Mediumcore

        I wasn’t saying I would necessarily pull the trigger on that deal, I just said it was interesting. Williams has great mobility and size for a SF which is the position I think he would have to play in the NBA. He should be able to defend multiple positions as well. Obviously he’s untested at the NBA level, but so is everyone else in the draft and the LeBron James’ of the world only come by once in a generation.

        • yertu damkule

          i think there’d only be interest in that move if it included something else from minny (or a 3rd team), and if CLE passed on irving with the 1st pick to take williams.

          i like williams, i think he had a great college career & great run in the tourney.  i simply question whether what he did will translate to the pros, and whether he’ll be able to defend at either the 3 or the 4.  

          i agree that the LBJs come along once in a generation, and that there obviously a guy with that type of talent in this draft…which is why i question why anyone would consider trading a guy with what has to be considered at least a decent ceiling in demar for a total unknown who may not have a natural position in the pros?

          • Mediumcore

            Thats why people take chances in the draft. Wasn’t it Minnesota that drafted Kobe Bryant, only to trade him to the Lakers before he played a game for them? If you see promise in an unknown player then you gotta gamble on how high you think that kids ceiling is. I like Demar as well, and the kid is trying hard to get better which is admirable. However, you can already tell that his skill is  not up to par with his athleticism. He lacks that “street baller” aspect which the great SG’s like Kobe, Wade have. You know when they just pull a dirty cross over or pop a ridiculous 3 pointer in someones face? Not saying that Demar can’t be good, but I don’t see greatness in him.  

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

              Charlotte drafted Kobe then traded him the LAL’s for Divac.

              DD wil be as good as he will be as he works hard on his game- limits are for the freeway.

    • Fouzk

      I think SF-PF tweeners who can score the ball are a dime a dozen.

      • Mediumcore

        He hasn’t played a game in the NBA yet and you’re classifying him as a guy that can only score the ball. I realize that applies to what I picture him to be as well, but I see a Sean Marion type player that should be able to guard multiple positions.

        • Fouzk

          I think he’s nothing close to being as athletic or mobile as Marion.

      • Nilanka15

        I really have no idea where you’re getting this idea from.

        • Fouzk

          Oh really, go see for yourself. Compare Marion on Phoenix to Derrick Williams. You’ll be surprised how dumbfounded the comaprisons are.

          Williams is a good athlete for a 4. He’s definitely not on Shawn Marion level.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      The Rap’s better trade the 2 current longest tenured Raptors- Jose and Bargnani before they trade gym rats like DD, Amir or Ed.

      New Nickname for the YG’z crew of Ed, JB, DD, Weems (bring him back) & Amir- ‘The Gym Rats’ !

      While Bargnani is relaxing

      DD, Weems are in the gym at the Drew League

      • You want to trade Calderon, who is one of the few Raptors with a positive effect on the court, but keep Weems?  And you’re upset with Colangelo for his personnel decisions?

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Weems is a solid cheap back up at SG behind DD when healthy and coached properly.

          Calderon aka PG Controversy- positive effort- what his hand clap aka Gonorrhea defense?lmfao

          I didn’t sign Kapono, Turk or Kleiza- recognize game or remain mentally lame. 

          • points

            maybe CARDIAC can make chucky look good and he would be cheap

          • If Weems played any semblance of defense I’d agree he’d be a good solid backup at SG.  But I have been extremely disappointed in him this season.  The ONLY thing he brings is scoring, and he didn’t even do that well this year.  If Weems realizes the way he is going to stick in the NBA is if he starts doing the dirty work, then I’ll take him in a second, but that’s not the case.

            During the last 5 years, the Raptors have consistently been a better team when Calderon is on the floor.  In the end, that’s pretty well all that matters to me.  Everything else is just extraneous.  

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              Sonny was injured alot this season but he still hit the game winner in Orlando his back gave out due in part to the Rap’s trainers/coaches not making the players stretch routinely before activities which is Basketball 101- stretch, warm up before you hit the court.
              No one played consistent solid D under Jay as Bargnani was the leader of the no defense movement instilled by BC via Jay.
               I mean when you have a coach that doesn’t hold the players accountable for their defense what do you really expect to happen? Sonny has enough athletic talent to be a Tony Allen (Memphis) type of bench player if coached that way.
              Get a coach in here who will hold players accountable on both ends of the court & play the players according to merit not because BC said to play so and so & you will see the players like Sonny either respond to the challenge of defense or sit.
              Calderon…………save that drama, he gots to go South just like his jumper.

              • So you blame Bargnani for his lack of defense, but Triano for Weems’ lack of defense.  Mmm.  And what I want from a player is for him to actually WANT to play defense.  If he needs a coach to kick his but to do it, then I don’t want him, anyway.

                And yes, Weems hit a game winner in Orlando.  Sundiata Gaines hit a game winner during his brief stint in Utah, before he was released and went back to the D-League. 

                And from what I gather, the coaches have tried to get him to focus on defense, but he has resisted, wanting to be more of an offensive player.  I was actually quite hopeful about him at the beginning of the season, and really liked what I saw last year, but I feel he still thinks he can be a star in the league, instead of trying to focus on being a role player and doing the dirty work.  Think Kris Humphries while in Toronto and Utah (and Dallas).  It’s not that he wasn’t told what he needed to do.  It’s that it took 7 years before he finally realized he wasn’t going to be a star and needed to focus on doing the dirty work if he wanted a good, long career.  

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

                  You really like to put words if people’s mouth don’t you Lil Timmy then you try to come off as somehow being correct?lol

                  Triano instilled the ‘No Accountabilty’ era in the TDot under BC’s direction not I.

                  Bargnani hasn’t given consistent defensive effort because he doesn’t have to post Sam as the GM & Head Coach didn’t require it from him.

                  From what you gather? lmfao

                  If Barg’s doesn’t play defense bench him- point blank, the bench is the best teacher.

                  Fyi- Barg’s has a new 5 year contract extension that starts next season already signed & you think that now he will now start to give a consistent solid effort on defense?

                  Lil Timmy go sit in the corner and paly with your Lil Jimmy.

                • Why is it whenever I seem to come up with a good argument, certain people try to take it personal by calling me Timmy.  It’s my fucking name.  How old are you guys that do that, anyway?  You think by calling me Lil Timmy that my argument will suddenly mean less?  Why on earth do you people do it?  And I notice it’s always when you start losing an argument.  It’s like you have no actual argument to come back with, so you try and figure out a way to try and insult me.  Children do things like that.  Not adults.    

                  And I’m not defending Bargnani.  I’m just saying that neither Weems nor Bargnani played defense, yet you chose to blame Bargnani for it, but not Weems.  Why give Weems a pass and say it’s because of coaching, but not Bargnani.  I found this curious.

                  And I don’t believe that a good player needs to be held accountable.  I think a good player will do that himself.

                  And when I said “what I gather” I heard that somewhere from a legit source, but I can’t remember where.  It was a reporter who had talked to the coaches.  

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

                  Okay, Lil Timmy, calm on down now sonny

                  Part of the head coaches job is to hold players accountable for their effort both on the court in practice & game unless they are just a Manchurian Candidate coach like Jay was under BC.

                  If a team’s so called ‘best player’ is an unaccountable slacker it trickles down the roster.

                • Definitely blame Triano for Weems.
                  Those rare moments Triano put him on smaller guys, SG and PG, Weems was awesome, real lock down D.
                  But no, rest of time Triano barely experimented with players outside their positions unless he had to. 
                  Thats while being given an athletic and versatile roster. This is my main hope for Casey. He knows how to combine weak pieces into strong defensive lineup.

                • I’m not blaming players for playing bad defense when overmatched.  I’m blaming players for bad defense when they aren’t trying hard enough.  Weems was most certainly not a lockdown defender whenever he was put on SGs and PGs.  He may have played good defense in a game or two, but then so did Bargnani.  

                  Even last season, Weems was not a good defensive player, but I did have hope that he would focus more on that and improve. I was wrong.  Blaming someone else for Weems’ shortcomings is exactly what some people have been doing with Bargnani.  

                  I’ve got no patience for a player that needs to be told to play hard on defense.  None.  It shows a lack of basic basketball knowledge.  I’ll forgive a player who tries, but isn’t simply defensively enough to stop his man (although it doesn’t mean I’d want him on the team), but I won’t forgive a player that doesn’t seem to understand that you need to play defense to win.  

                • Nilanka15

                  Gotta agree with Tim.  Weems needs to be measured against the same rules that Bargnani is.  Blaming Triano for Weems’ defense (although partially accurate), is a cop-out.  If Weems was the type of person to take pride in defense, he wouldn’t need Triano to push him.  And since Weems provided nothing else of value, why keep him even if he is cheap?

                • Beaverboi

                  Agree here as well. One poster even mentioned Weems playing against a certain position. Isn’t that what the Bargs lovers/haters have been argiung over as well???
                  Tim, I think you should come up with a lovable puppet sidekick named L’il Timmy.
                  “That was Tara Banks, Fool!”

      • Mediumcore

        Yeah, the core should be DD & Ed. Everyone else including Amir are trade bait imo. Not ’cause I don’t think he’s a good player, but because I think he’s good enough to get us a better PG, SF or C. Amir to Clevland to replace and aging Jamison for Ramon Sessions?

        I could live with a young core of Sessions, Derozan and Davis next season.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Got to keep Amir, Ed & DD together at least until BC trades both Jose & Bargnani away 1st.

          Amir is the future Rap’s team leader!!

        • You’d trade Amir for Ramon Sessions???  Are you joking?  You realize the guy defends about as well as Calderon, but doesn’t run an offense nearly as well.  And he’s so good that Milwaukee didn’t think enough of him to keep him and then Minnesota traded him away for cap space.  

          You guys who criticize Colangelo and then come up with godawful trade proposals never cease to amaze me.

          • Mediumcore

            Yes Tim, I would trade away a good bench player to replace a our starting PG that has averaged 68 games over the last 3 seasons (sessions 80 games over last 3 seasons). JC is 30, and Sessions is only 25. JC’s numbers have been stagnant or going down the last 3 seasons whereas Sessions have been going up. I’m not sure where you got the idea that Sessions is as bad a defender as JC, but his size, strength and athleticism alone are enough to put him over the edge in defensive comarison with Calderon.
            What amazes me Tim is that people can’t see past their own opinions and look at someone elses ideas with a bit of perspective.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Before DD is traded away both Bargnani & Jose better have been traded away 1st!!

      • points

        for real

    • points

      wil you guys stop talking about the false #2 pick and be happy with our #5 pick and pray that the king is still on the board when the raps pick our ALLEN IVERSON .

  • Sek99

    This guy seems to forget that a lot of teams would prefer a defensive centre who plays inside and defends, like Tyson Chandler. Yes people want scorers, like Bargs, but they don’t want soft C’s who don’t defend. Bargs would have huge trade value if he was a SG, but he’s not. 

    Only guy? Dirk has a bunch of solid starters and role players, with a very good second guy (sometimes) in Jason Terry. Defense wins, that’s why the Heat aren’t like New York and out in a sweep in the 1st round.

    LBJ can never be the greatest player of all time when hes arguably (although I don’t think so) not even the best player on his team. I agree that he’s probably the most talented to play the game, but I also think Carter was one of the most talented. Being the greatest is as much about your heart as your talent. LBJ’s heart is that he needs another guy who should want to compete against in order for him to win. And the league has never been a 1 guy league, but it’s about building a team that works not just acquiring 2 of the best five in the league than say they are the greatest players of all time. Jordan had Pippen and Rodman and some other role players; he didn’t get Hakeem or Magic or Wilkins. And pretty much all of the guys you mentioned on Dallas (Marion, Kidd) have played great defense. Did you watch the Thunder series? Who guarded Durant?

    Kleiza starting 3?! Derozan for a possible Michael Beasley tweener?! Seriously, why does this guy get a podcast. I’ve listened to him before and never agreed, but this actually makes me cringe. He even sounds like a crack addict on the cast. I’m sorry, but this podcast was a joke made with possibly the dumbest arguments I’ve ever heard. Listening to this has actually hurt me. This guys Phd must be from Dr. Phil school, although that’s still an insult to Dr. Phil. I come to this site for news, please don’t let this guy do another podcast about crackpot, incorrect and ridiculous opinions/statements.

    • Sek99

      One more thing. How are Heat destined for a handful of rings? Bulls, Thunder, Grizzlies, and a lot of other teams with good inside presence are just maybe 1 or 2 players away from being legit contenders. Thunder big 3 is Harden becoming a starter, and Bulls needs somebody better than Boozer, and OJ Mayo (who almost was traded for some backup PF on the Pacers). 

    • steve___

      I would like to hear your pod casts.  Do you have a link?

    • Bendit

      This site is more an opinion disseminator than a pure news site. Like with most topics one must expect differing opinions. This is a good thing for the mostly and provokes discussion. One need not be overly rude in an ad hominem way when rebutting a particular post. General courtesy.

      • Sek99

        Listen, I’m not trying to be mean, but they should analyze real news and not let some random guy just spout off nonsense. Most of it is just rebuttal except for the last paragraph. That’s just my opinion. I like this site and my intention was to see that baseless absurdities like the opinions in this cast are kept to a minimum. Just makes the site better.  

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    Casey would be a good long term hire if BC is going to be here long term and Jay isn’t hired as an assistant

    Any new Rap’s coach is only going to get a 2 year contract with a team option on a 3rd year.

    I still like Woodson then Casey then Frank in order as the next Raptors coach. 

    CB made the correct decision, I agree.

    All the negative remarks made by both BC & Jay post free agency in relation  to CB are proving to be nothing more that facetious balderdash as CB is proving that he is anything but what they insinuated and outright stated.

    What is BC’s new ‘Winning Plan’ that he presented to the Board as per Peddie?

  • Rapsfan4u

    This has to be the worst commentary I have ever heard….terrible terrible podcast

  • Matt

    “@chadfordinsider Informal GM poll: Who’s the best int’l player in the draft? Vesley 5 votes; Kanter 4 votes; Valanciunas 3 votes. All said it’s very close 8 minutes ago”

    This is really really interesting ….

  • hateslosing

    I kind of agree with PHDSteve on this one. Bargs is a good offensive player that in a smaller roll, maybe off the bench, would provide a massive match up nightmare for a team like the Heat, or really any team. I don’t know that every team in the league wants him but the Chicago example is great. If they had a three man rotation of Bargs, Noah, and Boozer they would be the best front court in the NBA. Noah does the dirty work and Andrea/Boozer provide very different looks offensively. Plus you have to think Thibodeau could make even Bargs play D. 
    Makes me wonder, would anyone else do Deng for Bargs? 

    • Matt

      Deng is owed 12.3,13.3 and 14.3 million for next 3 season, compare that to AB’s salary, of 9 , 10, 11 and 12 doe next 4 season, I would say that Chicago will do it right away.

      • So you think Chicago is going to ignore the fact that Deng is an all around player who is actually a better rebounder, a very good defender and a pretty good scorer, and simply look at salaries and say “Hey, this guy makes less.  Let’s take him!”?

        Can someone tell Colangelo to offer DeRozan for LeBron?  LeBron makes WAY more than DeRozan.

        • RapFan

          Yes, Tim, This is what Matt was talking about. LOL, Read again, you might be able to understand his point.

          • So his comment was sarcastic?  Are you sure?

            • RapFan

              Try Again ….

  • Didn’t Sanatonio win a NBA championship with only one franchise player being Tim Duncan?

    • Jeff

      And when was that ??

      • 2006-2007

        • Nilanka15

          He couldn’t have done it without Parker and Ginobili, who are anything but role players.

          Duncan also had David Robinson when the Spurs won in 1999.

    • Well, first he had David Robinson, and then he had Tony Parker and Ginobili.  Without those guys, Duncan probably doesn’t get any rings.  Parker, remember, was the FInals MVP one year.

  • Bigbalboski79

    i think it requires real suspension of disbelief to think that bargs is in high demand.  his scoring would seem to make him a good fit in certain places, but his lack of defence and rebounding, limit the places he could be dealt.  i think BC has to really try to find the best deal and this may not happen as fast as many raps fans want.  i’d rather go into the season with this guy as a 6th man than trade him and get basically robbed.  we need to find a guy at a position we need that is under-performing and is also suffering from diminished value.

    like maybe brandon jennings?  they need scoring?  we need a pg.  maybe we swap first rounders.  we take a wing at ten?

  • Rpsfan95

    Casey is a lock, a guy with a rep for defense in a system that gets scoring from a 7 footer, it seems to add up

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    Isaiah Thomas my draft darkhorse:

    This is the next JJ Barea type of player coming into the NBA he will be a sparkplug off of someone’s bench.

  • Certified_afghan

    this is the stupidest podcast i’ve ever heard.

    From the Heat “having a ring in the bag” (hows that one turned out?)

    and LeBron being the greatest to ever do it (last 3 post seasons say otherwise).