I just saw the interviews of Kemba Walker, Brandon Knight and Jim Kelly from Tuesday, and what jumped at me was how well-trained the two guards were when dealing with the media. They’re following the scripts provided by their agents to a tee, not saying anything remotely contestable and remain agreeable to any viewpoint presented by the media. My impressions of both were very positive, Brandon Knight seemed a soft-spoken guy who traveled to Toronto to cover his bases just in case he dropped down. He didn’t have to come here, but did. It says something about him. Walker was more relaxed and had to defend the claims submitted against him about not being a “true” point guard and did it once again by stating how he was forced into a scoring role in college, an assertion that was verified by Jim Kelly, who was impressed with Walker’s much-maligned passing.

The news of the day had to come from Doug Smith who is sadly reporting that the choice of head coach is between Dwane Casey and Lawrence Frank. It’s a tad bit anti-climatic because I had my heart set on a hiring that would have raised a few eyebrows across the league. If what Smith is saying is true, then obviously no decision will be made before the conclusion of the Finals as Casey is an assistant coach for the Mavericks and can’t even be interviewed until then. At this point, I’m leaning towards Frank because of his greater NBA experience, and because he’s liable to explode into smoke on the sidelines at any point. However I do think Casey will get the job because he’s due.

Honestly, I’m losing interest in this coach hunt. I’m pretty sure whoever they hire we’ll be wanting to get fired by December anyway, so let’s just make sure the guy we do sign only has a two-year contract, thus matching Colangelo’s. Frank strikes me as the extremely passionate guy who yells a lot and “looks” like a great coach, but could just be a guy who yells a lot. Casey appears to have more substance to him, as most assistant coaches not named Marc Iavaroni do, and his defensive record speaks for itself. Maybe I’m leaning towards Casey, I don’t know, I feel like I’m in high-school again when my options for girlfriend were between a girl who constantly screamed in my ear about how awesome 311 was, and this other quiet one who questioned whether I really understood Margaret Atwood.

Some clarifications – Bryan Colangelo is not looking to trade DeMar DeRozan but is wanting to acquire another top ten pick. Speculation on who he might want to acquire with the second pick if he drafts a point guard with the first one: Small forward needs addressing and so does center, I don’t see any great defensive centers, so I’ll go with small forward and say he might be angling for either Vesely or Leonard. The underlying story of this draft is that Utah’s pick at #3 and what Minnesota does with their second pick is going to shape this draft for a lot of teams.

Jumping along, here’s a bit of an ESPN Insider on Jonas Valanciunas:

While Valanciunas has tremendous offensive potential, it is based more on his athleticism than his skill level. Right now, he scores most of his points off energy plays like offensive rebounds, fast breaks and in the screen-and-roll game, where he gets a running start to the rim. His lack of strength doesn’t allow him to get close enough to the basket yet to utilize any low post moves. And his passing out of the post is average at this point. But based on the fact that he is a near 90 percent free throw shooter this season, there is an expectation that an offensive game can be developed as he physically matures. That is critical because he shows, at this point, no propensity for playing on the perimeter.

Best case scenario: Pau Gasol

There are athletic similarities between Gasol and Valanciunas but I emphasize here that this is a best case scenario. Both were highly successful at the European junior level as both won Under-18 European titles. And both contributed at the highest level of European basketball as teenagers. Don’t expect for Valanciunas to have the same impact as Gasol did in his rookie season. As the No. 3 pick in the 2001 draft by the Atlanta Hawks, Gasol was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies for Shareef Abdur-Rahim. Then, as a 20-year-old in his first NBA season, he went on to average 17 points and nine rebounds.

Now I feel like doing an honest mock draft:

  1. Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers: He’s the best player in a weak draft class. If this were the 2005 draft he’d be the sixth pick. Cavaliers need players who don’t suck, Irving doesn’t suck. Match made in heaven.
  2. Derrick Williams, Minnesota: Skill level combined with athleticism and a couple nice games in the tourney. Somewhere between a small forward and a power forward, which makes him like Boris Diaw. Or Linas Kleiza. Nobody knows, but he can score and that’s what counts. The Raptors could trade up to get this pick so that they can draft Brandon Knight.
  3. Brandon Knight, Jazz: Utah has a long history of great point guards, and by long I mean John Stockton and Deron Williams. I don’t think they trust Devin Harris to be the third in line, so they’ll go with Knight and bring him along.
  4. Enes Kanter, Cavaliers: The Cavs might trade this pick if they go cold on Kanter. Kanter will put Kyle Fesenko to shame.
  5. Kemba Walker, Raptors: They’ll settle for Walker if Knight isn’t there.
  6. Jonas Valanciunas, Wizards: I think the Wizards realize JaVale McGee is a poor defender and an idiot.
  7. Jan Vesely, Kings: He’ll look good backing up Omri Casspi while Donte Greene demands a trade. Chad Ford still thinks he’s coming to Toronto.
  8. Kawhi Leonard, Pistons: Tayshaun Prince’s time in Detroit is up. Or at least it should be. Not saying Leonard is the answer since he can’t make a jumper, well, I kinda am saying that.
  9. Bismack Biyombo, Bobcats: I fully trust Michael Jordan to screw this up, so Biyombo is the obvious choice here.
  10. Marcus Morris, Bucks: Obligatory Kansas pick in the top 10.
  11. Yaaawwwwnnn….

Here’s Charles Barkley on an ESPN radio interview (download):

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  • Nilanka15

    Walker over Knight is the only way to go.  Utah will regret selecting an undersized shooting guard to fill the void left by Stockton/DWill.

    • Statement

      Too bad Faried is a PF,

      Dude was the most productive player in college this year.

  • Nilanka15

    As for the coaching situation, it doesn’t really seem like news that Casey and Frank are the front runners.  When news first broke that Triano’s option wasn’t picked up, very few sane-thinking individuals actually believed we had a shot at Adeleman, Van Gundy, Sloan, or the Zen Master.  Casey and Frank were the realistic choices from day 1.  They both have a lot to prove.  I’d be pleased with either, but I’d lean towards Frank based on his lengthier head coaching experience.

    • Joey

      What it really seems – and what Arse is saying –  it’s an obvious conclusion: you don’t fire a mediocre coach to replace him with another mediocre one.
      It will not take the Raps anywhere.

      • Nilanka15

        Is it really fair using the same adjective to describe Triano and Casey/Frank?  If Casey/Frank are “mediocre”, then there needs to be a new word created to define Triano’s futility.  Clearly, Triano was overmatched as a headcoach, and would be extremely lucky to ever lead an NBA team again.

        With a young team, it’s wise to preach sound fundamentals early in their career, before laziness and bad habits become the norm.  Sure, it would’ve been easy to go with Triano for one more season, but what good would it have done from a defensive learning perspective?  What elements of hard work, and sacrifice has Triano instilled on this club?  None whatsoever.

        Triano is often praised for the “development” of DeRozan and Davis.  But realistically speaking, with increased minutes (under any coach), it’s not far-fetched to assume they would’ve made improvements anyway.  In other words, Triano has done nothing well in his 2.5 seasons as head coach of the Raptors.  The time for change was long overdue. 

        If either Casey or Frank is hired, there will be a noticable improvement in the way this team plays next year.  It may not directly translate in the W-L columns (after all, we’re still very thin on talent), but we will see a team play basketball the “right” way, which is an important, and often overlooked, piece when rebuilding a team.

        • we’ll see…

          • Nilanka15

            This comment applies to virtually everything ever discussed on RR.

        • Gus

          Those are some pretty wide reaching statements.  Triano does not “preach sound fundamentals”.  He has not instilled “hard word, and sacrifice”. 
          I’m not going to be an apologist for Triano here, b/c I disagreed w. a few things I saw as well.   But that team was overmatched in skill and size every night. 
          He started out the year full court pressing and trapping.  Saw that wasn’t going to work w. the roster given and worked on rotations and perimeter pressure. 
          Certain individuals could not or would not respond.  But to lay it all at the coachs’ feet as if he rolled the ball out at practice and let them play horse is just plain ignorant. 

          • Nilanka15

            Way to nitpick the specifics, and miss the point of the post entirely.  Is there a difference in quality between Triano and Casey/Frank?  Yes.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              Casey or Frank >>>> Triano aka Empty Suit Company Man Puppet Coach

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          I agree with this post fully!! lol

      • Sheptor

        I love how we can assume what any coach is like. Do you talk to players coached by Frank? Have you been in any huddles, or been to any of his practices? All we can go by is his win loss record, and “reputation”. Both are NBA assistants because they know basketball. A coach might have a good rapport with one group of players and have bad with another. A lot of what goes into motivating players is the players themselves, if a team has a cancerous player on it, it might not matter what coach is there. I personally would take Frank. He would relish the opportunity to come here and would prepare like a mother flipper.

  • 511

    Don’t watch enough college ball to really have an opinion on their games but … Kemba Walker sure seems a good dude. As did Brandon Knight. It’s getting exciting to know we’ll have what should be a good young player coming on board, soon. 

    And to see all the other things pending – new coach/possible trades – be finalized. Hope we make all the right choices. 

    • 511

      Thinking about it, I could live with either Dwane Casey or Lawrence Frank getting the coaching job. I’m leaning towards Lawrence Frank at this moment because at (only) 41, he must be bright as hell to have already been a head coach for six-plus seasons … and I like that he’s reported to be ‘meticulous about preparation and game-planning’ (DSmith article). Also, I figure that he’s young enough (and again, smart enough) to have continued learning some of what he could, working for a year with Doc Rivers and the Celtics team … and maybe even eliminate some of the not-so-good traits that he might have. And regarding his reputation for end-of-game play-calling, nobody has to tell me about that. I remember, only too well, his Nets down by ten or so with less than a minute (?) to play to then tie and then beat the Raptors … with Vince plunging the dagger at the end of regulation (or o.t.? … or both?). So … I’m quite fine if Lawrence Frank ends up being the new coach. 

      • ak

        yep acc went silent after that one.

  • sleepz

    I see Casey in fornt of Frank at this point. The Mavericks defence has been highly praised this whole playoffs and I completely agree that Casey is definitely ‘due’ for a job. Can’t envision that the Raps job is highly desirable but I’m sure Casey’s near misses probably has him wanting to coach an NBA team regardless of who they are.

    My concern: does managment think that his work with the Mavs and Dirk specifically, he might be able to turnaround Andrea Bargnani and provide another chance to redeem himself?  I sincerely hope not.

    • Nilanka15

      That would be an utter disaster.  I would hope that management realizes there are very little similarities between Dirk and Andrea…but then again, you just never know.

      • cesco

        If Andrea is not traded by next February , Nilanka will go into such a rage that he will start killing people , sell dope to kids and poison the neighbours animals .

        • Nilanka15

          February???  Try July 1st, 2011.

          • cesco

            Well , we will have to alert your neighbours now .

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

            July 1 at 12:00 am and 1 second as soon as his BYC contract tag expires. lol

            I hope that there is no NBA lockout come July 1st but it looks like there will be one as these people can’t agree on how to split the money and the like thus Barg’s might still be a Raptor a bit longer due to that technicality.

        • Theswirsky

          If Bargnani is not traded by next Febuary, BC either has

          1) a bigger ego than anyone thought

          2) is a bigger idiot than anyone thought or

          3) put himself in a situation where his $10mil dollar man has 0 trade value.

          • Tattaychooso

            only morons think bargs isnt a baller.every team in the l would want to have him at c. the bargs haters are internal trolls. we have more trolls trolling our own team then on other teams sites.its fucking pathetic.

            • points

              but bargs said that center is not his position…every team in the nba would want to have him at centre

            • Theswirsky

              well if thats true (every team would want him)… he should bring in some great trade value. 

              • Nilanka15

                If only we kept a running count of how many screen names Joshua Reynolds has used so far.  I’m sure it’s over 20.

                • Lindemueller

                  we know your name as well Faggy McGee.

      • Statement

        I like what Casey has done defensively with good but not great defenders.

        Casey FTW

    • barenakedman

      As a NBA GM Colangelo is supposedly one of the top bball minds on the planet and must have a clear vision of how to build the Raptors into a team their fans can be proud of. 
      After watching Andrea Bargnani for five years he must realize how ingrained the nonchalant attitude to defense and rebounding is.  The dream of AB as a big minute, 1st scoring option on this team is over. There is no perfect complimentary teammate or defensive system that can mask a lack of heart.       

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      I thought the same thing that BC might think that Casey (if he’s hired) can get Barg’s to play defense and rebound like Dirk.

      I do not want Bargnani on the Raptors come next season no matter what!! Nor Jose!

      Plus, will  BC let his new head coach assemble his own coaching staff of assistants or will he nudge PJ and/or Jay onto the new head coach whomever that may turn out to be?

  • so, uh…arse mentioned that casey hadn’t yet been interviewed (obviously)…but aside from these two being on the raps’ wishlist, has either actually been contacted?  For two guys who one would have to assume would be at the top of the 2nd tier of coaching candidates, and who are both with strong organizations at the moment…are we (read: the raps) jumping the gun a bit in narrowing their ‘choices’ to two guys who may or may not actually be interested in the job?  i guess it’s naiive to think they wouldn’t be, just seems a bit like putting the cart before the horse.  would be nice if they’d actually conducted interviews before letting it leak who they’ve targeted as ‘their’ choices.  what if neither frank nor casey wants the job, or are targetted by other teams who they’d prefer?  it’s not as though there’s a whole lot of incentive to come to another country to run this not-exactly-brimming-with-all-star-potential-players team for a within-2-years-lame-duck GM on an at-most-2-year-contract (with team option for a 3rd).  let’s say neither frank nor casey work out…does that mean the raps are ‘settling’ for their at-best 3rd option?  why’s it so hard for this organization to just keep things on the DL?

  • Fouzk

    I like some of the stuff that Dallas runs. Lawrence Frank doesn’t really intrigue me as a coach. I think the only reason he’s being considered is because of reputation. Go Casey.

  • A-Dub

    Don’t sleep on Bismack.  It’s an underwhelming draft and this kid has special length and athleticism.

    Rest of the talent available doesn’t intrigue me at all.

    That being said, sometimes you strike out going for the homerun.

    • barenakedman

      Yes to Bismack but doesn’t Kanter at least intrigue you? 

      • A-Dub

        A little bit, but he’s a 4 defensively.

        Biyombo has the potential to turn this team into a respectable defensive club almost singlehandedly as an anchor.  His reach is ridiculous.  Guys like Ben Wallace played a lot bigger than their height because of that.

        This kid is strong as well.  He does not have a Chris Bosh kind of frame that will have trouble handling added weight.  That’s what sets him apart from the run-of-the-mill athletic big.

        • Nilanka15

          If Colangelo could land another pick in the top 10, I would have no problem taking a chance on Biyombo.  But he’s too risky for the 5th pick with potentially Kanter/Knight/Walker available.

          But if Biyombo is taken, does that affect Alabi’s fate at all?  Or will both players be considered projects, and part of the team’s future?  I believe the last thing we heard about Alabi was that he was playing through an injury all last year, and thus, couldn’t really show what he’s capable of, but management still has high hopes for him.

          • sleepz

            Biyombo is a late 1st round pick at best.

            Not sure how he managed getting into the lottery projections.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              Media hype!!!!!!

        • barenakedman

          The strongest impact picking Bismack could have on the team is to send out a signal that there is a serious change of culture going on. It’s something to think about. He is the only first round center that places his emphasis on defense and the Raps are in need of the guy that dominates the low post. 

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Bismack will be a bust, trust….

      • Triano

        Correct.  Bismack is the worst player currently projected to go in the first round.  And the joke is that he will probably go in the lottery.  I would not be surprised to see Colangelo obtain an additional pick and really shit the bed (draft Biyombo). 

  • bensherman

    if either man gets the job, the Raptors have lost me as a fan. what’s up with the MLSE hiring and signing mediocre personnel and players?

    Rick Adelman is the best available coach out there.. at least make an attempt! Mike Krzyzewski is another solid choice.

    • you are aware that it’s a free market, right?  i’m sure there are coaches out there who would be clear-cut first options to fill the raps’ vacancy, but there’s no chance of it happening, because whoever it is that they’re targetting has to actually want the job (and be available to take it).  so it’s not exactly a case of, ‘let’s hire adelman.’  i obviously don’t know if an ‘attempt’ has been made re. him, but if there was, and it was rebuffed, it likely wouldn’t come out, at least not now.  it doesn’t do any good for a team to let it be known that their top choices aren’t interested in them…though it’s a pretty safe assumption that becoming the raps next HC isn’t exactly a dream job, and certainly wouldn’t be at the top of the list for a guy like adelman.  and i can’t imagine coach k would have any interest whatsoever…if/when he leaves duke, it will be because he’s got a sweetheart of an offer in an ideal situation.

  • Bendit

    I take the RR has hired poster Overeem to run the polling department. Good move…but does he have any statistical expertise? Or just a linguistic savant?

    • Bendit

      Correction: “I take it”.

    • barenakedman

      Overeem rnunig the polnig deaprtemnt is a gerat move but if you are a frist time vsitor it must be sratnge.

  • Mediumcore

    I don’t know much about Dwayne Casey, but if he can be tough on players like Sam Mitchell but be able to call a play other than the high pick and roll he’s got my vote. No more soft coaches please.

  • bboyskinnylegs

    If we do get another pick, I think we’re definitely grabbing a C with one of them. Walking away with Knight/Walker+Biyombo/Valanciunas would be very solid for us imo.

    I just hope we stay away from Vesely, who is 21 and has no discernable assets outside of his first step/aggressiveness. The guy is a mediocre rebounder, doesn’t have the lateral quickness to be effective defending SFs, doesn’t have the size/strength to be effective guarding PFs, can’t create off the dribble very well, gets to the line at a decent rate but is a terrible FT shooter, and is a mediocre 3pt shooter–all he really does well is dunk. He’s essentially a taller version of Gerald Green with better rebounding. 

  • Tim

    It seems like Chicago is thinking about trading Boozer, so how does this sound:

    AB + Barbosa to Chicago and Boozer + 2012 Chicago first round pick to Toronto

    • Nilanka15

      Boozer is ridiculously overpaid thanks to last summer’s free agent spending bonanza.  And considering his constant injury issues (I mean really, who trips over their own gym bag???), he’s a definite NO for me.

      • Tim

        All that is True. But lets face it we are giving them AB who does not know how to play defense, is a Poor rebounder and decent offensive player. There is nothing special about his game what so ever !!! 


      hell yes…i love boozer.

  • Tim

    Also news from Bucks are that they are looking to move Corey M. So who is this:

    AB+ Amir + #5
    Jenning + Correy M.

    • Statement

      I would probably say no to that, because I personally believe that Amir is the best player in that transaction.

      • Nilanka15

        I would argue that Jennings could eventually be a better player than Amir, but I still wouldn’t make this trade.  I don’t like the idea of giving up our 5th pick without getting another 1st rounder in return.

        • Tim

          AB+Amir+Barbosa+ #5
          Jenning + Correy M. + Salmon + #10

          How does this sound now ?

          • Awful.

            • Jeff

              Why would that be an awful trade ? You are trading away a semi decent offensive player in AB, ( lets face it, there are many  guys in this league who can do what he does if they get the minutes) who is an Awful rebounder and one of the worst defender in this league and is owed a Whopping 40 Million over the next 4 years. AB has proven to be a defensive liability for any team and he has NO WAY of changing or improving. 

              Corey has a bad contract too but at least he is better defender than AB !!! Plus, you are going to get Jennings and can pair him up with DD and Amir and form the New and Improved YOUNGGUNZ from Cali !!!

              I say go for it. Take anyone who is willing to take AB.

              • Bigbalboski79

                the length of magette’s contract is two more years but he is selfish, and indifferent on defence and if we r to get better we need guys that give a crap on the back end. here’s a deal:

                bargani for salmons, 10th pick

                salmons can play the 2 and 3.  he is no star, but is solid all around.  fills a need at the three.  can even spot at pg if needed.  with the 10th pick you can go a bunch of directions.  i’d consider alec burks because his scoring potential is huge.  he is 6’6″, will fill out still. klay thompson is another wing player.  if a fwd is what yer looking, you got choices like tristan thompson, biyombo, and possibly marcus morris.

                you take kemba at the 5 and get another athlete at the 10.

                thats my 2 cents 

                • Jeff

                  Noway Bucks will do that. AB is a liability and no team will give you their first round pick and a solid player with reasonable contract for him. To get rid of AB, we have to take some bad contact as well.

                • Bigbalboski79

                  r u kidding?  the bucks do that in a heartbeat.  they have no scroing.  bogut is solid rebounder and shot blocker.  he is the right type of guy to pair with bargs.  and salmons? he isnt elite, but solid.  fills a need plus we get the pick.  the bucks would be all over this deal.  its colangelo who might refrain from, this one.  btw, bargs deal, for a guy who scor 22 ppg is very reasonable.

                • points

                  GOD told solmons not to play here or something like that

              • I have nothing against trading Bargnani, but I certainly have something against trading FOR Maggette.  And I’m not big on Salmons or Jennings, either.

                I guess it depends on how much you like Jennings.  Personally, I think he’s a shot happy PG that doesn’t understand the difference between a good shot and a bad shot, which is probably why he’s never come close to hitting even 40% of his shots, yet that never stopped him from shooting more than 14 times a game.

                I also really don’t like the idea of trading down in a draft that I think has only a few decent players who might be available at 5, and probably won’t be available at 10.

                I’d have to get something really nice back to agree to trade Amir who, to me, is exactly the type of player you want on your team.  Considering how few of them the Raptors actually have, it’s not something I’d easily give up.

                • Frank

                  How does the following sound:

                  Jenning + 10 pick  FOR Amir + #5 

                  This should address our PG and then we can use 10 and AB to address center and SF positions.

                • Statement

                  Just say no to Jennings

                  Amir >>>>>Jennings.

                  Also, trading down in a weak draft?  Why? 

                  This is just a bad idea.  The only positive is Bargs is off the team.  That is all.

                • Don’t like that, either.  At all.  While I don’t know if Amir is a better player, per say, I think he’s a better player for the team.  I’m still not convinced that Jennings is the answer to anything, and I would rather have Amir for the long term than Jennings.  So obviously moving DOWN as well doesn’t work.  

              • Statement

                Can’t pair Jennings with DD and Amir if you are trading Amir,

                Which is why I wouldn’t do this trade.

                IMHO, Jennings = overrated. 

  • CRaptorsFan

    Guys, i can’t stop laughing… Every day the same bullshit. Every day the same “tradeAB”. Every day allways the same. Hope AB will finally go to a real basketball team with a real coach. You are so ridiculous.

    • points

      tell him don’t let the door hit him on the way out

  • points

    forget Boozer the guy is garbage, I rather trade for a next year pick seeing that our #5 pick will lead us to the playoffs and then BC can build from there,out in the first round that ok “you know who he is when he shoots he never miss”  HUSKIES  ROY,COY EOY raptors next season book it 

  • Armst

    Let’s hope Bryan chooses Frank. He torched us so many times with his brilliant plays and our terrible defense. 

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    I don’t trust Jim Kelly’s talent evaluations at all.

    Actually Isaiah Thomas (University of Washington) had the best interview as he said he wanted to go up against Walker, Knight, Irving and company in order to prove that’s he just as good as they are if not better.

    Isaiah Thomas is a big time sleeper in this draft whose game is eerily similar to the Mav’s 5’10 (yeah he’s not 6 feet tall even in shoes) JJ Barea except IT is quicker than JJ Barea.

    As well, Dwane Casey has far more total NBA coaching experience than Lawrence Frank as Casey has been coaching in the NBA since the early 1990s with the Seattle SuperSonics under George Karl which made the NBA Finals in 1996. Casey designed the hard nose defensive style that was led by Payton & Kemp while in Seattle.

    If BC does in fact hire Casey (my choice out of the 2) is he expecting Casey to do what he’s doing with Nowitzki in Dallas with Bargnani in Toronto? I hope not because a Raptors team with Bargnani on it next season won’t have my support as I’m tired of seeing both Jose aka PG Controversy & Andrea aka The Pope in Raptor uniforms- too much bad Raptors karma between those 2.

    Also, I wonder if BC is going to let the new head coach have total autonomy in selecting his assistant coaching staff and won’t force PJ Carlesimo nor Jay Triano on Casey or Frank after Puppet Mastering Jay the past 2 3/4 seasons?

    BC wants 2 top 10 picks in a weak draft? lol

    BC probably has a hard on for a Euro & wants to draft either Jan or Jonas since he can’t take one at 5 (with Walker & Leonard both potentially available at #5) since Kanter most likely won’t fall past 4.

    I wouldn’t waste my time listening to CBarkley he’s a clown ass brother.

    My 1st 2011 Mock Top 10:

    Cleveland: DWilliams
    Minnesota: EKanter
    Utah: KIrving
    Cleveland: KWalker
    Toronto: BKnight
    Washington: KLeonard
    Sacramento: MMorris
    Detroit: TThompson
    Charlotte: KThompson
    Milwaukee: ABurks

    *I don’t see any team in the top 10 taking a chance on Jonas with his contract buy out situation- as is. That could change as his agent is currently trying to negotiate with his Euro team & hoping for a positive resolution before the draft June 23 as NBA teams can only apply $500,000 dollars while said player has to pay the rest of the buy out with his NBA salary and/or endorsement deals.

    RealGM: I heard that your height is almost 6-foot-9 right now and you are still growing. Is it true? How much did you grow in the last two years?Valanciunas: Without shoes my high is really 6-foot-9.

    • Bigbalboski79

      B Knight is not slipping to us at the 5.  that is a fantasy.  kemba walker is our guy if we take a pg.

      • Arsenalist

        I have full faith in BC to maneuver upwards and land Brandon Knight in a three-way trade for Minny’s second pick.  This really comes down to whether Minny is really high on Derrick Williams, if they’re not, I expect a deal.  

        • You apparently like Knight a lot more than I do.  If the Raptors move up, I hope it’s to grab Kanter.

        • Frank

          If we manage to get our hands on #2 , if will be either Williams or Kanter.

          • Statement

            Number 2 should be Faried.

          • points

            any other picks should be forwarded to next season when we won’t be in the lottery but in the playoffs because of our #5 pick ROY CARDIAC KEMBA

        • Statement

          If it were me, I would take Kenneth Faried cause you know he’ll be available.

          But realistically, Walker > Knight IMHO. 

          Also, Jonas would work for me too.

          • Statement

            I know Knight is bigger than Walker but have you looked at his stats?  Statistically, he was horrible this year.  Walker was by FAR his superior.

        • points

          raps don’t need DWill when we are getting ROY with our 5th pick
          you know who he is and when he shoots he never miss.

      • points

        with the 5th pick the Toronto Raptors select “you know who he is when he shoot he never miss” this kid is going to lead this team back to the playoff and if he’s on the board when raptors pick and BC take another player, the next day he should get the boot  

        • Lindemueller

          no drafting of dumb negros. this team needs more smart euro talent.

          • You Racist f***. You say that shit to some ones face and not over the internet. You get f***** up

            • Lindemueller

              im bigger and badder and id hurt u and i have said these things to punk negros and they all back down like the punk bitches they is.

              • haha sureeee buddy, i’d love to see that happen. INTERNET GANGSTER

          • points

            I see “you know who he is when he shoots he never miss” raptors champion, ROY, heart and soul, and leader can’t wait until the draft.
                               KEMBA YAH MI LORD

          • thatpeterguy

            Nothing worse than a racist Troll…except maybe a German racist Troll…

          • points

            They don’t got none , or they are soft and white

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!!

        Time will tell.

        Walker >> Knight, Irving

      • points

        With his mama in the stands like Ray Allen mother watching her son hit clutch shot how sweet it is let nba make it so BC EOY you go boy  HUSKIES in the TDot

  • points

    Raptor Fans do you want to see a 7footer shooting threes or our #5 pick breaking ankles and clutch shots
       you know who he is>>>>CARDIAC KEMBA<<<<<

  • Johnsmith

    ur stupid

    • points

      all last season when ever bargs was in the game i was playing with the kids  going to the washroom making myself something to eat can you see where i’m going with this,i have had enough of this guy bargs give me niggas that dream of playing in the NBA.

    • points


  • thatpeterguy

    I would be satisfied with Lawrence Frank.  I remember when we were playing the Nets in the playoffs  he would consistently come out of timeouts with a great play call and was coaching circles around Sam Mitchell with his X’s and O’s.  That can be Colangelo’s new tag line.  “Lawrence Frank…better than Sam Mitchell”.  Eeeeeeh.   

  • ShaneA

    Just wondering, why don’t the Raptors scout the CIS for basketball players to mold. There is clearly talent-infact Bol Kong who was supposed to go to Gonzaga but couldn’t because he couldn’t get a VISA is going to go to STFX in Antigonish, Nova Scotia (my town).