Brandon Knight is not so sure about working out against other top PGs, and Jimmer Fredette wants to compete against everyone including Bob Cousy. The story reads that one point guard isn’t confident in himself to perform against the peers considered to be in his class, and the other (Fredette) is as confident as Maurizio in an eating contest. In reality, both are acting on the advice of their agents’ strategies. The higher-ranked Knight has been issued a challenge and he appears to be balking, which is making him look both scared and spoiled, rather unfairly.

June 15th is the day when Knight has the option to workout against Walker or Fredette, so we’ll see if he does. Not that it matters in the least, if Fredette proceeds to drop 35 on Knight in a 20 minute scrimmage, it would hardly mean anything since draft selections are never based on one workout. It’s the body of work of a player throughout his college career that has the bearing, the workout is only there to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. As both Knight and Walker alluded to when they were in Toronto, the interview seems to be the most important part of these things, which is where a team measures the character and persona of a player, something which is difficult to do solely based on video tape. Overarching theme of this: Utah is, apparently, having second thoughts about Knight at #3 now.

Bismack Biyombo “bombed” his latest workout. Couldn’t care less because Biyombo is a power forward and we have many of those. In any case, here’s the full report on the day’s workouts including a video of Biyombo’s.

Some coaching talk, potential Raptors head coach Dwane Casey is being credited with Dallas’ Game 5 win:

Given how dominant Nowitzki has been in the playoffs, and that he has quality shooters around him, the fact that Dallas leads the league in postseason offensive rating seems unsurprising. During the regular season, however, the lack of a second prolific scorer was one reason the Mavericks ranked just eighth in the NBA in per-possession scoring. Thanks in part to a 2-3 zone implemented by Dwane Casey, one of several excellent assistants at Carlisle’s disposal, Dallas won just as much with defense in the regular season. The Mavericks’ D has stepped up in the Finals in particular, holding Miami to 5.5 points per 100 possessions below its regular-season output.

Also, did you know there’s an assistant with 16 years of experience sitting on the bench still waiting for his chance.

Kudos to Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun for his astute and in-depth analysis of who the Raptors should hire:

Lawrence Frank is a decent candidate to coach the Raptors. After all, he outcoached Sam Mitchell in his one playoff series against Toronto

Right on.

Ever wonder what two jackasses look like? Here you go:

More random stuff now:

Pictures of Rick Adelman’s house in Houston, which is for sale.

Same for Shane Battier’s.

All I can think of when seeing those prices is that Toronto real estate is way too expensive.

Go Mavs, and don’t forget the RR Draft Party.

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  • Frank

    Utah is Not going to pick Knight with their 3rd pick when Kanter is still on the board. 

  • James

    If Dallas wins tomorrow, Raptors will find their coach as well and it will be Casey ūüôā Which means that AB will stay here for¬†at least¬†another year and BC will let Casey use his defensive system to see if he can utilize AB better than Jay.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Will BC force PJ & Jay onto the new head coach is my question or will the new head coach be able to assemble his own coaching staff?

      If that half ass playing Bargnani is still a Raptor next season¬†after last season’s 2 double doubles & lackdasical effort¬†I hope that basketball educated Raptor fans don’t renew or buy game tickets especially if Amir, Ed or DD is traded away to apease Bargnani’s roster position of PF!!

      A 7 foot 250 pound wuss aka I’m not a center I’m a PF named Andrea. The biggest guy on the Rap’s isn’t a center.lmfao

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    Like I keep on saying about KWalker, KIrving & BKnight they are not currently better players than Bayless and none of them is guaranteed to be a better NBA player in the future than Bayless.

    That’s why I like Isaiah Thomas as he is willing to go head up against the so called elite pg’s in this year’s ¬†draft and show that he’s just as good if not better than them¬†.

    Those guys (Knight, Irving, Walker, etc)¬†that¬†are believing their pre draft media hype may see guys drafted ahead of them for that decision to avoid competitive pre draft workouts as per said player’s¬†agent.

    Btw- Agents are mostly parasites pimping athletes- why does an athlete need an agent anyway- handle your own business do a Ray Allen.

    Bismack Biyombo is a bust, trust! Media hype =’s hypnotizing

    I recall more than a few BC apologists saying that BC corrects all of his mistakes?

    Except his biggest mistake to date- King Barg’s aka The Pope.

    I swear if BC hires Casey then expects him to do with AB what he’s done for Dirk in Dallas- I will say fuck the Rap’s and support the Grizzlies until AB¬†is gone from the TDot.

    I will not support any future Raptors team with Calderon & Bargnani on the roster- point blank, no matter whom the new coach is to be!

    Bob McAdoo has long been one of my dark-horse candidates along with Bill Laimbeer to be the Rap’s next head coach.

    I think that someone may be borrowing my Raptors coaching tid bits in the TDot

    Any news on the Rap’s search for a¬†new GM front?

    My short list for Rap’s new GM:

    Kevin Pritchard (ex PO GM)
    Julius Erving (ex Executive Vice President of the Orlando Magic)
    Richard Cho (ex PO GM)
    Chris Mullin (ex GS GM)
    Ronnie Lester (Lakers ex assistant GM)
    Danny Ferry (ex Cav’s GM)

    My top 6 Raptor coaching candidates in order of preference:

    1. Mike Woodson
    2. Dwane Casey
    3. Bill Laimbeer
    4. Bob McAdoo
    5. Mo’ Cheeks
    6. Lawrence Frank

    My top 10 2nd mock draft order:

    Clev: DWilliams
    Minn: EKanter
    Utah: KIrving
    Clev: KWalker
    Raps: KLeonard
    Wash: MMorris
    Sac: BKnight
    Det: TThompson
    Char: JFredette
    Mil: ABurks

    Heat in 7, book it or I will stop posting on this site!!!

    • Husky_Coon

      If there’s one positive I can take out of the Heat winning game 7, it’ll be that you’ll no longer be posting on this site…

      • ThatRandomRapsFan

        I think he said he won’t post if the Heat don’t win in 7 games considering he predicts the Heat in 7

    • Please win heat, pleeeeaaasssseee!!!!!

    • James

      I can actually see the Draft the way you put for the first top 4 BUT I think Knight will be taken by Raptors are five for sure if he is still on the board or even at 4 by Clev. At end, in all these scenarios I don’t see either D.Williams, Kanter or Irving dropping to five and the Raptors are limited to either Walker or Knight.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Idk Knight isn’t currently¬†better than Bayless I believe that the Rap’s talent scouts can see that- I hope.

        I like Walker alot more than Knight.

        KLeonard is a Gerald Wallace type in the making in my mind.

        Rap’s can always¬†address their pg needs¬†via trade and/or free agency especially with the highly anticipated¬†lot of pg’s (Kabongo, Teague, Rivers, Wroten Jr, Siva)¬†potentially coming out next season.

        I would like to see the Rap’s acquire a late 2011¬†1st round pick (Boston is rumored to want out of the 1st round) and draft pg¬†Isaiah Thomas from the University of Washington.

    • JJ

      The Heat are not winning tonight, Spolestra will be fired and he will be named new head coach of the Toronto Raptors

    • Daniel

      Kid, why don’t you open your own blog?

      • Guest

        Now he’s has to!

        • points

          from day 1

    • Beaverboi

      Mavs in 6. Sorry. Nice hearing your rants. Bye Bye!!!!

  • Rpsfan95

    Jimmer / Cheeks 2012

    • points

      cardiac/casey 2012

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!
    Bismack ‘Bust’ Biyombo

    • Balls of Steel

      Joey Dorsey 2.0

    • Nilanka15

      lol, i can’t take any more missed layup footage from a potential top 10 pick

  • Bigbalboski79

    to the comments about knights stock dropping?¬† well, i think whats really happening is that teams are firming up their “order” of who they pick and beginning¬†a mis-information campaign to confuse other teams.¬† you generally dont advertise who you’d pick, unless you are going first.¬†

    utah may like kanter over knight at #3.¬† but, i’d be very surprised to see irving slip to¬†#3, just as¬†i’d also be shocked to see kanter go #2.

    kemba walker will be the best pg left at the #5, with knight and irving gone.  BC could take kawhi leonard because he has bigger potential upside.

    Walker seems projected to be a solid nba starter who will make this team better by virtue of his shooting and dribble penetration.¬† he will spread the floor and create room for other players.¬† that his passing was lauded by jim kelly is, to me, a sign that the raps concerns he may be in the bayless mold of “shoot-first” pgs, were addressed.

    however, if BC has decided that leonard is more likely to be a star?  the team is better quicker than adding kemba?  than i think we get the SF position filled first.  i have been very high on kemba.  but the more i read about leonard, the more certain i am that he is the bigger impact player. 

    we may be able to get an upgrade at the PG or at least a different type of PG via trade.

    the¬†delay to get interview¬†with casey¬†suggests, to my eye, he is¬†the raps first choice.¬† this would be the last chance to¬†see if bargs can be made into a decent/acceptable nba defender.¬† this is bad for the ed davis fans¬†like me, and also for amir’s chances to get minutes.¬† seems pointless to have three PFs, and no three point shooters.

    if i were managing this roster, i’d forget about a player of equal value for bargs and focus on adding pieces (ie depth, vets) that would make an impact in small incremental ways.¬† if we could move bargs for a pick in th 6-11 spots and a¬†solid second unit player, i would do it.

    and i would consider using that pick on a guy like jimmer fredette (if we took leonard), morris or tristan thompson.

    so, i’d offer milwaulkie:

    bargs for john salmons and the 10th pick

    and i’d offer charlotte:

    bargs for stephen jackson and 9th pick or
    bargs for boris diaw and 9th pick.

    thats my 2 cents     

    • points

      how about a pick for next year for bargs do we have to take something this year? i just would like to see the raps start fresh and i think if bargs and the guy that kobe scored 160 point on are off this team it will look like when i get a hear cut fresh

    • Nilanka15

      Fredette will be playing in Europe within 3 years.

  • Riego

    I’ve seen Biyombo a couple of games here in Spain and is just a horrible player…he shouldn’t be even drafted.

    There is no young guys playing in Spain with NBA level right now, maybe Rubio, and I remark maybe, he’s been outplayed this year by Victor Sada in Barcelona FC.

    • Bendit

      Hope Minny drafts Biyombo with #2. That should cement Kahn’s entry to the HOF.

      • JD

        Funny as that would be, would anyone be THAT surprised???

        • Riego

          Not at all ūüėÄ

    • YeDig

      i’d like to see Biyombo in a jumpshooting comp with Solomon Alabi.¬† first to hit the rim wins

      • YeDig

        trade ed davis, amir, bargs.   All we need is Bismack and Soloman baby!!

      • FenixL

        In all seriousness Alabi is a solid jumpshooter, he shot around 80% from the FT his final year in college

        • JD

          Yep, if Alabi has one strength on offence, it’s his 15-foot set shot.

  • Bendit

    Steve Simmons must be mandated at the Sun to include at least one reference to the Raptors in his Sunday column. Even a Terry Jones following soon after got more ink. WTF is Terry Jones?

  • Brasky

    Biyombo’s a Centre, Arse. What about him screams PF to you?

    • Arsenalist

      His height, mostly.

      • JD

        Height means nothing when your standing reach is 9’4″. Biyombo is pure center material. No way he could guard forwards anyway.

  • Mattzeh_XIV

    what’s up with the photo? that’s really racist

  • Buddahfan

    Jimmer wows Sacramento Kings with quickness, defense

    Before the NBA’s May combine in Chicago, Taft, who is known as “The Speed Guy,” predicted in the Deseret News the most surprising thing Fredette would deliver to scouts at the combine is his speed.

    Indeed, Fredette posted the third-best lane agility time of 3.21 seconds, ahead of Knight, Walker, Isaiah Thomas and Noland Smith.

    “I was very excited he did as predicted, but I wasn’t surprised at all,” said Taft. “I’ve worked with Jimmer so long and worked with some very talented athletes and Jimmer is so efficient. If you watch some of the clips of his drills in the lane at the combine,
    you saw how efficient he is with his movements. He understands what it means to position his upper and lower body when doing these types of drills.”

    Former Timpview and BYU basketball player Alan Andrus, who played professionally in Japan, attended the Kings’ workout.

    “Jimmer played well. Of course he shot well, though not spectacularly ‚ÄĒ for him,” said Andrus. “He passed very well in the
    3-on-3, dominating without shooting a lot. He also looked good, and I would guess quicker than the Kings’ braintrust might have expected, on defense. Offensively, he had some moves that had Jerry Reynolds, Pete Carril, and the whole row of Kings brass laughing and shaking their heads at how good he was. At one point he probably hit 15 20-foot pull-up jumpers in a row

    full story on link

    • Bigbalboski79

      great read, man.¬† watching jimmer climb the boards reminds me of curry last year.¬† there’s a reason he got 22 ppg.¬† i think people r realizing his game will translate to the pros.¬† he is no top 5er, but around ten?¬† methink so.

  • Statement

    Did anybody catch Chris Bosh crying after the finals loss?  FUCKING PRICELESS!!

  • James

    Lets welcome Casey as our Head Coach to the Great White North. Also, AB Haters should get used to AB for another year. 

    • points

      i have to say your right dallas north

    • Nilanka15

      Gotta love the ridiculous “conclusion” that hiring Casey means Bargnani is here to stay.¬† AB is as comparable to Dirk as Fred Jones is to Jordan.

      • Danny

        I like to see Casey as our coach as well and hopefully we can try the new system with AB as a part of it. Yes, AB right now is not Dirk at age 33-34 but also Amir is no Chandler and DD is no Terry and Bayless is No Jason Kid and Raptors will not be in NBA final for next 6-7 years.

        That being said, I don’t think we will get much for AB in market today and it will be great to see how a real Coach who has a great defensive philosophy and has worked with another 7 footer who is a bad defender can use AB.

        BC make it happen…..



    • points

      kemba > jason terry dallas north Tot Dad is going to have bargs playing like dirk next season