Oh nooo, Ed Stefanski’s not coming…what are we going to do…oh no…help, help…

So it turns out Bryan Colangelo’s dreamy face and soft charms weren’t enough to lure Stefanski, and he’s more interested in the Portland gig – such is the lure of Brandon Roy’s gimpy knee. I can’t blame him, he’d be more than a figurehead GM there and would have better talent to work with. Just like with the players, the Raptors might need to overpay to get their man.

All this analysis done for nothing, I’m going to hold back further posts about any suits until I see someone lifting a Raptors-themed basketball and posing with Colangelo at the ACC. This whole saga also proves that Adrian Wojnarowski can be wrong, like he was about Jordan.

No point in me repeating what’s linked in the article, but the Spurs guy, Dennis Lindsey, is back in the picture (Update: no, he’s not). It’s like if you’re hiring a pilot and you got to pick between Arnie Pie and this guy. We’ll probably end up getting Jeff Bower, the ex-New Orleans man. He did take the Hornets from the lottery to what can be classified as a pseudo-contender, kind of like the Atlanta Hawks of the West. You might best remember him as the guy who drafted Chris Paul. Let’s look at his titles since he joined the Hornets in the summer of 1786: Head Coach, GM, Director of Scouting, Director of Player Personnel, and Scout.

I’ve already said it but I’ll repeat anyway: I don’t care who they hire. I just can’t be bothered about an Assistant GM, which is what this position really is, and if you think otherwise then you’re just kidding yourself. The only thing I will offer is that Bower had had, for all intents and purposes, strong control of the Hornets’ decision making. In Toronto, he might not get that, and the only reason he’ll take the job is that because he’s unemployed.

David Stern on Jim Rome – listen here. To recap, David Stern pretty much made Jim Rome look stupid without even trying. Check that. Jim Rome made Jim Rome look stupid by asking stupid questions. Example:

Rome: Hey commissioner, is Kenyon Martin telling fans that he hopes they get AIDS good for the NBA?

Stern: Ummm….no.

Rome: Commish, is a lockout bad for the NBA?

Stern: I think so, yes.

Dennis Rodman’s in town for a horse race (just to be clear, he’s watching it) and thinks the players should “bow down” to the owners.

Finally, proof that Juan Dixon did something right:

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  • drizz

    Juan Dixon has done everything right.

    • Juicy

      Then why does he have such a stinkface going on?

  • Guest

    Worst front office ever

  • Matt52

    Lindsey is not back in.  He pulled out of the running.

    Woj says it is Bower or Pritchard now.

    • Arsenalist


  • Nilanka15

    Hahahahaaaaa, great picture for the title

  • Nilanka15

    Unrelated to the post, it’s encouraging to read Koreen’s article about DeRozan, and his improved 3 pt shooting. But funny that his defence wasn’t specifically mentioned.


      i think it hard to tell about Demar and his defence stand since he was playing street ball but nice to hear about the improved 3 pt shooting

      • Bendit

        As you noted street ball is notorious for it’s lack of defense hence even if he is making the 3 pt shot it must be seen how he would perform under good perimeter defense conditions. I am just glad he is at least working at his game.

  • Pesterm1

    Proof that Colangelo must read the forums. On RealGM and raptorsrepublic there has been nothing be complaints and bad things to say about Stefanski. Well looks like Toronto fans get their wish and Stefanski wont come in… thank you

  • rapture

    I have seen that guy at the games.. i love seeing him

    • Nilanka15

      It’s super an Nav Bhatia, owner of some Hyundai dealerships across the GTA, and a season ticket holder

  • Bendit

    Shouldn’t Juan be smiling?

  • Nilanka15

    Is Sportsnet retarded?  They’re claiming talks between Stefanski and the Raptors are heating up, days after it was reported that discussions have fallen through…


    • p00ka

      Amazing that there’s more going on with NBA management than what one reads,,, and reiterates,,, on the internet. Imagine that

  • Buschfire

    looks like u guys are wrong, stefanski is now the exec vp of bball operations for the raps. done and done.

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