• rapture

    The lack of traffic here on this website is embarrassing. I hate the NBA.

    • cesco

      A second reason why there is little traffic (besides the obvious main reason) is that the haters cannot spew their daily venom toward the only Rap who is in the top 100 among NBA players . That is not the opinion of the Euros lovers but of the cousins down south .

      • Smartmw

        Nice try Euro lover. No one with any sense could defend a player who is one of the worst and overpaid by all advanced NBA metrics.

        • ImBetterThanYou

          Implying Bargnani is overpaid?

        • cesco

          You are stupid or the analysts down south are stupid . I prefer to believe the analysts since they are getting paid to evaluate the worthiness of each player in the league . The second best player in our team is the Spanish matador by the way , according to them .

          • Nilanka15

            There’s a reason they’re analysts, and not GMs.

      • Juicy

        Just like to point out how Bargnani lovers typically point out how the haters are constantly bringing him up, and dragging him into topics that weren’t specifically about him to find any excuse to bash him.  Yet, heer nobody mentioned Bargs, and Cesco is providing both the gasoline and the match and waiting for the fire.  Leads me to this conclusion: Cesco = Troll.

  • Sheptor

    What we need here is an NBA fan Occupy movement. All fans need to pull their socks up and spend a few nights in a tent with a bbq and protest in front of their teams arena. Show our restlessness.

    • steve

      You say that tongue in cheeck, but I’m somewhat suprised, with the power of the internet and modern communcation, a group hasn’t tried to organize fans to have a say in this.  This whole ordeal is framed as ‘the owners’ vs ‘the players’ but those groups are on the same side of the coin.  In ‘supply and demand’ they are the _supply_ while we, the fans, are the _demand_.

      If us fans could organize ourselves and have the decipline to show restraint (ie boycotting certain games, not buying any NBA merchandize for a specific month etc) then we could have a say in this matter.  Because as it sits now, once the new CBA is created, the pie won’t be large enough for everyones /wants/ and those desired profits will come out of our (the fans) pockets — and that sucks.

    • Juicy

      I had almost the same thought today, Occupy the ACC.  And that doesn’t mean actually attend the games but sit outside the ACC and protest.  The Leafs fans can complain about how the “99%” never get tickets or can’t afford them.  The Raptor fans can have a sit in until Bargs is traded or grabs rebounds.  And we can all share our anger for paying more for an inferior poorly run product in Toronto Sports.

    • Ferdibook

      Gay fan of occupy wall street.

      You really want a wall street guy to take over the average joes job as a construction worker or a salesman at walmart? You really don’t want that because they work hard to get those six figure salaries. Imagine for 10/hr.

      Clearly people didn’t think the repercussion of occupy wall street. Gay!

      • Sheptor

        I really don’t understand what you’re trying to say. I don’t know if you understand what the Occupy movement is trying to accomplish (although many members come from different viewpoints, but CHANGE I guess would the primary goal), and are you suggesting Occupy is GAY!!!

  • JHP

    I believe the power of the mass media will come into play.  In other words the TV gods have spoken and there will be NBA games sooner then later.  Not because they will resolve their differences but because the real power broker has awaken and indicated they need to pay 82 games or else.  Where would Stern or the NBA be without the huge TV contracts ?

    • K.J.P

      That’s one of the problems. The TV contracts the NBA have right now are very low in cost. The NBA made those deals years ago when the NBA wasn’t nearly as popular. I believe those contracts are up in 2 or 3 years (not sure). The 300 million the “NBA” lost will be easily erased with the new contracts they will sign because the NBA is significantly more popular now. 

      But that’s just one of many things to think about.

    • steve

      As I hinted at above, I think the question could be “Where would the NBA be if we, the fans, didn’t tune in?”

      • Bendit

        This is a fallacy oft repeated. The fans are addicts by definition and in reality. No matter the sport there shall be always the very large segment of the sport-addled voyeur looking for the fix. As mentioned above the TV mavens and bankers ultimately have the largest sway…just as in about every facet of living (ok, maybe exaggerated a tad).  

        • steve

          This line of thinking stems from “I can’t see beyond the horizon, so the world is flat”.  I think over time people’s realizations can change.

          I’d even argue the fact you and I are exchanging our opionions via the internet illustrates a means in which this can happen.

  • Borg

    Who’s in for the season opener party at the usual? Aresen ?

  • Chaudhry

    any true raptors fan should realize that no basketball this year is truly whats best for the raptors, All the old veteran teams get a little older, Valanciunas develops while the rest are eating chicken wings and updating their tweets, we are ensured a high pick, that could possibly be are franchise player, 2012-2013 is going to be an exciting time for raptors fans!


      no, raptors should trade the pick and a player for Curry that way we get our point guard and a clutch 3 point shooter

    • isn’t what’s likely ‘best’ for the raps is that there is at least some season (say, 45-ish games) so that they can cement that high pick (because, well…you know), while also getting their young guys more seasoning (and in some cases, being able to use the benefits of the new CBA to rid themselves of a contract or two)?  if there’s absolutely no season (which seems highly doubtful now), then the lottery odds would likely be similar to what the NHL did after they cancelled a season.  i just think that the raps would be worse in a shortened season (thereby improving their lottery odds) than they were last year.

      • Juicy

        I agree with 2damkule, many suggestions or ideas on what the draft would be with a season lost had them around the five spot (for lottery odds) and I find it hard to imagine anything would change if they actually played.  Colangelo spoke yesterday about not making a splash in Free Agency, so it’s unlikely the team will improve, so cellar dwellars it is.

        However, if they play any or all of a season, the young players continue to grow, and chemistry continues to develop.  Meanwhile, and perhaps most importantly, Casey can start working on developing his system and teaching it to these players.

        It might also give us a season to further assess Bargnani.  Can he play defense with a true defensive teacher as coach?  This season, if played, could answer that.  Though, the excuse is already built in: “We need to wait until he can play next to JV to assess him”.

        The only loss is the “Valanciunas develops while the rest are eating chicken wings..” argument.  While I agree, not having him might contribute to a worse record, and that of course contributes to the ping pong balls.

      • Chaudhry

        that’s really difficult to tell if they will be better off draft wise in a shortened season, imo 45 games might not be enough to show how bad this team truly is……..and where will we be then?

        and how can you know they will follow the nhl model?

  • Nilanka15

    Ironic that he used the word “striking” to describe progress…

    • Paradigm Shift

      I found it ironic too, but possibly for a different reason.

      Of course, we all understand that the NBA is under an owner imposed lockout. The notion of strike implies a “power” play by the players/union and that’s why I find the juxtopostion of the terms “strike” and “progress to toward a deal” ironic…… because my sense is that biggest reason for “hope” that this dispute will be settled was in the body language of the two sides in their recent press conferences. To me, Hunter and Fisher looked tired and defeated, whereas Stern was all smiles. I conjecture from that (and I acknowledge it’s a leap) that the player union is on the verge of folding.

      Months ago many wrote that the true pressure on the players would come in November when the first paycheques were lost. This seems to be playing out as orchestrated by the true powerbrokers in this dispute, the owners; and not by any empowerment (which strike action might imply) of the players.

      • Bendit

        Further to your conjecture re the PU, I read where Jeffrey Kessler the very hawkish lawyer advising the PA and attendant at all the meetings has been missing the last couple of days. Coincidentally the talks seem to moving along more genially…one might deduce. The PA say he had to attend to other matters.


        • Paradigm Shift

          TrueHoops Tweet from 51 minutes ago:

          Jeffrey Kessler just rushed in.

          • Bendit

            Weeelll now…hence the impasse today and further cancellation of games….maybe? possibly?

            • Paradigm Shift

              I don’t think the responsibility rests with one individual…, right?

  • DumbPlayers

    No Deal !!! Seems like the 82 game now is out of questions because Players simply don’t want the 50-50 split !!!! How does this make sense in todays world when resection is killing us.

    • Bendit

      I believe it’s more than just the 50-50 bri split. I think the owners are still holding out for a hard cap/luxury tax combination which will have impact on especially the superstar player movement between teams. The PA wants to make a deal connecting the two issues as opposed to the other side. I would have the owners not budge on system change issues….couldnt care less on the upfront money split.

  • Dcoghina

    I don’t understand why a lot of people think the players are the product. There is nothing worse for a business than to mischaracterize its product, the reason why it’s in business. The product of the NBA is entertainment within the context of a professionally managed athletic league. The content of the entertainment is the production of basketball games. The main actors of the basketball games are the b-ball players.
    Without NBA the players playing b-ball games represent literally amateur stuff. Very few people would pay any money to watch LeBron, Dirk, etc playing in the local YMCA basically pick-up games. Years of marketing a star-driven league completely deformed the players’ reality and their role in the business environment of NBA. I found very significant that Garnett, who made $300 million during his career, broke the negotiations one day. He made more money on a gross basis that the owners combined in profits in the last 5 years. This for a guy who would have probably ended up with a bullet in his head due to his style and demeanour without b-ball.
    I hope owners will stand united in changing the system. The players will be in for a rude awakening if the entire season is lost. NBA has strong competition for entertainment dollars in a weak economy. If the players don’t come to their senses the owners will impose a harsher and harsher labour contract. The actors in any entertainment sector are plentiful; the capital is scarce. They can talk about race and other BS as much as they want when in reality it is economics 101.

    • Paradigm Shift

      “I hope owners will stand united in changing the system.”

      I’m not sure where all your spite for the players comes from, or where your sense of entitlement for owners comes from, but make no mistake about it the owners are not looking to fix the “basketball” system (to make it fairer), they are looking to “fix” the distribution of wealth within the system so that they get more of it.

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  • Barbosa

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