Rapcast #115: RR Occupies the Lockout

Back on the mic talking Raptors, lockout, contracts, and race.

Rapcasts, remember those?

PHDSteve and I chat about the lockout, contracts, the Raptors, and P90X.

Some topics:

  • Surprised the lockout has taken an ugly turn. We shouldn’t have been.
  • David Stern cancelling games in two-week chunks.
  • Comparisons to the ’99 lockout.
  • Who really has control in these negotiations?
  • Regardless of the facts, what do the optics here look like?
  • Race issue? NBA: black player, white owner. NHL: white player, white owner. Who does the “general” public relate to?
  • Impact on current player and future players.
  • The system and not the BRI became the issue in the negotiations.
  • From a Raptors POV, if there’s a season to miss, this might be it.
  • Teams that benefit and hurt from a shortened season.
  • Steve argues that missing a season might actually help the rebuilding process. What?
  • NBA minutes are NBA minutes, but what can you learn from them if it’s not in a structured environment?
  • The Raptor who will show the most improvement under Dwane Casey. The answer will surprise you.
  • This defensive big man the Raptors are targeting, is it really necessary or do we just wait for Jonas.
  • If contracts are voided, how would it affect the Raptors? What options might they have?
  • Hypothetical scenario. New CBA has an amnesty clause, which Raptors contract would you void? It wasn’t Bargnani or Calderon.
  • Log-jam at the power forward…who’s the odd man out?
  • Harrison Barnes.
  • Will there be a season? Christmas Day games are the key.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (26:32, 9.5MB). Or just listen below:

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