I had to really press myself to add that exclamation mark at the end of the title. That’s how I’m supposed to feel, right? After all the bullshit of the last six months, it turns out that there was common ground, and they just took the much, much, longer road to find it. If I’m the players, I fire Billy Hunter. If I’m Stern, I set a retirement date. In the NBA’s case, new blood is needed at the top, in the players’ case, they need to find a leader who doesn’t look and act like a stupider version of Don King.

Whatever, deal done. Raptors basketball is back. All I can say is that I’m excited to see what Casey brings. As there are no new players, and unlikely to be any significant names coming in, what’s in the cards for Raptors fans is really more of the same, except with a different standard bearer in Casey. He really is the marquee signing of the summer, which tells you the question this season will answer: Can Casey bring something out of the players that Triano couldn’t? Specifically, whether he can get them to play defense beyond walking back up the court.

You could even look at this season as a stop-gap till Jonas gets here, throw half a season of development at DeRozan, Davis, and whoever else, and then reevaluate in the summer. Or maybe they already know enough about the players and can make a decision of whether to retain Bargnani, whether Bayless is good enough, whether Kleiza is a bad contract etc. Colangelo can act this out a few different ways, it all depends whether he sees any real potential in the players under contract. If he doesn’t, why wait till next summer or even the summer after that to confirm what you pretty much already know.

Anyway, there’s nothing official on raptors.com, but the word is the season starts on December 25th. In other news, MLSE isn’t on sale, which really sucks because my dream of the Raptors being owned by a Dubai billionaire heavy into basketball just got pissed on.

BTW, if you got to the forums, you’ll notice a big stupid red screen warning you. It’s wrong. For those of you into web development, it’s treating ESPN’s iframe’s as malware, it’ll go away in the next day or so for good.

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  • j bean

    It’s great to have the contract out of the way. Although all the details haven’t been released yet it sounds like a deal that could have been reached early enough to start the season on time. 
    Anyway I don’t mind a shortened regular season at all.
    I think Casey will be a huge upgrade over Triano and we’ll see that reflected in the level of play on the court. 

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      With a 2 week training camp/preseason- really?

      With multiple back to back games?

      You think that Casey will be able to install his system in 2 weeks?

      Plus at least 1 up to 3 back to back to back games per team as well.

      The on court play of the Rap’s (NBA as a whole) this season will be awful especially early on- time will tell, just wait & see.

      The Rap’s will be one of the 3 worst teams record wise in the whole League this season.

      • KaioKev

        yeah the system won’t be implement fully or even half way this season because of the quick start and tight schedule. I also don’t expect Colangelo to make and “significant” trades and free agent signings when that window opens up in December. I think that for the 2012-2013 season there will be a big jump and defensive play from the Raptors (probably a decrease in exciting basketball play too) and Colangelo with dive deep in to trades and free agents.

        I say sit back, relax we’re getting a decent draft pick next summer and then its onwards and upwards!!

  • Matt52

    “Can Casey bring something out of the players that Triano couldn’t? Specifically, whether he can get them to play defense beyond walking back up the court.”
    I sure hope so.

  • Truthkiller

    AHHH YESS!!! Finally after months the NBA is coming back. Can’t wait to see the Raptors suit up.

  • cesco

    The common ground was reached only during last night ( last chance to play ball this year )when both sides knew that the majority of owners (15 out of 29) and 51% of the players will accept the tentative agreement . They knew that fighting it in court would have killed the NBA ( possibility of too many years of litigation and too many players would have found permanent employment overseas ) .

  • Statement


    The Rock….er….Raptors basketball has come back to Toronto!

    This is for the millions…and MILLIONS.

  • p00ka

    It looks like the owners caved on too much, but am happy that we’ll have basketball to talk about soon. Well, except for the incessant Bargnani related whining.

    • cesco

      If the WHOLE team can play better defense under Casey  , the whiners will start eating out of AB lap .

    • Truthkiller

      And with this marks the return of the Bargnani Fanboys, but I do have to say I am pretty anxious to see if and that’s A BIG IF Casey can change Bargnani into at least an above average defender & rebounder.

      • cesco

        Andrea will show progress defensively if EVERYONE else show progress , that will be a very difficult task for Casey to accomplish .

        • Theswirsky

          so… Bargnani will look better if everyone else gets better on D?

          So true.  Its not like we can any longer expect Bargnani to improve…. best rely on everyone else covering for him

          • RapthoseLeafs

            It’s a team game.

            Andrea or Demar or Jose could individually get better (via Casey), but if the balance of the team doesn’t, that “single” individual effort will not amount to a significant change in our defensive status.

            Why does this always have to be a case of looking for some way to bash a player? Would you prefer a player fail, so that you can feel better?

            Basketball is on again – let’s enjoy the moment, before we stumbled into another season of hate and fandom. 

      • Johny WTF

        Bargs is a some what good 1 on 1 defender…its his team D and rotations that need to be improved on greatly

    • Paradigm Shift

      “David Stern predicts owners will support this “tentative agreement” and
      it’s not just because his side won almost all the important concessions.” – Henry Abbott

    • Johny WTF

      Do you think Bargnani has heard the lockout is done?  He’s probably sitting beside the pool ready to book his 3 month cruise around the world…

  • Darien

    Anything produced by ESPN is pretty much toxic, so I understand my browser’s aversion. In other news, DRAFT PICK LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Guest

    stoked up for a short season, but still worried that this terrible ownership/front office will continue to ruin the fortunes of our team with bad decisions

    it is interesting that most people think Casey will fare better than Triano, even without knowing what kind of moves BC will make

  • ad

    At least its less painful to watch the raptors suck over 66 games instead of 82. I’ll give them one more season to suck and get a high draft pick. Then next season I want to see some results. They have a lot of cap room in a good free agent class next yr. At least .500. If not, BC is gone.

  • Tinman

    Wow -didn’t take long now, did it?

    • KJ-B

      BOUT TIME!

  • Rob

    I think the red screen is a response to a virus or bug of sorts that randomly pops up when I visit the forums. At random times while reading (not click on any url) the forums my page will load a new page that automatically starts a download Ive never seen before.. When this happens, I freak and alt-f4 all of it… 😛 i tried writing a thread about it, but it happened before i could press submit! could any admin look into this?

  • Rob

    also… THANK GOD THE NBA IS BACK!!!! I was going crazy over here without it….

  • Daniel

    I’m happy to have b-ball however the business model will still be broken. The last 2 CBA’s were set up in a good economic environment so when the economy turned south the league failed the small-market teams. The new CBA tries to play catch-up with the economic realities however the players’ unrealistic expectations proved to be an impediment to a smarter deal. In my opinion every business should play defense for the next few years which will prove to be a trying period for everybody. The new CBA’s set up should really have been much more imaginative in terms of different potential outcomes within a range of revenues.
    I predict in 2 years at least 5 more teams will declare bankruptcy unless there is a very strong revenue-sharing agreement to complement the split in BRI. Personally I believe contraction would have been a much better solution linked to the current realities.

  • Kevin

    The most important thing here is that we are going to suck and suck bad guaranteeing us a high pick and that is all that matters.

    • cesco

      Let us wait and see . Last year they beat some pretty good teams ( Boston , Chicago , Oklahoma , Orlando , Dallas ) , why can’t they improve this year with a coach who will teach them better defense .

      • ad

        Because they have no talent and in the NBA you need star players which they have none of. They can steal a win against a good team occasionally but more often then not they’ll get destroyed.

  • Jef

    So is this new deal making NBA more competitive and will not allow the big city teams steal stars from small markets ? NOOOOO, so nothing changed 🙂 

    Players are the winners here and fans are the losers.

    • Cjthompson2

      How do you know?  They haven’t even reported on the terms of the deal yet.  The owners gave up on the hard cap at the first bargaining session and what is being said by Silver is that the luxury tax has been increased to make it harder for high spending teams to keep spending.  

    • Vancouver Raptors

      I would have been more than happy to lose a season if it meant the smaller market teams would become more competitive.

      • John

        Same here. This is the same CBA as before, Stars getting together and banging against the smaller team.

      • except…the raps don’t operate in a small market.  so…any system that is designed to ‘help’ small market teams wouldn’t help the raps (and could hurt them).  the ability to outspend (or overspend) teams for talent is made possible because of the cap/lux tax system.  it just happens that the organization (to date) has been happier reaping the benefits of staying under the tax than spending over in the chance that it will make them better.  i see why…if you’re not truly going to ‘compete’ for a title, it may be difficult to justify spending into the tax to get to .500 (or slightly above) and a first round sweep.  still – you have to start somewhere.  hopefully, the building blocks are in place to at least be a competitive team.  the new cba should allow the raps to acquire talent, it’s just a matter of it being the RIGHT talent.  

        • Mos_Jef

          Toronto is a small market in the eyes of most of the players and therefore, we have to pay more to get them to come here. With a hard cap, the big market teams won’t be able to offer as much if they already have one or two superstars.

          • KaioKev

            The way I see it is, there are three markets. The major/big city market, the small market and then there’s the unknown market AKA Toronto.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        Wake up!!!!

        They, Stern & company, are trying to play us fans out majorly with their parity rhetoric because since 1980 only 9 different franchises have won a NBA title- LAL, BOS, PHI, HOU, SA, DET, MIA, CHI & DAL- recognize PR media spin game or remain mentaly lame.smdh

        Media =’s medium =’s hypnotizing minds.

  • Rapture

    Do we know when the first games are, or do we know the dates of any press conferences with Casey or anything? I can’t wait to see this guy sink his teeth into this program.

    • cesco

      If 51% of the players and owners agree on the tentative agreement , the first games will be no later than on Christmas day (big advertising money from the main networks) . We are all waiting to see if Casey can accomplish a miracle .

      • Rapture

        Tell me you’re not super excited about him though. I mean I’m just dying to see what this man can do to Il Mago.

        • Bendit

          He is gonna “sink his teeth” into Il Mago

  • Yolk

    BREAKING: Greg Oden just injured his knee while watching the deal announcement on NBA TV. He’ll be out for the season.

    • hotfuzz

      HAHAHA!!! I spilled my drink while reading that.

  • KaioKev

    So as soon as the NBA reach a tentative deal MSLE decides not to set their cash cow? Hmmmmmm?

    • RapthoseLeafs

      MLSE realized they’ll get more next season for a Raptor team that can’t get worse, and a Leaf team “potentially” headed for an ACTUAL play-off season.

  • KaioKev

    Sorry, The Ontario Teacher Pension Plan decide not to sell their cash cow. That cash cow being MSLE.

  • andrei

    to be honest i would have gladly sacrificed this season if it meant a hard cap would’ve been implemented, actually giving the raptors a chance to compete

    • a hard cap doesn’t help the raps, it helps small-market teams.  the notion that the raps operate in a ‘small’ market is ridiculous…just because it’s a hockey-first town doesn’t mean it’s small.  they have more than enough $ to compete with the highest-spending teams in the L, they just have not done so, either because there hasn’t been a ‘reason’ to (yet), or because they (MLSE) are insufferably cheap bastards more interested in making sure they maintain a healthy profit margin than in competing.

      a cap/lux tax system helps the raps tremendously…it gives them the opportunity to outspend teams in other, more attractive markets.  if the playing field were truly leveled (i.e. with a hard cap), all the non-monetary reasons players choose certain teams to play with (location/weather, taxes, chances of winning, teammates/coaches, etc.) would supersede the raps’ ability to simply outspend.  of course, it’s never a good thing when guys sign just ‘for the money,’ but you have to start somewhere…acquire talent, draft well, let chemistry develop, play an exciting brand of ball, compete, grow talent, improve ability to compete, sign better players because TO becomes a place someone can go to to win, develop rep as a ‘winning’ franchise, rinse, lather, repeat…

      • Anton

        Raps are not a small market team? So would you place them in the same category as the Lakers, Bulls, Celtics, Knicks etc? 

        • p00ka

          Naw, just one of those people who thinks any owner who isn’t willing to lose $50 million a year, a la Cuban, for our benefit, are delinquent owners.

          • uh, no.  just a realist.  MLSE has the money, they just haven’t spent it.  the raps are one of the few teams who have continually turned a profit, despite being right at the tax threshold the last few years.  

            • p00ka

              I don’t know enough about the Raps finances to evaluate where this profit comes from, but is it possible it only happens because of a form of subsidy (season ticket sales) provided by the Leafs? They certainly have nowhere near TV revenues, or merchandise sales that NY, LA, Boston, Chicago has. What makes them more profitable than small market teams?

              • Theswirsky

                Leafs are a big part of it.  But Toronto still has a population that is approx 5th biggest in NA.  And its also has all of Canada backing it.

                Players don’t see it as a ‘big market’, or alteast a market they are attracted to…. but thats completely different from it actually being small. 

                Its why Toronto is in a unique position compared to the usual big market and small market teams.

                • p00ka

                  Certainly unique, but I wonder how much population base translates to fan base, which is what drives the TV and merchandise revenue. In Toronto’s case, I think those put them in the small market bucket far more than the big boys with a long history of NBA basketball fan base.

                • Theswirsky

                  I think their consistent profitability while spending near the cap and historically high ticket sales compared to the rest of the league (until this past year) says otherwise.
                  There are 3 obscenely ‘big’ markets in the US (using Metropolitan area).  NY 20 mil,  LA 13 mil and Chicago 10 mil.  After those two there is a bit of a drop off to a more ‘common’ sized big markets and small markets.
                  Boston 7.5 mil
                  San Fran 7 mil
                  Dallas 6 mil
                  Philly 6
                  Houston 6
                  Toronto 5.5
                  Washington 5.5
                  Miami 5.5
                  Atlanta 5
                  Detroit 5

                  then the rest are between 2 and 4 mil with the exception of

                  Milwaukee 1.7
                  Salt Lake 1.7
                  OKC 1.5
                  NO 1.2

                  (those are rough numbers and some rounding involved)

                  But you’ll also find those areas are up for interpretation. Some use ‘commuting area’, others use ‘voting area’ etc.  Boston for instance is not even in the top 10 in some rankings, others they are number 4.  Washington metro area often includes Baltimore, but thats around 70 km away.  If you use the Golden Horseshoe for Toronto you suddenly jump to the 4th biggest.  So use those population #s as a rough estimate.

                  But Toronto is not a ‘small market’.  Its a large and profitable market.  But its also an ‘unattractive market’… which is much, much worse than the actual size of the market when it comes to attracting or keeping players.  Thats where the Raptors problem lies (and why its often compared to the small markets).  Not with the teams real market size or ability to spend or to make money.

                • your last point is what i’ve been trying to get at with respect to how a hard cap would hurt the raps – they need to be able to overspend for talent (and they have the resources to do it), because in a truly level playing field, despite it being a large market, it’s not a sought-after destination for players.  the cap/tax system works to their advantage, more so (at least) than a hard cap system would.

                • Theswirsky

                  completely agree.  I just wish more fans would have considered that before they started yelling for a hard cap and handicapped their own team.

                • Theswirsky

                  correction: that would have handicapped

                • p00ka

                  That’s quite the effort to overwhelm with population statistics, but it completely ignores the post your responding to, where I raise the issue about merchandise sales and TV revenue being a more accurate indication of real market size. As you already agreed, even ticket sales are subsidized by the Leafs (pseudo profit?), so all that population doesn’t exactly say the Raps can stand on their own, now does it? Now, if you argued the validity of merchandise sales and TV numbers being a valid indication, or provided such detailed analysis of those numbers compared to big market teams, it would actually respond to my point. As it is, you’ve provided a lesson in population, but responded 0% to my post. Useless mumbo jumbo.

                • Theswirsky

                  first off there was no intention to “overwhelm with pop. stats”.  I provided alot to show you where Toronto stands compared to other NBA teams. If you felt overwhelmed by it I can’t hep that. 

                  secondly that is the ‘real market size’.  It may not indicate the % of people who follow basketball but whats the % in NY or LA or Milwaukee?  It also goes to the potential of the market.  Where the more people there are the more potential customers you have.  For the Raptors, the market is enough to be consistently one of the more profitable teams in the NBA. 

                  would the Raps sell tickets aswell if not for the connection with the leafs?  Maybe not… but the fact that people are willing to buy the tickets just to follow the leafs is still selling tickets. They are not standing alone and should not be treated as if they should be a stand alone product.   

                  You seem to want to ignore the fact that Toronto is consistently one of the most profitable teams, in one of the largest markets (whether ‘real’ or ‘potential’) and is usually one of the top teams in terms of ticket sales.  Add to that that they are owned by a multi billion dollar sports conglomerate, the reality is Toronto is a ‘have team’.  Just because players don’t see it as such, or American’s don’t pay attention to it does not make it any less real. 

                  Toronto’s problems have nothing to do with money, making money, spending money or the profitability of their market.  It has everything to do with players themselves not being attracted to the market. 

                  But if you are so caught up in TV numbers, merchandise sales etc… how about YOU provide the numbers.  Don’t demand that I prove what YOU want to hear.  Go prove it yourself. 

        • Nilanka15

          In this case, there are 2 meanings to the term “small market”.  Toronto is indeed a small market regarding the number of fans actually interested in the sport.  It doesn’t come close to hockey.

          But Toronto is NOT a small market when it comes to their wealth or riches, which is what 2damkule is referring to.

          • Anton

            Didn’t realize there were 2 meanings to the term “small market.” I don’t think it’s a generic term, when referring the the wealth or riches that is a direct reference to ownership. 

            A multi-billionaire can own a team in, say, Regina, but that doesn’t change the fact he operates in a small market, no matter how rich he is.

            • Nilanka15

              You’re straying off topic by focusing on the semantics.  The Raptors, regardless of how you define them, will be hurt by a hard cap because it eliminates their ability to overspend.

              On the other hand, “small market” teams simply can’t afford to overspend (e.g. Charlotte, New Orleans, Sacramento, Oklahoma City, etc.).  Toronto is not in that predicament.

              • Anton

                Not going to get into ownership and spending, that would be straying off-topic. The size of a market is defined by how large the attraction is. In big market cities, basketball is a main attraction. In small market cities, it isn’t. That’s what I was going by, but I see what you’re saying. 

            • i liken the raps in TO to the kings in LA…LA isn’t a traditional hockey market (despite being a presence there for decades), but no one in his right mind would argue that LA is a ‘small market’ in any sense.  the market in TO is more than large enough & offers a level of diversity for the club to tap into that doesn’t exist in 98% of the other markets in the nba.  fans of the team need to understand that the notion TO is a ‘small market’ is a result of nothing more than truthiness…it sounds reasonable, but there’s no factual basis to support it.

              • Anton

                In that respect, I would agree.

              • p00ka

                Potential market isn’t “factual” unless it actually translates to “factual” fan support. Despite the huge population, big market type fan support is not there, yet. Unless you can show me otherwise, I think TV deals are amongst the smallest, merchandise sales are amongst the smallest, and ticket sales need to be subsidized by the Leafs. None of these resemble what the big markets deal with. You want the team to “overspend” based on a huge population that has shown it offers small market support?

                • Theswirsky

                  “Unless you can show me otherwise, I think TV deals are amongst the smallest, merchandise sales are amongst the smallest”

                  stop thinking and go find out.  

                  “You want the team to “overspend” based on a huge population that has shown it offers small market support? ”

                  you have yet to show they have ‘small market support’.  Everything so far has shown that to be false.

                  Take some time to PROVE your theory.  Stop relying on random opinion to ‘disprove’ what you ‘think’ doesn’t fit what you want to believe.   

                • p00ka

                  You’re precious with your everlasting “show me the proof” rebuttals. How about turning those tables and showing proof of your statements that they are profitable and have big market support, without the need for subsidies from the Leafs. Show us proof that “Everything so far has shown that to be false” in relation to small market support.

                • Theswirsky

                  Is it really that crazy for someone to actually expect you to give some actual empirical evidence, when there is other emprical evidence saying otherwise?

                  you are the one claiming things to be false even with evidence and other things to be true without evidence…. and even when you are given the actual statistical information you claim I’m trying to ‘overwhelm you’.  You expect everyone to simply believe your statements to be true, and when they don’t they are the ones who are responsible to prove or disprove the point for you.

                  Your a big boy now p00ka.  You mom gave you permission to use the computer.  Start thinking like one.

                • p00ka

                  The only empirical data you present is population. If I put an NHL team in Hong Kong, does that make them a bigger market (in terms of financial strength to compete) team than Toronto and Montreal?

                • 2damkule

                  wouldn’t it depend on whether there was a connection between the city (&, presumably, it’s inhabitants) & the sport in question?  you’re treating TO as a city that had no experience whatsoever with basketball prior to the birth of the raptors, when the reality is that basketball has been played & enjoyed in TO for many, many years (it may have been decades ago, but there was pro basketball in the city before the raps).  i also think you’re getting caught up in the whole ‘toronto is a hockey town’ mentality (not that it isn’t) and equating that with ‘toronto is ONLY a hockey town.’  for sure, the leafs will likely always rule the sporting landscape, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more than enough of a market – potential or actual – to support the raps on a large scale.  the yanks are the ‘dominant’ sporting entity in NY, but that doesn’t mean that the knicks, giants, jets, mets, even rangers etc. don’t all also have tremendously large followings – they are all ‘big market’ teams in their respective sports, even if the sport they’re playing isn’t numero uno.  

                  as to your hong kong hypothesis – i would say yes, it absolutely would make them a large market…if not THE largest in the NHL. just consider the population they’d have to draw from, the novelty involved, HK’s already euro/western mentality & asia’s general affection/appreciation of western culture….man, that’d be a crazy market.

                • Theswirsky


                  Toronto is the 10th most valuable team in the league and was 6th in operating income.

                  Thats with the 3rd worst team in the league, and only 2 playoff appearances in a decade. 

                  Your turn……

                • p00ka

                  The discussion is big/small market, not how rich and well managed the company is. Do those rankings indicate a tightly managed team subsidized by the richest hockey team, or a big market? Just so that we’re comparing apples to apples, how many teams included in that ranking are subsidized by a rich hockey team, or other such supportive subsidies?

                • Theswirsky

                  you are a joke.  Accept it dude you are WRONG.

                • p00ka


  • Max

    This is some good news on the drafting front via Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

    “People keep asking about draft age rule: Still needs to be negotiated, but several team executives believe it will remain the one-and-done.”

  • Eatadic_nba

    back to you dumb niggers bitching about the greasy wop.

    • Jpr

      Really? Wow!

    • Sheptor

      What’s the wop?….and what’s a nigger?

      • cesco

        I think he is bitching because too much of the dialogue here is racially motivated and stupid .

  • The Fox

    Hey all, new to RR..Just wanted to introduce myself.  

    Despite all the shenanigans, I’m glad ball is back.  This year is more of a developmental year..don’t think BC is making any big moves either, but when he decides to make a move, it ends up being 3…soo you never know.  Anyway, been reading this forum for years and finally glad to be on board…

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    It’s time for us fans to lockout the NBA for 66 games.

    They are trying to play us fans out majorly with their parity rhetoric because since 1980 only 9 different franchises have won a NBA title- LAL, BOS, PHI, HOU, SA, DET, MIA, CHI & DAL.

    That being said I hope that the Rap’s amnesty Bargnani’s contract.

    • Eatadic_nba

      dumb nigger.

      • erudite!

        for real though…ban this mouth-breather.  ffs.

    • 0% chance bargs’ contract is amnestied.  forget for a second that it would never happen under BC’s watch…the raps would still have to pay most, if not all, of the $ on the deal…plus pony up to (over)pay for a replacement (because, y’know…it’s the raps).  even if they find a viable replacement for, oh, $5M/yr, that may be the amount that counts against the cap, but it’s that plus bargs’ $$ that they’ll be paying in terms of real dollars.  so, for $5M/yr, you’re getting a pretty avg (if not below avg) C or PF – likely nowhere near starting quality (though on this team, who knows…) – and paying that player $15M/yr (his salary + bargs’).  MLSE’s gonna do that?  no fucking way.

      if anyone is amnestied, i’ve gotta think its russian tank commander.  bad deal, non-contributor on court (and injured), and the $ that’s left is low enough that eating it would be palatable…plus, he wouldn’t really need to be replaced.  not sure they’d do it though…i can see them wanting a countryman on the roster to help JV ease into the L next year.  no point using it on jose, he’s got on-court value & trade value as an expiring (next year).  amir?  possible, but his on-court value is high as well, esp. now (i.e. because they actually don’t have much quality depth in the front-court).

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        I can see Linus potentially being let go as his roster, rotation spot is yesterday’s news especially with all the potential young sfs (Barnes, Kidd-Gilchrist, QMiller, PJones) coming out in the 2012 draft.

        But Linus may just end up as Val’s bff on the roster under BC.

        It’ll be real interesting to see if the Rap’s amnesty anyone.

        No one will trade for ‘No Way’ Jose this season I just hope that BC doesn’t re-sign him after this season.

        Any way as a team the Rap’s are going nowhere fast especially with PF Bargnani hopefully these next 2 season will go by fast and BC will be let go for his perpetual bullchit Raptor teams.

    • Gregg

      You can boycott the NBA if you want, but I need something to watch all winter long, and hockey is not gonna cut it.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        Watch NCAA basketball?

        The NBA is going to be extra sloppy anyways as alot of players will need more than a projected 2 week training camp to get into NBA game shape plus with a number of back to back to back games on the schedule it will delude the competition & game quality.

        But hey if you like Stern’s Mafia ref’s with their superstar non calls & in game manipulation enjoy this bullchitt 66 game season courtesy of Stern- merry x mas.

        • Gregg

          Too boring for me.

          Don’t care much for the politics of the NBA, just want to watch the best in the world play against each other, not a bunch of college kids. The NBA is coming off of one of their best seasons in recent memory.

          Me not watching NBA games will not put a dent in Stern’s pocket anyhow. Besides, I’m sure you’ll come crawling back.

    • p00ka

      “I hope that the Rap’s amnesty Bargnani’s contract”
      Drums keep bounding a rhythm to the brain……..

  • Stikz

    The player’s union should saved everyone’s time and bent over 6 months ago. At least Kenyon Martin’s twitter feed would still be active.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    Casey won’t have enough time to install his defensive/offensive system- 2 weeks of training camp…

    All teams will play at least 1 back-to-back-to-back; no more than 3 sets thereof (Rap’s will most likely get stuck playing 3 sets of back to back to back games).

    Rap’s (all NBA teams) will play 48 same Conference games plus 16 Non-Conference games.

    I just noticed that the RR mods support racism by letting wicked racist terminology stand posted unabated by their collective moderation.s-m-d-h

    Btw- Jay Triano’s dad is a ‘Chester The Child Molester’ like Jerry Sandusky & Bernie Fine?s-m-d-h